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Ambassador for Galactic Federation Announces First Contact


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Ambassador for Galactic Federation Announces First Contact


“The choice facing mankind is either conscientious ascent to
Higher Power in Higher Conscience of Divine Love at the heart of the
worldwide web… or acquiescent descent into a living hell of subservience to
a corrupt elite behind global terror, media decadence and encroaching tyranny.”

“The Internet world is awakening to the Spirit of Freedom and Opportunity
in the interactive response ability of, by and for a special LOVE at the heart of
TeLeComm that represents the first principles of sovereignty
in the face of it’s opposite – the big business collusion with big government
that has a vested interest in Big Brother monopoly media mind control.”

“It’s the divine destiny of Earth for a BIG SHIFT – a global revolution of
Higher Conscience in Greater LOVE.  With this vision, global healing begins. 

“Suppressed technologies will be made available to provide energy without fuel,
healing of all disease and communication systems that culture universal peace.


Chico Hot Springs Montana:  At Chico’s annual Halloween party, Paradise Valley resident, Christopher Rudy, came out of the closet as an Ambassador for the Galactic Federation of Sovereign Planets.  He handed out his card with websites addresses that detail his mission.


Galactic Federation of Sovereign Planets

Producer, Director & Creator of
”THE BIG SHIFT”; Reality TV for the ET’s


This is all quite a stretch for many locals say's Rudy, but he's been a resident visionary in our global village for decades, addressing leaders in Washington DC as well as counseling local government and spiritual leaders.  Since the Millennial Shift into Aquarius, Christopher has prepared more than 30,000 global Netizens on his Internet newsgroup for what he calls the “Big Shift” -- the next big thing in the computer/Internet revolution.

According to Rudy, the consciousness of millions of people on Earth has dramatically changed since the dynamic growth of the Internet has eliminated the time and space obstacles that once limited our sense of connection with everyone in the world.  "It's a type of omniscience”, says Rudy. "All the knowledge power of the world is at our fingertips and it empowers people of conscience to expand theirs with the potential to do better as well as they know better."


“A new enlightenment is sweeping the planet, Rudy believes.  “The Net has become a catalyst for awakening a sense of connection with -- and responsibility for – the whole world.  People in every country are taking responsibility for knowing what’s really going on in world – to make a difference if not THE difference. 


Rudy explains that this “BIG SHIFT” towards global common sense is a spiritual movement like ten Renaissances, Enlightenment Eras, Protestant Reformations and Industrial Revolutions rolled into one.  “The walls in the mind that create division and dissonance are coming down”, says Rudy.


“Enlightened people don’t fear like other people in the world.  God is real to them.  Fear is a long way from being divine.  In fact, it’s quite the opposite.  Those who love God understand this.  That’s the whole point.  The man of God sees God in all mankind.  Fearful and evil people see fear and evil everywhere. And they want everyone as miserable as they are. Look how Hitler spoke high sounding words of spirituality and greatness for the German people. They believed it and cheered his rise to power.  He sold the people on his version of “moral values” and they bought it.  They fought his wars.  Killed millions for him. And the parallels today are chilling to all but the living dead.


“You had the same problem during the American Revolution, Gandhi’s revolution in India, and whenever empire madness has suppressed freedom in the name of state security.  These are the Tories who supported Mother England against the American Revolution. The same empire mentality that tried to suppress Independence in India.  The same bankster fascists who financed and supported Hitler… got us into Vietnam… and kept that war going even as they plan to keep this one going. “ Endless war” they call it.  Some call it the 4th Reich of “ZioNazi neocons” who have infiltrated the U.S. government over the last several administrations.


“Mankind is suffering a subtle hypnosis”, says Rudy. “Virtually a hypnotic trance as a result of being numbed-down by materialist and hedonist values in the monopoly media while being dumbed-down by politically correct “group think” that is incessantly conditioned by subservient theocrats, bureaucrats, educrats, medicrats, and corporate autocrats serving the power elite plutocrats who deny the holy spirit of LOVE-in-action.”


