2019 Global rEVOLUTION

Full Moon Equinox State of the 'Frequency Shift'
March 20, 2018
Equinox Sun enters Aries;
Full Moon enters Libra;
Astrology report video
here by Kaypacha

Signs of the Times re: 'Frequency Shift'
  People can sense Earth's magnetic field,
brain waves suggest
March 19, 2019  / ScienceNews.org
A new study hints that humans have magneto-
    reception abilities, similar to some other animals.

Record-breaking Surge in the
Schumann Resonance

March 17, 2019 / TheAllThatIs
As a metaphysician with his finger on the pulse of global humanity, I can report that there has been a "common pattern" (common sense) emerging regarding great energetic shifts in the morphic field of Earth. I've been reporting on this for years - how we're crossing the Photon Belt, as happens twice in the Precession of the Equinox every 25,920 years.
This is what the '2012 Event' was really about:
the end of linear time as we have known it.
And the rate of change is accelerating
 with evolutionary ascent to 5D and up:

The last time this event happened
- mass ascent of consciousness -

  was the rise of ancient Atlantis via
  last passage into the Photon Belt.

It's going NONLINEAR in a whole, holistic or otherwise holy way... as in 'spherical consciousness' (-point)...  also known as the 'Spirit of the Law' (atONEment) whereby the global- Spirit of conscientious common sense (unity in diversity) takes precedence over divisive patriarchal policies of ock-step, inear, etter-of-the-aw ogic.
This is the
Global Co-Creation Movement via synergy in the trinity- in all archetypal dimensions of - integrated as the 'CAPstone-' (Creative Ascent Process) for neSelf and all '
US' as United Sovereigns of Earth.
This is what happens when the holistic-holy Spirit of
-in-action goes mainstream with a universal heartware interface for global mass-to-mass interaction.
 This is the rise of the 'Divine Feminine'

at the heart of the millennial Aquarian
dispensation of '
Freedom in '.
THIS IS THE TIME PROPHESIED of Revelations - all things unveiled - including an understanding of WHY photonic light is flooding the Earth now... HOW this is morphing our consciousness... and WHAT we can do about it - 'Big ' - as the Big Shift hits the Aquarian Fan:)
The Deep State is getting 'splattered'
  and stinks to High State sensibilities.
Indeed, the High State is surging and the Deep State is purging. Consider the astrophysics whereby great energetic shifts are being stepped down from the Great Central Sun of our Galaxy through our Sun. Consider how cosmic waves, gamma rays and photonic light provide carrier waves for a higher intelligence that is matriculating the matrix with a dimensional shift; full spectrum enlightenment; an ascension process; RE-GENESIS.
This has come to a climax with a
 March 20th SuperMoon Equinox,
 setting the 2019 etheric blueprint
in the cardinal fire sign of Aries.
The cosmic alchemy for 2019 is now to burn through the mass illusion of Deep State deception. This of course will clear the way - or othewise initiate - the spiritual gold standard for global civility.
 This is the greatest fear of Deep State
 power elite psychopaths - that people
As explained in my previous article on High State Disclosure, there is a natural evolutionary ascent process of
Full Spectrum Enlightenment that is being challenged by a Deep State population control and reduction agenda of 'Full Spectrum Dominance' that is dumbing us down if not gradually killing us.
 If people don't wake up to this EVIL,
 and wise up with High State ascent,
   how else will we rise up to overcome
   Deep State dystopia and devolution?
So set your sails for an enlightened future.
Keep the Faith, See the Good,
and Make it So!

~ Christopher

Full Spectrum

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