Authentic Intelligence

Coming to Terms with 'Artifical' Intelligence:
- Fake News, Truth Decay and Reality Recovery;
- Common Sense, Heart Coherence and
- Christ Conscience and the Mind of 'G.O.D.'
(Geometric Ordered Divinity~).

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Nov 29, 2018 / Global Upgrade Archives
(11-11-11 event)

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The social processes whereby authentic
social conscience matures in our global
social networks are facing a big threat.
Artificial Intelligence machine learning
has now succeeded to the point where
 gross defects are obscuring real gains.
Tech giants like Google and Facebook
have harnessed
Artificial Intelligence
to become open censors of
that does not jive with the
 control agenda of the corporatocracy.
 And you thought fake news was bad?
"It ain't what you don't know
  that gets you into trouble.
It's what you know for sure
that just ain't so."
~ Mark Twain

World's first AI news anchor unveiled in China
Nov 8, 2018 /

 The tireless artificial news readers now simulate the voice,
 facial movements, and gestures of real-life broadcasters.

Deep fakes are where truth goes to die
Nov 12, 2018 / The Guardian
 "The marketplace of ideas already suffers from truth decay
as our networked information environment interacts in
toxic ways with our cognitive biases"
, the report reads.
"Deep fakes will exacerbate this problem significantly."
(Cognitive disinfo and dissonance on steroids.~CR)

"Fake videos can now be created using a machine learning technique called a "Generative Adversarial Network", or a GAN. A graduate student, Ian Goodfellow, invented GANs in 2014 as a way to algorithmically generate new types of data out of existing data sets. For instance, a GAN can look at thousands of photos of Barack Obama, and then produce a new photo that approximates those photos without being an exact copy of any one of them, as if it has come up with an entirely new portrait of the former president not yet taken. GANs might also be used to generate new audio from existing audio, or new text from existing text. It is a multi-use technology."

We may soon see Walter Cronkite return
 to provide a semblance of credibility
for lamestream corporate news.

"Anyone with access to this technology - from state-sanctioned propagandists to trolls - would be able to skew information, manipulate beliefs, and in so doing, push ideologically opposed online communities deeper into their own subjective realities."

"This technology might be used to threaten our already vulnerable information ecosystem and perhaps undermine the possibility of a reliable, shared reality." ###

"Mark My Words, AI Is Far More Dangerous
Than Nukes."
~Elon Musk
Nov 27, 2018 /

Hacking the Soul - The AI Danger

Nov 22, 2018 / Truthstream Media
 AI technology is being used by Google &
 Facebook to fine tune polarization along
 inherent bias fault lines. And Big Tech is
   pushing biologically harmful 5G radiation
   into major population centers nationwide.

The current state of global divisive conflict
is the natural consequence of disconnect
from Nature (Natural Law) - a disconnect
 between instant-everywhere & interactive
Net reality (Internet empowered wisdom)
 and corporate media that primarily serves
   the stockholders of the Big Banks, Big Oil,
 Big Pharma, Big Tech, Big War, and their
    Deep State collusion with Big Government.

Is the Deep State deliberately trying to
 spawn Civil War 2.0 for total control?

June 28, 2018 /
They're Bulkanizing our collective conscience
with a divide-to-conquer 'dis-unity' agenda.

Artificial Intelligence Eradicated by 2024?
Nov 21, 2018 / Robert Steele's Public Intelligence Blog

Our solar system has started going through a total transformation from the very outward level of physical reality to the deepest level of spiritual-psychological reality revealed in The Law of One (see below) .  The process started in 2012 (actually this is the final phase of long history of development).  One benchmark is that our entire solar system has been gradually warming up. According to Corey Goode, by around 2024 (if not before), we will experience a coronal mass ejection that will destroy the artificial intelligence that has been used to control us for millennia. At that point we will advance to... Continued HERE

  As Big Media decentralizes via Net reality
- The Global
TeLeComm Reformation -
we will naturally see the upgrading of
shared consensus and downsizing of
 inordinate power as lacks
TLC values.
The Big Shift is happening folks.
America will only be great again
 as truth and love goes global for
all of
US as United Sovereigns. 

'AMERICA' is an anagram for the 'I AM RACE',
a global vision of the Family of Mankind in
co-Creation with the spirit of
I Am, and
E Pluribus Unum' (unity in diversity)
as seen on the U.S. Great Seal.

We are in serious trouble when the masses don't know what is actually true with so much divisive extremism and "BS" (Belief Systems) directed by heartless Artificial Intelligence.

Facebook brought two billion people together
but extreme polarization, hate-mongering
and fear porn is tearing civility apart.

PBS-Frontline Sept 29, 2018
 Special Report on Facebook

Part Two HERE / Oct 31, 2018

"Mass hallucinations" are now the bedrock
of politics dominating America

Nov 27, 2018 / Mike Adams /
Logic is now a "hate crime" in America, 
and reason is racism.

(Natural News) Listening to the daily hysteria of the Deep State media is a lesson in just how insane society can become if the masses are indoctrinated with deliberately false information for years on end. Nearly everything the Deep State programs is half-truths if not complete fiction, and it's fiction by design. The very point of corporate media's mass indoctrination of the gullible masses is to turn reality upside down and convince people that false things are real, while brainwashing them into thinking that real things are false.

Fork-tongued, two-faced, Orwellian double-speak
has become the norm in Deep State media.

For example, there's no money in disease prevention for Big Pharma, so we have a disease-care system called 'health care' with the most expensive treatments in the world, yet one of the least effective for public health.

Common sense would say
that system must change;
TeLeCare to the rescue!

