The 2018 Upgrade Series
Conscious Evolution Revelations

Solar Flash and Ascension Intention

Our solar system is now entering a zone within the
 galactic cycle that is 'sparking' conscious evolution
   with quantum reality (Effective Sensory Perception).

Global transformation in 2018 is reaching a crescendo of
   profound REVELATIONS on Earth as in Cosmos-at-large.

   The following compendium is breaking news from this last
     week that will NOT be reported in the MSM any time soon.

 I believe that this Big Picture overview of galactic drama
now occurring is infusing the energy fields of Earth with
   those highly-charged energies in this sector of our galaxy
      that Earth goes through for 2000 years every 25,920 years.

The last time was the rise and the
eventual fall of 'mythical' Atlantis.

These 5D energies align Earth with the Prime Directive
  for 2018 global congruence of a heart coherent nature
  that represents the gold standard for the next economy.

ENJOY these modern day

Jan 13, 2017 / Heartcom Network

 This compendium is not recommended for
 those who suffer from inordinate
'BS' as a
Belief System' that is 'Stuck In Negativity'
(SIN) which sees through the veil 'darkly'
 and not open to the light of the 'One Law'
   whereby unity-in-diversity thrives on Earth.

 As the Host of BBS Radio's Cosmic LOVE for
 almost 11 years, this following compendium is
definitely the MOST IMPORTANT information
   I've discovered and reported on in this decade.

    If you study this content with an open mind and
 listening ears, I guarantee that your prevailing
     'comfort zone' (normalcy bias) will be challenged
       by inordinate fears of stranger danger, especially
    aliens of an off-planet intergalactic UFO nature.

   If you subscribe to the orthodox religious belief
   that we are not supposed to know these things
   or even think about them, then read no further.

As Forest Gump famously said,
"Stupid is what stupid does."

"Enlightenment is what enlightenment does."

The conscientious evolutionary ascent of
global humanity at this 'pregnant' time of
  mass awakening is the biggest story of all
   recorded history, revealing our true history
   and future that few of us thought possible.

    For those who read the previous article as
introduced Corey Goode and the Law of
 One, you will have a better grasp of this:
The biggest story never told!

This is the true history of human evolution on Earth via genetic tinkering by intelligent beings in our galaxy.
Believe it or not, there is a cosmic correspondance of events on Earth as is occurring in heaven-cosmos at large - AS ABOVE, SO BELOW.
Global humanity has now reached the threshold of an evolutionary leap into the Quantum-Aquarian Age whereby we join the Galactic Federation of Sovereign Planets, and the United Sovereigns of Earth now assert our independence under the Univeral Law of One as is fully explained with an extensive article linked in the following 'MegaUpdate' by Corey Goode which was just published at
For those who want to explore the
biggest story of 2018
study this new article:

Corey Goode Mega-Update:
Ancient Builder Race Recovering

Humanity's Billion-Year Legacy

by David Wilcock
January 11, 2018, 11:11 pm
David: "The ultimate takeaway is that we have turned a pivotal corner in the war against the dark forces on earth, in our solar system and beyond. This is the best and most interesting update Corey has ever written. I am happy and honored to help in its release."
Witness the future folks!
 We're literally going into the Star Trek Age
with teleportation, anti-gravity, time travel,
   10 x's life extension and galactic interaction.
  Civilization on Earth is about to go through
  a systemic evolutionary QUANTUM LEAP.

Skip to 24 minutes for beginning of the interview.
If this video is blocked in your browser, go to the
direct video link at:

Published on Jan 11, 2018

IN BRIEF: According to Secret Space Program insider Corey Goode, a consortium of extraterrestrial races conducting long-term genetic engineering of humanity has been told to end its historic interference.  As a result of this, and related 'galactic diplomacy' developments, he says that humanity is about to embark on a thousand years of uninterrupted peaceful development as a fully autonomous member of the galactic community.
Full debriefing in Q & A article by Dr. Michael Salla HERE.
According to advanced quantum astrophysics revelations,
 Earth is now entering a highly charged energy field sector of our galaxy that our solar system enters every 25,920 years. This energy field has quixotic properties known to dramatically accelerate conscious evolution with 'time compression' - much more happening in a shorter time. This accelerated evolutionary ascent process has the conscious-morphing effect of dimensional shift: Effective Sensory Perception of a 5D nature.
This has vast consequences for Earth's evolution as well as our entire galaxy. Discover what Corey Goode explains as the trafficing of advanced human DNA sought by 22 genetic 'farmer races' who are working for evolutionary ascent of their own species.
The divine destiny of global humanity can thus be seen as galactic ambassadors... to go forth throughout the galaxy... to explore emerging global civilizations like ours now... and to uphold the Prime Directive according to the Law of One... united for the purpose of all souls 'On The Path' of conscientious evolutionary ascent.
So make time to study the articles and listen to the video. Pray for discernment. And hold the vision of victory for the 'White Hats' in the military who are now arresting pedophile ring-leaders and slave traders on Earth even as the genetic slave trade is now ending throughout the Galactic Federation of Sovereign Planets.
The higher your concept of one universal-cosmic as Common Law and Light Language, the greater the 'common sense' results on Earth as in Cosmos-at-large.

Fulfilling the Founders' vision with
a global upgrade of Net reality in
our all-connected global village:

"We have it in our power to
    begin the world over again."

~ Thomas Paine, 1776

Keep the Faith, See the Good and

Global TeLeComm

The way out of world crisis is
   the way up in consciousness,
  becoming more conscious of
   WHAT is really happening on
   Earth as in heaven-cosmos...
     and HOW conscious evolution
  are enabling a quantum leap
    for ascent of global humanity.

   This is a HUGE opportunity for


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