2018 Global Upgrade Series

April Reality Report

Get Ready to 'Step it Up'
- a ‘frequency’
as in frequently.

"And when I'm gone, this is my commandment:
Love one another." ~ Yeshua

April 7, 2018 / Host of Cosmic


Be Aware – This is the Time Ordained
When the Resurrection Goes Global

The contest for freedom is on!
  It's a 'test' for upgrading sanity.
 The barbarians are in the gate
(black hats in the Deep State)
with agents censoring debate
in the name of stopping hate,
but afflicting global humanity.
The process of evolutionary ascension to
a High State of enlightened integration is
uprising as the Deep State disintegrates.

No one in the corporate media monopoly can tell us the truth of corrupt collusion between Big Government and the Deep State cabal of Big Banks, Big Media, Big Oil, Big Pharma, Big Tech, and Big War lobbies.

This is the best kept secret in Big Media. Newscasters either follow the script of authoritarian ‘corporatism’ – Deep State fascism – or they get fired, losing the perks of prestige, power and profit for their perfidy.

This is the dark secret of Deep State media going back 50 years to the assassination of Martin Luther King.

April 4, 2018 / CorbettReport   

This dark Deep State deception has been foisted on the American public for 50 years. Now this pathological evil is in our face once again. Witness how the Deep State corporate media is currently at war against independent thought, free speech and social media networks that are now being censored by fascist-Nazi elements that represent political Zionism.

The rise of ZioNazi authoritarianism
in America has never been worse
since Hitler’s rise in Germany.

I’ve been documenting this ‘contest of freedom’ since the first of the year in my web log ‘2018 Global Upgrade’. With the global Internet, the Big Lie and Whole Truth have been disclosed as never before in history. The true cosmic history of Earth is now being unveiled with full disclosure of ‘mysteries’ that have kept humanity in the dark for thousands of years.

We are immortal spiritual beings who
are remembering the High State of
Effective Sensory Perception'
 via eternal universal
~ 'Creation Story' HERE

A Global Transformation Upgrade

Call it 'The Event' or systemic 'SHIFT'
 in our collective consciousness as the
  Family of Mankind in a global village...
 or call it  'thinning of the veil'  as our
 hearts & minds open to a 'High State'
of conscientious common sense that
naturally neutralizes the Deep State.
In terms of common-shared religious
belief systems, consider this the end
 of the world as we have known it with
see through the false flags and fake
news and truly understand WHY the
Deep State is resisting a High State.

Understanding Political Zionism
 [compendium with 5 videos].
Enlightened Netizens worldwide are
now witnessing the disintegration of
the old world views and structure of
consciousness as a new world view
integrates with a frame of reference
 for culturing a new Common Sense.

"It is at all times necessary, and more particularly so during the progress of a revolution, and until right ideas confirm themselves by habit, that we frequently refresh our patriotism by reference to First Principles." ~ Thomas Paine, citizen journalist who wrote COMMON SENSE that sparked the American Revolution


The Great Awakening as the ‘2nd Coming’

‘As Above ~ So Below’

Witness the ‘Energy Event’ going on in ‘heaven’ right now with spikes in solar winds, Schuman Resonance and a quantum surge in the Source Field that is not only morphing the energy grids of Earth but also the morphic energy fields between our ears.

I’ve been reporting on this since the first of the year in the 2018 Global Upgrade Series. And whether you call it ‘dimensional shift’ or ‘evolutionary ascent’ or ‘The Event’ or the 2nd Coming of Christ-like TLC at the heart of global TeLeCommunity… shift happens!

On a mundane level, we see how the global computer/Internet revolution has unleashed unprecedented personal power to know better and do better. This process has gone exponential and has reached a CLIMAX for billions of global Netizens.

“Either we all hang together, or most
  assuredly we’ll all hang separately.”

~ Wise old Benjamin Franklin in his speech
before ratification of the Constitution

The more things seem to change with global evolution revolution revelations in 2018, the greater is the need to maintain the harmony and order of heart coherence and mind congruence along more enlightened 'lines' of Cosmic as the 'Law of the Angles of G.O.D.' (Geometric Ordered Divinity) framing the 'Language of the Angels of Love' (our better nature).

Ratifying the Constitution of

In a free-will universe, all souls have universal
(Linear, Logical Letter of the Law)…
And so it is with
United Sovereigns, the world
(Nonlinear, Intuitive Spirit of the Law)
 co-Creating with the genesis of synergy in the
 TRINITY (combining best of and ‘worlds’)
 for conflict resolution balancing strength with
VISION (‘wholEness’ via integration).

  So Seize the VISION, Embrace the VIRTUE,
Vow with VALOR and Claim the VICTORY.

All Ways , Always,

Full Spectrum


  Care to share this VISION of the
  2nd Coming of Christic VIRTUE
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    with your VOW of VALOR as will
       claim the VICTORY of
     at the heart of global community.

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