“There has always been certain DNA bloodline families throughout history”, Rudy explains, “that were highly egotistical in selfish “love of power” momentums… just as there have always been enlightened individuals like Mahatma Gandhi and America’s Founding Fathers.  The enlightened view is that the Spirit of Aquarian Freedom and Opportunity does not thrive nor survive under totalitarian tyranny.  Never did.  Never will.  But especially now with the veil thinning and the Brotherhood of Mankind now self-evident as ONE interconnected global village.


One of Rudy's favorite quotes on this classic global class struggle is by the Father of modern psychology, Carl Gustav Jung:

"Where love rules, there is no will to power.
And where power predominates, there love is lacking.
The one is the shadow of the other."


“If the Piscean Age Master’s message of a living God of Love-in-action meant anything, that should be obvious now with our Netizen Neighbors as close as one’s keyboard and the thought of our collective well-being.  It’s the natural progression of the computer/Internet revolution in consciousness from “the computer is the network of computers” (Netscape) to “the network is conscious with a special LOVE (HEARTware).


“We’re at a critical turning point”, says Rudy, “Either enough good people on this planet utilize the Internet to network a LOVE-centric vision for the victory of our evolutionary ascent – or by default -- we’ll see current trends in government accelerate the suppression and descent of freedom with lock-step mechanization of our minds and hearts in a Nazi-Orwellian nightmare.


Rudy’s first pronouncement as Ambassador is the necessity of First Contact by our "genetic forbearers" as Christopher calls them. "Unless" he quips, "you prefer to believe that man just -- all of a sudden -- evolved from apes with a monkey mind still running the show, epitomized by the hoarding of power and wealth by a few who suppress the Abundant Life for the many.”

Referencing Zecharia Sitchin and his documentation of extraterrestrial involvement with Earth’s history, Rudy acknowledges that his story will challenge the comfort zone and cherished illusions of most people. “The Big Shift in consciousness to the Galactic community ”, Rudy emphasizes, “will be like the shift from a flat earth paradigm before Columbus discovered the New World.”

Rudy’s intent is to bring enlightened drama to the process, preempting the fear factor by highlighting the extraordinary benefits for mankind. 

“The choice between endless war or an enlightened peace has never been more self-evident to global Netizens”, says Rudy.  “You know what they call old science that is replaced by a truer version?  Junk science.  And guess what folks... those who hang on to junk science with religious conviction are in for the same rude awakening as the men of learning and priestcraft who ridiculed Columbus."

Rudy’s message is that the more advanced races in our galaxy have been watching the big drama on Earth, what he calls “Reality TV for the ET’s”, and will make contact in answer to the plea of sentient life on Earth that is suffering the poisoning of the ecosystems with toxic genetic poisons, ELF grids like HAARP and radiation from depleted uranium weapons – all of which are having a mutagenic effect on the DNA blueprint of future generations. 


“Would a parent want that for their children?” says Rudy, “The urgency of the hour is the global disintegration of life support systems compounded by the proliferation of scalar electromagnetic weapon systems that could unleash cataclysmic forces as destroyed Atlantis. And the last straw for the Galactic Federation is the intent of the dark cabal to introduce weapons in space.

Rudy came out from "undercover" because Earth's populations have awakened to those core issues that highlight the first principles of freedom which U.S. Founding Fathers guaranteed in the Bill of Rights at the heart of the Constitution.


According to Rudy, these cause and core issues shape the destiny of evolutionary ascent for all sentient life on Earth:  He asserts that the choice facing mankind is “either conscientious ascent to Higher Power in Higher Conscience of Divine Love at the heart of the worldwide web… or acquiescent descent into a living hell of subservience to a corrupt elite behind global terror, media decadence and encroaching tyranny.”


If Rudy is correct, the great danger facing humanity is the duality, polarization and division which is created and managed by what he calls a Machievellian matrix: two-faced, fork-tongued, fear-based paradigm paralysis that is incessantly programmed in the monopoly media


“Most people don’t realize, says Rudy, “that the mainstream media is owned and controlled by the same Big Oil, Big Pharma and Big War industries that profit from petrochemicals, drugs and global terror.”


“The real revolution”, according to Rudy, “will not be televised.  It’s happening on the Internet with enlightened Netizens worldwide.  And it’s the fearless faith of kind men among mankind yearning to breath free from the lock-step mind control machinations in government, education, health care and the economy. First Contact will break that paradigm paralysis in a heartbeat.”

