Christ Mass Awakening Series
Heartcom Network

 The beginning of the Aquarian Age is
 the end of the world as we knew it
BC" (Before Computing with the
mind & heart of G.O.D.-).

 Timing is Everything with the
Christ Mass Second Coming

Dec. 6, 2014 / Full Moon In Gemini

by Christos Lightweaver

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Global Economic Transformation
   The prophesied ‘Second Coming’ of Christ-like love
   in the collective consciousness of global humanity
 is rapidly going mainstream with a surge of public
 awakening to the opportunity for a global reset of
all our social, political and economic institutions.

The timing now is critical for
waking up, wising up and
rising up for worldwide
‘self-elevation’ of a
 salvation nature.

Life on Earth has arrived at a cross-roads
  that will either continue on the course of an
   extinction level event - our self destruction -
  or global humanity will act with cooperation
 to reset the course of planetary evolution.

The status quo 'corporatocracy' no longer
serves the thrival intent ordained by core
 Constitutional freedoms of, by and for the
'Family of Mankind' in an ALL-connected
 'global village' of instant-everywhere and
  interactive capability for universal
  serving conscience in the public
  of all of US”; United Sovereigns of Earth.

Governments are bankrupting civility
with support of endless war insanity.

Education has failed to liberate the
currency of conscience for civility.
Public health care is now privatized
to profit from disease, not health.
The prevailing economics of scarcity
 has a vested interest in a scarcity of
 peace, public intelligence and health,
  and that system is self-destructing by
 making a killing, literally, on war and
    disease with ignorance of the problem.

That insanity is no longer sustainable.
Something has to change, and fast…
and defining our new ‘Net reality’ with
a universal standard for ‘global
  can fulfill the intent of
Love heals all’.

 Our new global Internet capabilities have already
  pioneered an instant-everywhere and interactive
  platform for global village community in principle,
and the process for utilizing modern
 with a ‘
TLC upgrade’ of global civilization is now
defining the next phase of the computer/Internet
  revolution after hardware, software and netware.
Heartware as a universal cyberEthics standard
for culturing global civility is the vision of virtue
   and valor that claims the victory of
at the heart of “self-governing social networks
and the heart of “self-learning social networks
and the heart of “self-healing informed choice
and the currency of conscience at the heart of

The global business of our conscious evolution
 can thus be understood as the urgent evolution
of busyness to represent
smart with a heart
for conscientious common sense in our global
   instant-everywhere social network interactions.

"Conscience is the most sacred of all property."
~ James Madison, Chief Architect of the Constitution

Conscientious Common Sense for
Effective Sensory Perception.

   There’s nothing ‘extra’ about ‘ESP’ in the terms of
Effective Sensory Perception when you have it.
 Conscientious common sense of an enlightened
   nature was never meant to be only the exclusive
     domain of power elite potentates or an intellectual
elite that is politically correct but morally wrong.

  Global transformation requires a moral compass,
  and the natural law language standard for one
  universal - in form and frequency -
  has the intention, attention and retention
  codes for ascension in the dimension
  where social consciousness thrives
  for conscientious common sense
   in our global social networks.

  The future of global humanity on the cusp of the
  Aquarian Dispensation of Freedom-in-
may be far different than you ever imagined,
but just as understanding the Internet’s future
before the Internet was an abstract concept,
  so could the conscious evolutionary ascent of
     the Family of Mankind happen much sooner and
     far better than you may ever dreamed possible.

Just as you are what you believe, having become
  what you believed, so are you likewise what you
think, having become your habit of thought.

Your self image - how you see yourself -
is always intimately connected to your
 self-esteem as a feeling about yourself.
For indeed we are what we believe, think,
feel and do, having become what we
believed, thought, felt and did.

 building momentum;
 making time count
intention, attention and retention of
for ascension in a dimension
unity-In-diversity rules over
the sense of separation from the
Effective Sensory Perception
that involves and evolves
the first principles of
common sense

 A unique frame of reference for culturing our
  individual, indivisible (universal) 
in a new “global village” (public) SPHERE - 
  with an upgrade of Checks & BALANCES - 

representing a HEALING STANDARD:
Optimizing the love of truth with
 truth of
for culturing the
KINGdom' conscience whereby
 ALL are sovereign '
K.IN.G.' with
Keys to INner sense of "G.
(Geometry Of Divinity ~ ):


I Do
 because I Am, I Can and I Will
fulfill my highest and best service to
the golden rule/law language for an
emerging golden age of civility with
    social conscience in global networks.
More at:
The Global Solution via Truth Resolution
The Love of Truth with Truth of
The Global
TLC Project.


