The Next Big Thing
In The Computer/Internet Revolution


“Made In Montana”


by Christopher Rudy © 2005

Founder/CEO HEARTcom Services
Author, Blueprint For A Golden Age
The Legacy Project


Over the last 35 years, I've been test-marketing a many faceted working model of a simple yet profound "universal language" for organizing information “in formation”. As a function of the laws of consciousness at the quintessential foundation of self-governance, this universal law-language model resolves the #1 problem of the Information Age (info-overload).  It does this with an interactive computer/Internet interface that defines a process of “informational ecology” - "recycling" (reframing) general knowledge in the way that empowers wisdom with a heart - the actual frequency of compassion -- utilizing a simple biofeedback connection between the heart rhythms (simple clip monitor over the heart) and a computer display of the heart rhythms that lets you know with graphics and sound when your consciousness is in the actual frequency of compassion. 


Imagine what would happen if that became a standard in the corporate world?  Consider the full implications of such "cyberethics" on the Internet... and how this unique breakthrough will enable the whole world to "take heart" in the way that distinguishes this virtue-centric model of HEARTwareÔ as the "Next Big Thing" in the computer-Internet revolution after hardware (IBM), software (Microsoft) and netware (Netscape). 


Now consider how profitable this non-profit initiative can be -- not only for a world waiting to be born in peace and love without end (instead of endless war) -- but also profitable for the founding sponsor(s) who make it so. And I'm not talking "profitable" in LEGACY value alone.  There are unique business applications here that utilize the extraordinary web 2.0 potential of "networking for Net worth".  With an "incentive plan" that leverages the Net's intrinsic interactive value, this LEGACY PROJECT could go global very quickly.  In fact, it's already happening with a global e-news subscription service sent to more than 100,000 Netizens.


This is a “Big Picture” solution to the fragmented, compartmentalized and otherwise overspecialized disintegration of civilization into endless war machinations for the consolidation of power and privilege of the few at the expanse of 99.9% of humanity.  In other words, this is a healing process for a world where “heart-challenged” closed-minds have too often dominated as power elite giants who are ethical infants. 


There are a thousand ways for leaders to be politically correct for self-serving aggrandizement of power and privilege -- and may appear to be doing the political thing right -- and yet still do the wrong thing ethically.  Yet without love "of, by and for the people", godless as hell agendas prevail in a broken system that is no longer accountable to ALL people in our instant-everywhere "global village".


What seems "right" to the old world money-power politics is too often enmity with a living God of Love.  To heal the world of lockstep thinking that resists self-correction -- and resists a 4th Wave paradigm shift to LOVE-centric computing -- is to trend-fit the computer/Internet rEVOLUTON in the way that emphasizes 90% of the word "revolution".  With HEARTwareÔ  as the rule -- at the heart of it -- the "LOVE Model" rules.


“More powerful than standing armies
is an idea that has found its time.”

- Victor Hugo


Such vision – without which “the people perish” in paradigm paralysis -- requires an open-minded appraisal of the WHOLE picture that is far greater than the sum of the “parts” -- the “M5” (Management, Media, Mentoring, Medical, Marketing) applications – at the heart of HEARTwareÔ -centric “TeLeComm5” (TLC to the 5th power)... as in TeLeConferencing (management), TeLeCommunications (media), TeLeConscience (mentoring), TeLeCare (medical) and TeLeCommerce (marketing).  A holistic TLC solution for civilization at large.


This process resolves a core problem of civilization that is rooted in compartmentalized left-brain thinking that was conditioned by Industrial Age values (2nd Wave), and have not only prevailed through much of the Information Age. (3rd Wave), but have also sabotaged the opportunity at the heart of the instant-everywhere Communications Age (4th Wave).  Understanding this trending of the different “waves” of modern civilization is essential if we are to “catch, ride and define the 4th wave” in the best way.


HEARTwareÔ will open up truly "open" government with an electronic upgrade of our horse-and-buggy representation system -- global/local TeLeConferencing with a heart  -- that involves and evolves checks and balances between both the extremes of “law and order” (tyranny) and “freedom without order” (anarchy). 