“The citizens in just about every country have lost touch with their government”, says Rudy.  “Checks and balances on core social institutions barely serve the true purpose for which they were created.  They have been usurped by a dark cabal of wolves in sheep’s clothing who are devouring the fabric of global civility like a cancer devours its host.

“This treachery and treason will all stop” Rudy affirms, “when enough good people embrace the victory virtues that overcome the victim dictum of the monkey mind which prefers to believe the Big Lie of security without purity.  This denial of the Truth of Divine Love within our hearts and at the heart of the global media has created all the evil we see – the denial of the inner sense of divine love behind the loss of innocence of a Christian nation.

“The abundant life”, says Rudy, “has a foundation in abundant LOVE.  That should be common sense but the most powerful special interests in the world that have a vested interest in keeping common sense uncommon.  The value of scarcity in an economics of scarcity has reached its logical conclusion in the great drama we see of ultimate scarcity in global terror, war and tyranny that calls evil ‘good’ and good ‘evil’.

“Think about this as an objective observer.  Imagine what it is like for the star visitors watching Earth peoples on their plasma screens.   Punch in the different coordinates and get thousands of BIG SHIFT drama’s going on as the people of Earth wake up to the choice they have as victims or victors in the age-old power struggle between the lower reptilian brain “control freaks” and the Higher Conscience at the Heart of Higher Power.

“From the close-up view of this drama on Earth, it’s a tragedy as we poison ourselves and kill each other in endless war insanity.  But from the long view of detached objective observers, it’s moreso a stupid comedy – like the 3 Stooges -- with the joke on the 99.99% of humans who let themselves be victims, spiritualizing materialism and gratification of the physical senses when they could assert their divine right, networking the vision of, by and for the Abundant Life that follows from abundant LOVE at the heart of personal and planetary sovereignty.

“When selfless love in the spirit of win/win cooperation transcends the selfish self-aggrandizement of a superrich power elite, suppressed technologies will be made available to provide energy without fuel, healing of all disease and communication systems that culture universal peace. The beginning of a New Enlightenment in the Power of LOVE is the end of the love of power – the power elite’s end game of endless war – as we have known it.”

When asked what qualified him to be an Ambassador for the Galactic Federation, Rudy explains how he has been modeling a universal law language for global governance for 33 years, introducing it to 10 agencies of the Federal Government in Washington DC back in 1974.  “It’s not rocket science”, says Rudy.  “It’s simply a matter of trendfitting the intent of the U.S. Founders with modern communication capabilities for a space age upgrade of our core Constitutional freedoms.”


“The first principles of this upgrade apply directly to the model of representative God government that the U.S. Founders pioneered.”  According to Rudy, this is what the Golden Rule/Law Language for a Golden Age will look like when global Netizens join The Alliance – the worldwide web of enlightened Netizens who embrace these first principles at the heart of the Next Economy


“The choice facing humanity is either true humanity in global cooperation and communication through the first principles of sovereignty… or it’s opposite,” says Rudy.  “It’s the divine destiny of Earth for a BIG SHIFT – a global revolution in Higher Consciousness of Greater LOVE.  With this vision, global healing begins.


“Without this Vision -- networked by true shepherds who “feed my sheep” -- the sheople perish in the mechanization concept of the “Borg mentality” that is susceptible to the Skinnerian stimulus-response programming of their lower brains by fallen ones who push their emotional buttons and pluck their heartstrings with sympathy for subservience.


“This is the bottom line of the lower mind,” Rudy emphasizes. “As Mother Theresa once said, ‘there’s a little Hitler in all of us”.  That’s the reptilian brain – the R-complex” of the lower brain that gets along by going along with the wolves in sheep’s clothing who pull the wool over our eyes while milking the light and supply of the sheople.  It’s the plot out of hell that fallen ones have always perpetuated.  They know their time is short and their wrath is great as seen in their resentment and resistance to the living spirit of worldwide Love.


“The bottom line of the higher mind is the highest good – the higher vision of the Next Big Thing in the computer-Internet revolution that creates a portal from cyberspace to innerspace – the universal “holographic” web of light – as will transform and transcend the Dark Age of domination by the victim dictum of reptilian-brain subservience to dark forces that have hijacked personal and planetary sovereignty."


