2018 Global Upgrade Series

Upgrade of Civility in a Decentralized World

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The Founders Program

Jan 20, 2018 / Heartcom Network

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  Solar Flash and Ascension Intention

 As I explained in my 2018 Preview,
there is an ethical gold standard for
   culturing the currency of conscience
 at the
heart of the ‘Next Economy’.

   This includes physical expression of
    this currency with a valuation model
   based on trust in the shared vision
     of intention for conscious ascension
     of the Family of Mankind in our new
       global village of all-connected reality.

    Trust is the fundamental currency of
      both communication and commerce.
    In an open system, trust is the core
   overarching virtue that reflects and
     perfects the currency of conscience.

   The framework of global civilization
    that optimizes trust is ultimately the
     order of the universe - universal law
     and order known as the 'Great Law'
     or 'Law of One' from which all other
   'Common Law' framework follows.

Cosmic as Cosmic Law

   As explained in the 2017 Big Shift,
     this Cosmic Law frame of reference
     is the
heart of global upgrade with a
   universal TeLeComm interface for
   global interaction to involve-evolve
      an upgrade of 5 Core Net Freedoms
       as cultures systemic holistic healing.

   A month ago HERE, I introduced a
  metaphoric Christmas story about
   the gift of ultimate value and virtue
   with a high standard of for
     a vision of an ethical gold standard.

   That’s when I introduced bits:
 a cryptocurrency model for secure
 valuation of a new economic order
with 'CyberEthics' that define and
 refine the currency of conscience.

That currency of ethical gold is
 a gold mine if only you mind it.
Pay attention.  Attention pays.

The Founders Program is valuation
  of this opportunity to optimize 2018
5 Decentralized MegaTrends.

Consider how systemic decentralization
is now occurring because of blockchain
technology defining the Next Economy:

TEDtalk / 1,053,669 views as of Jan 20, 2018

Say hello to the decentralized economy, decentralized government, decentralized health care, decentralized education, etc. The blockchain is about to decentralize everything. In this lucid explanation of the complex (and confusing) technology, Bettina Warburg describes how the blockchain will eliminate the need for centralized institutions like banks or governments to facilitate trade, evolving age-old models of commerce and finance into something far more interesting: a distributed, transparent, autonomous system for exchanging value.

Blockchain: Massively Simplified

Richie Etwaru / TEDxMorristown

Blockchain technology secures TRUST which is the fundamental currency of commerce. It is TRUST that is optimized by an ethical gold standard for TeLeCommerce – the TLC connection with Web 3.0 Heartware CyberEthics.

This value-added exchange currency is the gold standard for value which is VIRTUE, and the higher the VIRTUE, the greater the results – appreciation of VALUE rather than depreciation.

This is the 'TLC' Future of Blockchain:

Decentralized government – TeLeCommunity
(universal interface for global TeLeComm)

Decentralized Education – TeLeConscience
(self-evident ‘Currency of Conscience)

Decentralized economy – TeLeCommerce
(cyberEthics gold standard for ‘good trade’)

Decentralized Health Care – TeLeCare
(free, online, holistic self care service)

This multi-dimensional whole systems approach to holistic TLC is why bits provides a unique ‘currency’ for exchange with the value-added VIRTUE that underwrites, subsidizes and otherwise co-creates global civility, health and prosperity for the Family of Mankind.

If the true test of spirituality is practicality, then applications for global TLC will ideally be represented with the currency of conscience that cultures a self-fulfilling prophecy.

More on bits for this currency at:
Ascension Spiral Going Viral

    For a limited time, until our bits currency
 launches with our unique blockchain platform,
   the Founders Program will offer bits as
    a free bonus with purchase of nature’s premium
 superfood, the nutraceutical-grade ‘royal jelly’
    (SPX) as the biological gold standard for health.

As of January 20th, 2018, the exchange rate for
    bits as a free bonus translates as follows:

1 bit with 1 bottle of SPX plus shipping
(includes $6 shipping & handling – total $55.95)

3 bits with 2 bottles of SPX, free ship
(save $6 shipping + $10 discount – total $89.90)

12 bits with 5 bottles of SPX, free ship
(plus free bottle worth $49.95 – total $199.80)

   33 bits with 12 bottles of SPX, free ship
(40% off retail price – total $359.64)

Email UltraMedics@mcn.net re: order questions.
This offer ends with official
TeLeComm launch.

Four Order Choices

Note: While these bits are a free bonus,
you must ask for them with your order if you
 want a bits certificate of purchase
which will authentic your bits
when our blockchain is activated
and valuation accelerates as
heartware gains traction.

By leveraging this ‘gold standard’ for health
 with a vision of global holistic
TeLeCare and
TeLeComm upgrade of Internet freedoms,
  bits will also liberate financial health.

To visualize the phenomenal growth of
cryptocurrencies over the last 4 years,
 watch this one minute video on "ICOs"
(Initial Coin Offerings):

This graphic shows the full history of token sales (aka initial coin offerings), from the early days of 2014 to their meteoric rise in 2017. Despite bans in China and South Korea, there is no shortage of fervor for new cryptocurrencies or tokens.

Note that Bitcoin has been around longer than four years and is being co-opted by central banks, so beware of the BITCOIN PSYOP (video).

With a cyberEthics gold standard for
culturing social conscience in our
ubiquitous social networks, the
currency of conscience with
TLC will naturally thrive.

Full Spectrum

"In G.O.D.~~Source We Trust"