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  State of the Union Versus Divisiveness
March 3, 2017
Host of BBS Radio's Cosmic

 Trump’s first address to the U.S. Congress
 exceeded the expectations of some, but…

  Many are Upset with Big Media Divisiveness.
March 1, 2017 /

 Big Media sows conflict and fear that feeds
 the war mindset of Neocons around Trump
 who profit from conflict and the collusion of
  Big Media with Big Government to maintain
  Big Profits for the military-security complex.

  Trump's 'Moderate' Defense Secretary Has
Already Brought Us to the Brink of War

March 1, 2017 /

  So Trump continues Mideast war policies,
committing more soldiers and resources
    for proxy wars to subjugate Syria and Iran.
But most of the terrorists are “blowback”
  from U.S. intervention that resulted in the
    death of millions, displacing millions more.

  If we want to heal the anger, resentment,
   and revenge attacks from terrorists of our
    own creation, it should be common sense
   that we must honor the sovereignty of all
     nations, and not destroy their populations.

    Building walls to protect us from terrorists
    is off the mark. If we don’t show good will
   to reverse incentives that bring terrorists
   and illegal immigrants here, we are only
   compounding an ‘us vs. them’ mindset
     that divides us as the Family of Mankind.

Global Paradigm Shift Trumps
 Paradigm Paralysis

The Family of Mankind is now all-connected
  in a global village of instant-everywhere and
  interactive Internet capabilities… uniting the
  prospects of about 4 billion global Netizens.

We’re ALL in this together!

[roar of applause from the ‘love gallery’]

  Tuesday, as I listened to President Trump give
  his first address to the U.S. Congress, I heard
    him pronounce, “I don’t represent the world.
  I represent the United States of America.”

 Think about that folks.

Is it true that, as goes America,
so goes the world-at-large

 Are you aware that isolationism in our all-
   connected Internet world is contrary to our
    instant-everywhere-interactive Net reality?

Would you agree that whatever we do to
the worldwide web, we do to ourselves?

Based on your response, consider all of
‘US’ as the United Sovereigns of Earth.

What’s good for the sovereignty of one
is good for the sovereignty of all of

There’s no better ‘Good Will’ than to
  update core sovereignty virtues with
 upgrade of universal rights globally.

 An Internet Upgrade of the Bill of Rights

This is fulfillment of the U.S. Founders’
vision statement on the U.S. Great Seal:
  “E Pluribus Unum” (out of many, one).

   This includes an upgrade of the public’s
  electoral system of representation with
TeLeComm, emphasizing ‘TLC
   with ‘
Web 3.0 Heartware CyberEthics’.

Personally, I’ve been developing this
 since my
presentation to 10 agencies
   of the U.S. Government on Capitol Hill
43 years ago!

  Heartware’s next phase of the Internet
   revolution will empower mass-to-mass
  interaction with the ‘
language of light
   (of consciousness) as an interface for
 involving and evolving our individual
  and collective “unity consciousness”,
 also once known as common sense.

  It was Tom Paine’s ‘Common Sense
     that sparked the American Revolution,
 and it is the same Internet revolution
 in ‘
Common Sense’ that is outraged
 by divide-to-conquer ‘war for peace”
   incentives of military contractors who
   profit from war, death & hell on Earth.

Likewise, a nation that is FREE TO CHOOSE
will always CHOOSE optimal holistic health:
spiritually, mentally, physically & financially.

The higher the concept of
- ‘
Language of the Angels’ and
Law of the Angles of G.O.D.
Geometry Of Divinity) -
 the greater the results all ways.

 The new science of heart coherence
   shows that a mind without coherence
   is like fake news without conscience.
 This is why education of the heart is
   a core benefit of
Global TeLeComm.

 If Trump has pure intent to heal our
   health care system, in less time than
     it took Obama to bring online his ACA
Affordable Care Act,
   the U.S. could bring online a system
      of holistic healing -
Global TeLeCare -
    serving 4 billion Netizens worldwide.
       New info-analytics make this possible.

   The stranglehold on U.S. health care by
  Big Pharma and their vaccine industry
   must be challenged by common sense
      that the injection of newborn babies with
 toxic cellular poisons and live viruses
  can result in a life-time of disease and
  suffering that only profits Big Pharma,
 which is Big Media's big profit center.

 This is a HUGE conflict of interest
regarding truth for public health.

USA: Highest Vaccination Rate in the World
and Has the Worst Health

Feb 20, 2017 /

  The bottom line for spiritual, mental and
Currency of Conscience (gold standard)
 at the heart of the Next Economy as is
  based on the golden rule/law language
     of abundant in form & frequency.
  It is the holy spirit of -in-action
  that neutralizes nefarious negativity in
 the global mind, body politic, and the
 all-connected economic order of ‘
 as truly ‘
United’ Sovereigns of Earth.

Always , All Ways

PS: For a full spectrum of 'Intel Last Week'
      including a full range of 7 videos, see:
Paradigm Shift Alert

These seven videos will exercise your
emotional health with a full spectrum
of ‘truth telling’ so you can
feel what
the global
paradigm shift looks like:
 One may truly inspire you.
     One may also confound you.
One may make you glad.
One may make you sad.
  One can make you laugh.
 One can make you mad.
And one is not too bad!

Paradigm Shift Alert
  Hopefully, this compendium will
increase your awareness with
 a sense of moral indignation...
  to agitate for spiritual solutions
emerging with our awakening
 to self-evident truth, that what
 we do with the worldwide web
 is what we do to ourselves.

"Man did not weave the web of life;
he is merely a strand in it.
Whatever he does to the web,
he does to himself." 
~ Chief Seattle

Full Spectrum TeLeComm

To  with all your strength, mind, heart and soul,
and your all-connected Netizen neighbors as thyself.

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