According to Rudy, victory of this “Big Shift” to a new enlightenment on Earth is a simple matter of re-affirming the core freedoms and rights of sovereign Netizens globally as were inspired by U.S. Founding Fathers in the Bill of Rights of the U.S. Constitution.


In conclusion is Rudy’s explanation of an upgrade to our four core freedoms and the fifth “capstone” that maintains what he calls “spherical conscience – the frequency of compassion” -- in all 4 sides of the pyramid of self and civilization:


1- FREEDOM OF RELIGION:  This is the “First Law” of Sovereignty that champions the first principle of free will – the prime directive – as will define, refine, combine (synergize) and shine our God given gifts and talents… transcending the “BS” (Belief Systems) that no longer serve the best interests “of, by and for all people” in our global village of instant-everywhere TeLeComm capabilities.

The First Law of Spiritual Intention is the first cause of self-fulfilling prophecy: “We are what we believe – AFFIRMATION -- having become what we believed.”  All people have a God-given right to believe what they want to believe is true even when cherished illusion, willful ignorance and victim dictum preclude the truth that would set them free from self-delusion. However, freedom without law leads to anarchy just as law without freedom leads to tyranny. Victory over unreality requires centering in the spirit of the Law of a living God of divine Love as inspired all of the world’s major religions with “love thy enemies” and “judge not that ye be not judged”.
This core “Law of the One” is centered and connected by “universal law language” – the LOVE model – as the Constitution of a global frame of reference for a Net-centric come-into-unity process that facilitates the evolutionary ascent of Higher Power and Enlightened Wisdom at the Whol-E Heart of the instant-everywhere communications environment that shapes our conscience and community with this  3-fold flame of God-governance: POWER that is inspired by the WISDOM of LOVE.



2- FREEDOM OF SPEECH: This is the natural expression of free will that champions Sovereignty through enlightened communications – the  Language of Light”.  This is a delineation of universal law as a function of the language of consciousness – the quintessential foundation of self-governance.

This Second Law of Conscious Attention is the “second cause” of self-fulfilling prophecy: “We are what we think – CONFIRMATION -- having become what we thought.”  All people have a God-given right to fulfill their divine destiny along more enlightened “lines” that frame higher consciousness in the spirit of the law of Love.  Enlightened schools will teach the “3 S’s” – Screenwriting and Script-fulfillment via Scripture” (universal law language) that CONFIRMS the 3-fold flame of Higher Power in Higher Consciousness via Holy Spirit – the Heart of “Higher” Education.

This process of “Educating the Mind with Heart provides a foundation for personal and planetary Sovereignty through CONFIRMATION of the three branches of self-governance:


·        Executive Branch” (Higher Power in the Law of the Angles of G.O.D. that frames the Language of the Angels of LOVE),

·        Judicial Branch (Enlightened Wisdom from Understanding this Law Language), and

·        Legislative Branch” (Loving Kindness of the Law Language-in-action).

Without education of the heart – the higher right brain gifts at the heart of “higher” education – we will continue to see many of our best and brightest children – bored to tears in public schools – who are drugged out of their right minds (right brain) as if they were sick, so they can be dumbed-down to lower left-brain mechanization of politically correct “group think “-- what to think rather than how to think.



3- FREEDOM OF THE PRESS:  The modern day “printing press” is the computer/Internet infrastructure for conveying information from the global network of computers to one’s desktop “printed page”.  There’s sufficient knowledge-power in that network – given wisdom with a heart – to provide the Abundant Life for all mankind on Earth.  Where there’s a will – our free will choice for abundant LOVE at the heart of the world wide web – there’s a way.

The Third Law of Willful Retention (of the 1st two laws) is the “third cause” of self-fulfilling prophecy that is a synergy of the first two: “We are what we desire – DETERMINATION -- having become what we desired.”  When applied to the computer/Internet infrastructure of global communications, this Third Law represents the spiritual-enlightened ORIGINATION and higher mental E-VALUATION of desk-top multi-media programs (desktop video) that over the next decade will mature as desk-top publishing has matured over the last decade. 