In the larger scheme of eternal progression
 there’s common law, patterns of perfection,
  and common language for inspired direction
   centering love within, so when we all enter in
  we find a unity state with
one clear mandate:

either we optimize unity or we're insensate.

Fulfilling the highest and best use of one’s
   gifts, talents and resources thus follows the
 application of
in the TLC spirit of
Full Spectrum Enlightenment:
   - Visualization via Self Image "I Am"
       (in the image & likeness of G.O.D.)

- Mediation via Self Esteem"I Can"
        (with the feeling of divine )
- Concentration Determination "I Will"
 ( + = synergy of the trinity)

- CoCreation via TLC-in-action  "I Do"
    (Vision-Virtue-Valor-Victory in all 4

       components to the
       the Creative Ascent Process with


Consider as the “Law of the Angles of G.O.D.
Geometric Ordered Divinity, i.e., spiritual geometry),
 providing a frame of reference for ‘light language’;
framing the
“Language of the Angels of
(angels of our better nature; heart coherence).

“Realize” (real eyes) how the power of love through the
holy Spirit of
-in-action is our divine destiny
 for global
TLC enlightenment via global TeLeComm.
And ask yourself… “Self, are you there?”
"Is it true that higher power, whereby love heals all,
is now a compelling choice for global humanity?
"Am I to believe that a higher concept of universal
in form and frequency means greater
results in our ALL-connected Net reality?
"Can I agree, with equanimity, that it is now time
 for the Family of Mankind to get our act together
    with a Net neutrality standard of
TLC  for involving
       and evolving social conscience in social networks?"

  It is your comprehension of simple yet profound
capabilities of universal
TeLeComm for global
 transformation that gives you an extraordinary
 opportunity to network for the Net worth of this
   vision of virtue and valor for the victory of local
    and global social conscience with
     at the heart of
TeLeCommunity self governance,
TeLeConscience self learning, TeLeCare self
      healing, and
TeLeCommerce with a conscience. 

  This Management, Media, Medical & Marketing
   Hermetic Matrix
is framed by the gold standard
      as the Golden Rule/Law Language of Light via
      ; the
light of social network conscience.
       How that works to culture more love TLC, easier
     and faster, is not a mystery when known as the
     VISION for an upgrade of global
TeLeComm for
US - United Sovereigns of Earth.
     This is the self-healing TLC process as naturally
      will ‘float all boats’ higher through self-correcting,
    self-directing conscious evolution self-elevation
       that becomes a self-fulfilling ‘salvation’ prophecy.

Building Momentum... Moment to Moment

The vision ALONE (ALL ONE in ),
can truly be the catalyst for a more whole,
holy or otherwise ‘higher’ consciousness.

 Now is that time ordained for global uplift,
up-wising and uprising with a worldwide
‘Second Coming’ (Atlantis Rising) with
 a surge of Christ Mass Conscience.

"There is a tide in the affairs of men which, taken at the flood,
leads on to fortune; Omitted, all the voyage of their life is
bound in shallows and in miseries."

~ William Shakespeare

A return to the natural-universal laws for our
optimal health and prosperity is the value of
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 the gut microbiom that creates 70% of your immune system.

   At 41 minutes Origins goes into the power house of the cells,
   (mitochondria) and the brain’s neural-transmitters that define
 healthy consciousness. The importance of this for self-care
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Origins as an increasingly common pathology.
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The Leading Cause of Healing in the World
Can Now Be Well-Informed Choice with
Free Online
Universal Self Care.

As the cosmic fire of universal
  goes mainstream,
TLC will naturally thrive
to wholly heal all.

Culturing the Foundation
in form and

Establishing Global TeLeComm with
  a Universal Standard for CoCreation
with the Spirit of the Creator as the
Source of Grace for atONEment
 Healing the Sense of Separation
from wholEness in all dimensions of:
- Universal Rights of Mankind;
- Global Sphere of Net Reality;
- Synergy Trinity of Co-Creation;
- Integrated Cube of wholEness;