14 Reasons to want REAL CHANGE

1-  The biggest contributors to the last Presidential elections were the banks.  Are you aware that the banks called in their loans when they needed bailing out?  Would you agree that we need some serious ELECTION REFORM?
2- You know that the Federal Reserve Bank is no more "federal" than Federal Express. Are you aware that the "Federal Reserve" has no reserves and refuses a public audit but is known to have trillions of dollars in public debt that public taxes pay off for the profit of Fed owners?  Would you agree that we need some serious BANKING REFORM?

3- Some of us believe that the bailout of the banks, by the banks and for the banks can continue privatizing social wealth while socializing private-corporate profits on the backs of taxpayers.  Do you believe in government welfare for the same banksters who deregulated the economy to profit themselves, and now have seized new economic powers to regulate the economy for their profit above all?
Would you agree that there is something seriously wrong with this picture?
4- You believe that Madoff was a Ponzi scheme but isn't social security also based on a decreasing number of people paying to cover the debt of an increasing number of recipients?  Would you agree that security decreases as debt and taxation without representation increases? 
5 - You understand that big business collusion with big government is fascism.  Is it true that corporatist fascism and government tyranny are two faces of the same corrupt economic system?  Would you agree that this has created a growth industry for government bureaucracies which serve giant corporate monopolies as have privatized core social, political and economic institutions at the expense of core Constitutional freedoms?

6- You believe that the US Constitution is a good thing, but are you aware how Corporate law puts the interests of stockholders ahead of the public when profits are at stake?  Would you agree that our public Constitutional freedoms are being challenged by status quo interests that have privatized and monopolized core social institutions?

7- You believe in the common sense that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, but are you aware that a pound of cure is 16 times more profitable for the medical-industrial complex?  Would you agree that the sick disease-profiteering system won't get well if profit trumps public health?
8- Some of us believe that the sick health care system can be healed with government intervention, but are they aware that big government is now embedded with giant corporations which profit from disease?  Would you agree that this is a conflict of interests that made the whole system sick in the first place?
9- Many Americans are virtually "walking pharmacies" who believe religiously in a medical system that pushes drugs for whatever ails you.  Are you aware that prescription drugs "accidentally" kill approximately 250,000 Americans yearly?  Would you agree that far more Americans are dying as a result of this "BS" (Belief System) in the drug sacraments from the high priests of medicine?
10- Other Americans believe that guns are dangerous, accidentally killing 1,500 Americans yearly (FBI statistics).  Are you aware that the drug-pushing medical system kills 166 times as many people yearly? (Do the math: 250,000 divided by 1,500)  Would you agree that guns are far less dangerous than the sick disease-care system we call "health care"?

11- Most intelligent people worldwide know that the military-industrial complex makes a killing on insecurity and war.  Are you aware that the medical-industrial complex makes a killing by indirectly creating disease (foodless, chemical-laced "food") and then treating the symptoms with genetic mutating drugs that compound the core imbalances with toxicity?  Would you agree that the backwards disease care system is just looking for a health crisis to consolidate their power to profit just as insiders did with 9-11 war powers to consolidate their power to profit from Mideast oil wealth?
12- Many in the public believe that mandatory vaccines may help prevent the deadly flu pandemic.  Are you aware that the strange "Avian-Swine Flu" hybrid was created in biowar labs and that
live viruses have been found in vaccines produced by the same company that is now rapidly preparing to deploy them with mandatory vaccines?  Would you agree that this is beyond just "criminal"?
13- There are proven
holistic health care breakthroughs that provide a natural inexpensive solution to the backwards disease care system.  Are you aware that this would be disruptive to the status quo profiteering from disease and death?  Would you agree that such profiteering must end?

14- There are also proven inexpensive breakthroughs in
super-electrolysis water power that provides a solution to the toxic petrochemical fuels that are poisoning and overheating the environment.  Are you aware that this would be disruptive to the giant industries making a killing on coal, oil and gas?  Would you agree that we need to transition to this proven source of clean power for the health of our environmental life support systems?


A global healing of core institutions will naturally follow self-evident solutions,
but the
currency of conscience at the heart of the Next Economy
would make the culture of corruption obsolete.

And that would be disruptive to "DUH"
(Dummies Unconscious & Heartless).

Disruption of Corruption...


I Am,
 One for All,

 Christopher Rudy
 Editor, GeoNotes News
Publisher, HEARTcom Network
 Host, Comic LOVE Radio Talk Show
Author, Emerging Blueprint for a Golden Age