This freedom to be independent producers, directors and creators of our own multi-media desk top programs – networked worldwide over the global Internet – is exalted (maximized) through qualification by the Law of LOVE (spiritual criteria) and Language of Light (mental criteria), creating an environment in which INFORMED CHOICE can thrive -- “organizing information IN-FORMATION” (information’s ecology) -- along more enlightened “lines” whereby Higher Power can be expressed through a Higher Conscience that is centered in the frequency of Holy Compassion “between the lines” (the spirit of the Law).

DETERMINATION of INFORMED CHOICE through the process of Net-centric “information’s ecology” is the creative learning “healing process”.  This is the process needed at the heart of the Information Age whose primary “dis-ease” is information overload and over-specialization through compartmentalized thinking that is under-adaptable to whole systems integrity in the common sense of common law – the “natural law” of universal law. 

This healing process includes the healing of the sick health care system that has become 97.5% “disease care”, inverted by the oxymoronic value of scarcity in “scarcity economics” to make a pound of cure 16 times more profitable than an ounce of prevention.  In other words, the creation and management of disease by self-serving special interests behind “health care” is just another “symptom” of the core disease afflicting global civility.  The backwards disease care system denies optimal health by treating symptoms rather than building health. People adapt to very low levels of vitality and mental clarity yet consider themselves healthy if their nose isn’t running or in pain.  The result is that few think clearly and are more susceptible to messages in the monopoly media whose owners profit from drug pushing and war creation.

In short, the medical-industrial and military-industrial complex is out of control in America and unabashedly “making a killing” at the expense of the health and well being of Americans.  The greed and corruption of these cancers in the body politic is so deeply entrenched and systemic that only a global revolution embracing Higher Power through Higher Conscience of a LOVE-centric nature will turn things around. And if enough Netizens worldwide awaken to this DETERMINATION for the BIG SHIFT in heart, mind and “soul” (habit), the Galactic Federation will fulfill their empowering role and “make it so”.


4- FREEDOM OF ASSEMBLY:  An electronic Space Age upgrade of our horse-and-buggy legislative system would provide for “electronic town meetings” between any network of Netizens in our global village.  That’s the common sense “of, by and for the people” in a decentralized, interactive and “open” (free) Net-centric world that is kept uncommon only because the public allows a highly centralized power elite to manipulate their minds and hearts with one-way, lock-step “closed” (tyrannical) values that profit an elite few at the expense of the vast majority.


"Public opinion sets bounds to every government,
and is the real sovereign in every free one."
 --James Madison, Chief Architect of the Constitution


The Forth Law of Honorable Convention is the “fourth cause” of self-fulfilling prophecy that is an integration of the first three in all four archetypal (Jung) dimensions of sovereignty for self and civilization.  We are what we do  – INTEGRATION -- having become what we’ve done.” 


 When applied to the computer/Internet revolution in higher conscience, this Fourth Law represents the holy spirit of LOVE-in-action. It is the heart of the interactive infrastructure of communication networks that define, refine, combine (synergize) and shine the Light of LOVE through the organizations that culture civility and civilization, locally and globally.


This is the highest and best use of human and physical resources -- the “FREEDOM OF ASSEMBLY” that links the light of lightworkers worldwide.  It is the qualification or REAL community with a heart of higher conscience versus the “virtual” or “pseudo” communities that have little honor for LOVE-centric conventions of, by and for the Abundant Life.


The key to integrity is INTEGRATION of all the keys – all these four core freedoms essential for an electronic upgrade of our horse-and-buggy representation system.  The medium is the message and that message via the global interactive Internet is that the best interests of all people of Earth can now be represented in a centered and connected way that raises the standard of our conscience and community.


The vision alone of these four keynotes to self-fulfilling prophecy can be the catalyst to “make it so”.  Without this vision of interactive INTEGRATION at the heart of a TeLeComm infrastructure that evolves our conscience and community, the sheople perish in a state of dis-integration as a subtle hypnosis – virtually a hypnotic trance of willful ignorance -- that denies the capability of, and responsibility for, our evolutionary ascent in the Higher Power of Higher Conscience centered in Holy Spirit.


The highest and best use of our God-given talents and resources is an Economic of Abundance based on the Power of Enlightened LOVE; INTEGRATION with the first principles of the Abundant Life is framed by the Universal Law Language constitution of LOVE-centric TeLeComm.


