Christmas Letter to Family and Friends

Greetings in the Christmas Spirit
of and Wondrous Joy

It's been a wonderful year in a wonderful life, and at 72, it's a wonder I'm still alive!

15 months ago I had a severe concussion with brain surgery for bleeding in both hemispheres (bi-lateral hematoma). A near-death experience can be a new lease on life, and I've been busy this year publishing 80 compendiums for you at the Heartcom Network.

My Solstice-Christmas compendium sums up the year. As I've been saying since the beginning of the plandemic, 'Fear is the virus. is the cure'. Some of the videos have already been censored by YouTube, so watch before more are removed.

This is my 13th year hosting the Cosmic Show on BBS Radio. This year I pulled out all the stops on truth-telling and holistic healing models for the Aquarian Age. My Christmas gift to listeners of Saturday's show is the same one I offer you HERE.

I'm swing dancing again and played golf several times this summer, but the big excitement this year was marriage of my Son Jeremy - short video HERE - near Hudson New York. After being engaged for 12 years, Jeremy and Heather had a wonderful wedding.

The Good News of the year is the Great Awakening of global 'Netizens' who are networking for the Net worth of Net reality - what's really going on with the plandemic and 'Global Reset' of our core social, political and economic institutions.

We're at the 2022 turning point. Aquarian communities are emerging in global social networks. There's a Big Shift to intolerance for Big Lie propaganda. The Whole Truth is decimating Deep State disinfo. Cooperative communications are bridging contrived divisions. Victory virtues are overcoming victim dictum.

A new 'Unity State' is transcending the Deep State of corporate powers that lack Constitutional principle. I see personal and planetary win/win with the upwising and up-rising of all 'US' as United Sovereigns of Earth. It's a global issue now, not unlike the dynamic rEVOLUTION that birthed the United States.

I'm optimistic that servant leaders will empower the wisdom of at the heart of Global TeLeComm and TeLeCare - the TLC key to Aquarian unity in diversity.

2022 may be much different than you imagined, and yet more wondrous than you ever hoped for.

So Keep the Faith, See the Good,
and Have a Wonderful Year!