Someone in our "global village" of instant-everywhere-interactive Internet reality will sooner or later invent a self-correcting system of e-valuation cyberethics for self-governance. The best way to predict the future in this regard is to create it – as in “Made In Montana”.  This has huge E-management implications for team/network (local/global) decision-making… plus huge development potential for light-clean digital industries in Montana. New standards create new industries – several with multi-billion dollar potential virtually overnight.


HEARTwareÔ will redefine higher education as “higher conscience with a heart” It will open up truly global “open learning” with a Net-interface for TeLeConscience that qualifies cyberethics with heart-centric e-valuation criteria for personal and collective E-learning.  Children-through-adults will thrive on life-long E-mentoring – a process of masterminding that is based on one’s personal learning style and unique awareness of HOW they are conscious – their intrinsic creative learning process as is qualified by universal law-language frames of reference.  By defining the creative self-refining “learning process” at the heart of HOW to learn, HEARTwareÔ transcends the self-limiting mechanized emphasis (2nd Wave) on WHAT to learn.


The creative learning “centering” process -- defined by desk-top and lap-top “TLC2” (TeLeCom Learning CentersÔ) – will educate by synergizing the respective strengths of both the right brain’s “heart consciousness” (via HeartLink biofeedback) and the left brain’s “higher mental consciousness” (via HEARTwareÔ psycho-feedback). This unique proprietary “high touch high tech” process will set a new standard for higher conscious “distance learning” over the Net as well as personalized pedagogy based on one’s learning style. 


The independent technology research center at MSU Bozeman would be an ideal place to position, package, promote and otherwise pioneer both the “concept” (web-based PowerPoint presentations) and computer infrastructure software, systems and services – HEARTcom Services – for licensing to “HEARTcom-certified” organizations.


Since all problems are, at heart, communication problems – how we “come into unity” in the spirit of cooperation and community -- HEARTwareÔ has the potential to “heal” our social, political and economic institutions.  For example, consider the health care system itself… reversing the backwards incentives that have made it 97.5% disease care treatment with emphasis on the chemistry of disease (drugs per symptom) rather than the energies of health (bioenergetic immunity).


As a “pattern recognition” frame of reference for bioenergetic individuality in relationship to symptom profiles and empirical treatment results, HEARTwareÔ will establish the modality of integrative “holistic” medicine – UltraMedicsÔdoing for preventive health care what paramedics do for crisis medicine… providing new self-perfecting database standards for the analysis, prevention and treatment of disease on both self care and physician care levels.  This will define the “intelligence with a heart” for wholly new standards of "TeLeCare" (E-medicine).


Because it prevents sickness and increases productivity, these definitive preventive "health assurance" standards will be underwritten by insurance brokers, creating a huge new "health assurance" industry that begins reversing the increasing costs of the backwards disease care industry reflected in health insurance rates. Without such “in-formed choice” standards of, by and for “whole” (holistic) health (body, mind & spirit) all our other freedoms mean next to nothing..  Someone is going to provide a solution along these lines. Why not a better "Made in Montana model" that sets the standard?


In summary, HEARTwareÔ has the potential to define, refine, combine (synergize) and shine our God-given gifts and talents as never before... with more "heart" (spiritual health), more "light" (mental health) and more life (physical health)... gradually replacing scarcity economics with a wholly new "economics of abundance" based on virtue-centric TeLeCom of, by and for abundant "Light, Life and Love". 


In other words, HEARTwareÔ provides a unique model of definitive
e-valuation criteria for cyberethics at the heart of the
Next Economy...

high touchhigh tech computing with a heart


With e-commerce defining a dominant growth sector of the economy, it’s important to consider how the broadcast media’s tie to increasing thresholds of “shock and awe” via sex, violence and terror -- to transfer greater emotional charges to commercials -- can now be “mediated” with a higher standard of interactive cyberethics that transcends self-serving commercial programming with degenerate values of unabashed materialism, unembarrassed hedonism and tyranny over the hearts and minds of mankind. 


