Accelerating Time-line -- the Singularity Movement

by Christopher Rudy

Mark my words, all other change issues facing global humanity,
without understanding the Big Picture of imminent Earth changes,
are like rear-arranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.

According to Carl Jung, Carl Johan Calleman, Barbara Hand Clow and other experts on the Mayan calendar,
there is a singularity phenomenon that is accelerating the time-line from 2010 through 2012,
the end of the "divisive" (duality) world of insanity as we have known it.

Universe singularity now emanating pre-wave energy for enlightened
"unity consciousness":


 FIG. Calleman: 7th, 8th, & 9th waves of universe singularity energy
 (PDF file) 


From the perspective of a time acceleration matrix, analysis of the Mayan Calendar shows a unity consciousness being transmitted by the singularity at the core of our universe and that is transduced through the portal of our galaxy as our solar system crosses the Galactic plane, aligning Earth with the intensified energies of Aquarius, the frequencies of cosmic freedom-in-love.

The cosmic reality now going mainstream is thus the possibility of mass awakening with transformation of our collective Conscience in harmony with the divine order in the universe-at-large.

What took centuries to transform Earth's evolution can now take place in a matter of months, including the transformation of the permanent war economy that has been decimating social Conscience at the heart of social services.

Call it a "Hail Mary" or an appeal to the immaculate concept of Earth's freedom in the Great Spirit of Divine Love, this is the possibility now awaiting global humanity.  Perfect LOVE casts out fear, and the great testing of souls on Earth is reaching a climax.

Where there's a grain of fear, there is no growth or deeper understanding.  Core fears forge our fetters, and the prevailing terror tactics of war by deception has pervaded mass consciousness with mass deception ("BS" as a Belief System) that surrenders faith for subservient fear, surrendering freedom for a false sense of security until we have neither freedom nor security.

The soul force of collective humanity -- the power of love -- has always been a higher power than the fear tactics of a corrupt power elite, but if there is fear or apprehension in exercising this higher power, we've lost the game of fulfilling our divine destiny on the 2010-2012 golden age time-line.

If a person is going to truly move through this time with grace and ease, and provide our world with a deeper peace and a more stable way of life, it's going to be because they wake up to the fact of who they are, and what they are capable of doing, the good things that every soul in their heart-of-hearts knows to be true to the way-showers of love and peace throughout history.


There is still great hope for this world, for it to be exactly what it is meant to be. 
It's just a question of whether people will embrace that and allow it to occur.


For many people in America, after 9-11 their conscientious common sense left them, replaced by a core fear that sabotages core faith. Since then, we have witnessed our worst fears come upon America as the fear-mongering of endless terror war has empowered Wall Street at the expense of Main Street, stripping equity out of the economy (and our homes) with the diabolical dielectic that creates and manages terror, war, disease, poverty and chaos for the profit and power of big business collusion with big government, devoid of Constitutional principle.

But this too shall pass on the 2010-2012 time-line, and the choice for global humanity is becoming self-evident.

We can raise the standard of freedom-in-love at this time in our global TeLeComm infrastructure - culturing the golden age time-line -- or we can continue down the road of civilization's self-sabotage on the catastrophic time-line... or perhaps we will see both play out.

A new Common Sense of, by and for a global communications platform, utilizing the interactive capability of the Internet, and centering the interactive process with the nature of love as heart coherent frequencies, and framed by the first principles of Universal LOVE via the archetypes (Jung) of pure geometry, could indeed frame the singularity process as a self-fulfilling prophecy, finishing globally what Thomas Paine's Common Sense pioneered in early America.

The real value of universal LOVE as a standard for mass-to-mass
TeLeComm is that it establishes the emerging blueprint for a golden age that, by the grace of cosmic LOVE infusing the Earth at this time, will set the matrix for the millennial Aquarian time-line to follow.


New Earth, New Conscience,

Christopher Rudy
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