Likewise, there's no money in clean free-energy technology for Big Oil, so we see the ongoing fossil fuel poisoning of our air, water and food with petrochemical contaminants. Factor in chemtrails, tap water poisons, GMO's, toxic vaccines, background radiation, ELFs, etc... and realize that a genocidal population control agenda is highly profitable for the medical-industrial complex.

This is NOT authentic intelligence
operating in good conscience
with full spectrum wisdom.

Only a heartless system with no Authentic Intelligence would put stockholder profits from sickness ABOVE free on-line holistic TeLeCare for ALL global Netizens.

 Authentic Intelligence values
heart coherence above all.
heart of 'smart' is the
CAPstone of conscience'
(Creative Ascent Process).

The Currency of Conscience is the heart of Authentic Intelligence – the most sacred of all property. Ownership and control of this authenticity is the Sovereignty Currency for the Next Economy.

There's no money in that currency for bankster money-changers who perpetuate their ownership and control of society through public debt servitude at the expense of the abundant life.

And there's no money in peace for the military-industrial-security complex, so we see incessant war-mongering and security-threatening false flags.

News You Won't Hear Christians
and Conservatives Talk About

Nov 29, 2018 /


The low state of fear-based emotion
- see the Map of Consciousness -
is the Deep State's divisive dialectic
to invert and subvert the High State
of conscientious common sense for
'US' United Sovereigns of Earth.


 The high state of authentic intelligence
at the top of the Map of Consciousness
  is the pure intention of loving kindness;
 paying attention with retention
for ascension in the 5th dimension of 


Why a New Common Sense is Emerging:
Global TeLeCommUnity

Global Unity Project / In5D
This video is an 'oldie' (2012), but a 'goodie'
with some great direction for self correction.


Notice that at 6:22 minutes into the video, it says that,
"A common language among all people should be implemented so that we are able to communicate with one another across the world. This doesn't mean it will be the only language. But it will be the language that everyone can comprehend." 
This common language has been developed. It's simple to understand and use. It's based on the universal 'language of light' - light language - as corresponds to the processes of consciousness. And the global Internet can now enable this language with a universal interface - heartware - for the next phase of the computer/Internet revolution that integrates hardware, software and netware... with authentic intelligence of the heart.
Information's ecology is the process of
recycling general information through
mass-to-mass interaction that will
empower wisdom with a heart.

This process of global '
TeLeComm' - emphasizing TLC as cyberEthics - will culture conscientious common sense with a common language of the mind (light language) and heart (coherence).
Common sense as unity consciousness 
- the spirit of global unity-in-diversity -
will naturally neutralize global dis-unity.

The 'Good News' is not that the High State of global unity is rarely conceived, believed or achieved, but that in the larger scheme of the nonlinear quantum continuum, a Unity State has already occurred!



Those who are already operating at the High State level are counter-balancing the negativity of the masses at lower levels.


Universal-cosmic law has ordained the evolutionary ascent of global humanity as a cooperative healthy whole. Global civilization has reached the time of Revelations - anciently prophesied - when this EVENT of systemic transformation of civilization would manifest.
Imagine how a common, simple-to-use language of consciousness will involve and evolve our individual and collective conscience... of HOW we are conscious... shared concensus reality to upgrade common sense.
Authentic Intelligence loves people
and uses things

rather than using people
and loving things.

Consider how global holistic healing will naturally emerge with a new common sense that embraces the virtue of 'universal health care' as modeled by global
TeLeCare - again emphasizing the TLC with 'wisdom of the crowd' (cloud) via shared information of what is empirically working best for any health condition.
That's where it's going folks, sooner or later. There's nothing more valuable than this vision of humanity's collective ascension with light and love of a 'golden rule' common sense standard.
In times of systemic global paradigm shift,
factor is critical for stabilization.

Keep in mind that global ascension dynamics are all in divine order. That may be hard to see sometimes, but there's a method to the madness we see in the world. The universe has rules whereby natural law rules.

“Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered;
 yet we have this consolation with us,
 that the harder the conflict,
the more glorious the triumph.”

~ Thomas Paine in his treatise

Global Net reality has prepared the world for quantum reality that makes mechanistic old paradigm science obsolete and restores natural-universal law for global co-creation of unity.

In the meantime, be aware and prepare
  for major disruption of the 'too big to fail'
 excesses of corporatocracy corruption.

 At the highest levels of global transformation
we all can witness spiritual warfare against
 principalities of darkness aka Deep State
DUH (Dense, Unconscious & Heartless)
that is ‘
Stuck In Negativity’ i.e. ‘SIN’,
to divide & control the public via
"BS" (Belief Systems) run by
negative emotions and
convoluted logic.


 True initiates (pure intention)
focus attention with coherent
retention for ascension in the
 5th dimension of unified field
(Effective Sensory Perception)


It ain't rocket science.
with as the rule,
Shift happens - rules!

5D Shift: The Earth’s Toroidal Flow and
How it’s Impacting Humanity & Society

Nov 27, 2018 /

The holy spirit of global -in-action
- the spirit of Christ-mass Conscience -
naturally liberates the High State Logos:
 Emerging Blueprint for a Golden Age.

So Claim the Victory - See the Good
and Make it So!

Full Spectrum

Inspiration videos and
Christmas Bonus

Understanding the 'High State Logos' 

Nov 28, 2018 / The Hearts Center Community

Claim the Victory of the High State.
Victory is Always Yours to Claim
in the I AM Name!

Nov 29, 2018 / Video HERE
(Note Victory's secret key to alchemy via the
 mitochondria of each cell @ 4:30 min. ~CR)

5G/AI Unintended Consequences:

Nov 21, 2018

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