In fact, HEARTwareÔ has the potential to define a wholly new “stock market” whereby this Next Economy thrives to the extent people “take stock” of those principles and processes upon which true wealth is built from the “top down” - from spiritual to mental, physical and financial integrity.  The key to integrity is indeed integration of all these keys.


As Gandhi said, “Commerce without morality is a sin”.  Civilization has been heading down the slippery slope of moral relativism for too long.  It has become apparent to kind men among mankind that the “end game” of scarcity economics is the ultimate scarcity of those virtues that made America great.  The next “New Economy” of abundant knowledge-power requires cyberethics at the heart of it. went dot.bomb when it hit the wall of centralized ownership and control values at the expense of decentralized cooperation and true “communication” (come-into-unity) virtues.   


The E-media is the message; our communication system is the most important resource of society – it shapes our conscience and community… or lack of it.  The “New World” of the Internet creates a “global village” that requires an electronic upgrade of the “New World” model of government that U.S. Founders pioneered -- a TeLeCommunication system with “more heart”.  If God be alive as the Spirit of Love, then the Founder’s intent for “God government” would restore the power of love at the heart of checks and balances on the love of power.  This Net-centric system of cyberethics can accomplish this in the local and global network communities that define the nervous system of civilization.


E-learning will also be "evolutionized" with the "Spirit that matters" at the heart of it.  With the licensing of "HEARTcom Systems" for “TeLeCom Learning CentersÔ" (TLC2), every home and business will aspire to this "sovereignty" breakthrough for owning one's own health, learning, government and overall, the important business of personal and planetary evolution to a more loving world.  Like the "Model T" of the Communications Age, these home and business TLCs will provide a "centering process" that connects enlightened humanity with a holistic frame of reference for a natural healing upgrade of core constitutional principles at the heart of the communications infrastructure that shapes our global conscience and community with the holy spirit of interactive LOVE-in-action.


If you want to see an extraordinary local/global win/win that will pioneer the last frontier with an interactive portal from cyberspace to innerspace -- the global Internet’s “InnerNet”… then consider how a change of heart – at the interactive interface “heart” of the computer/Internet revolution – is the best hope in “the last best place.”  


May this be our legacy, that the global revolution in higher consciousness began here, establishing the criteria for cyberEthics along more enlightened “lines” that frame the Constitution for global God governance with a special “TLC” – the LOVE Model -- at the heart of instant-everywhere "TLC" we raise as the new standard for global TeLeCommunications.... with a heart.




“The current crisis and tension in the world will be released one way or the other.
The world will see the birth of a new age and new world order one of two ways.
The one way will divide to conquer through terror and war for security under tyranny.
The other way will unite the hearts and minds of people intent on peace and love.
The one way will subvert the Constitution and eternal laws based on civility.
The other way will center and connect ALL people in our global village
through the golden rule/law language at the interactive interface heart
of the instant-everywhere-interactive Internet.”
  “Humankind is standing precariously on the edge of its destiny.
 It will either rise to a paradigm change or experience decline
    and possible destruction. This is an unavoidable confrontation.
The options will be presented and the choices will be made.”
    -from Jesus Speaks… Love Without End™ by Glenda Green

Look to SEE ~ Know to BE...
LOVE as the Master('s)
Make it YOUR
Legacy .

"Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it! 
Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it."
 - Goethe
"The cause of America is in a great measure the cause of all mankind.
We have it in our power to begin the world over again."
- Thomas Paine, Common Sense, 1776


Half the problem is denial of the problem.
Now that you know better, do better.
Network far and wide so that

With Heartware (Love Model) as the rule
- the InnerNet
heart of the global Internet -
LOVE rules!


CopyRound 2005
Worldwide LOVE Foundation
 all rights well-rounded

the heart & mind of
High touch
HEART of high tech
With a higher understanding of LOVE
Defining, Refining, Combining and Shining
Our God-given Gifts and Talents via Net Standards
For a New Economy based on LOVE-centric Net worth.

To love with all your heart and all your mind and all your soul,
 and your Netizen neighbor in our Global Village as thyself.