The great drama of the hour is the creative tension caused by the economics of scarcity that has increasingly created and managed scarcity of all values of ultimate virtue, to the point of our moral, governmental, health and economic bankruptcy. It is the enlightened self-interest of all humanity to conceive, believe and achieve the first principles of sovereignty at the heart of the Next Economy.



Without INFORMED CHOICE, all of our core freedoms are meaningless.  The revolutionary spirit of the Internet is the global decentralized grass-roots capability of Netizens worldwide to make an INFORMED CHOICE.  By contrast, according to Representative Ron Paul, the Big Lie of “Patriot Act I”, compromising core Constitutional freedoms in America, was rammed through the US Congress in a wave of terror hysteria following 9-ll without Congressman even reading it; in short,  NO INFORMED CHOICE

Now the whole world knows, thanks to the Internet, that 9-ll was authorized and managed by the same insider power elite who used this terror tactic to push through Patriot Act I and the Mid-East War.  This same dark cabal of Machiavellian manipulators has prepared an even more sinister “Patrot Act II” which makes news gathering illegal, effectively banning INFORMED CHOICE on the Internet, with the intention of imprisoning those in America with Internet newsgroups who are politically incorrect.

The great danger of the hour in this great drama unfolding is the intention of this Dark Cabal to create another 9-11 type attack on the U.S. or an incident in the Mid-East War that will explode the powderkeg of seething hatred against America being cultivated by other fallen ones in Russia and China – an end game Armageddon scenario that religious fanatics and fork-tongued political snakes embrace on all sides.  We see signs of that now in the same saber-rattling assertions being made about Iran as were used to justify the Iraq attack.

The timeline for greatest danger is through the end of the year – Dec. 31st – when Patriot Act I expires, which the monopoly media has kept quiet.  This holiday season in America has been a time of secret plotting and stealth legislation by secret government insiders every since they slipped through the privately owned Federal Reserve Banking System and IRS early in the century.

Since the major media in many countries of the world report who the real terrorists are behind 9-ll and the Mid-East War, and since many Americans on the Internet are waking up to the same fact, the dark cabal of neocons and ZioNazi’s who have taken over the U.S. government want to move ahead with Patriot Act I and II just as soon as possible to eliminate dissent.

This is a very dangerous time for Earth’s evolutions.  The whole world is looking to America to champion the model of Freedom and Opportunity it once stood for.  The abject betrayal of that model by wolves among us now requires that global Netizens finish what U.S. Founders began – the same spirit of “I Am” that takes responsibility for divine law language at the heart of God government; indeed, the heart of “AM-ER-I-CA” – the I AM RACE” – worldwide!


 Without the golden rule/law language at the heart of global TeLeComm, by default we find the golden rule of the power elite - that they who have the (black) gold – the banksters -- make the rules.


Mankind has free will so anything is possible.  Global Netizens can choose to utilize the Internet to culture the InnerNet – a web of Light at the heart of a foundation for worldwide LOVE.  Or, by default, we can let wolves in sheep’s clothing devour the fabric of civilization like a cancer devours its host.


It’s important to realize how the mysteries of God are not a mystery when known… as with the elimination of time and space with the Internet.  The implications are profound yet they should be common sense – the sense of “sovereignty” that becomes common when you understand how the components to the Capstone of “G.O.D.-LOVE Vision” are the keys to the “KINGd-om” consciousness whereby “all” (om) may be “KING” with the “Keys to the INternalization of God” in the LOVE Model; the universal laws of “BEING” (BE IN God).


Heaven knows that its do or die for light and love.  Mankind has free will so anything is possible. There will be no divine intercession unless enough good people make it so through AFFIRMATION, CONFIRMATION, DETERMINATION AND INTEGRATION of these first laws of self-fulfilling prophecy.

This is the test that’s best for all who are alive to the great opportunity of the hour; the chosen are those who choose the power of love in mankind as will raise the standard of kind men at the heart of G.O.D.~LOVE government.


Aquarius is decentralized, free spirited and network-centric as is the Internet. Champion this spirit of Freedom and Opportunity by caring enough to share this Vision in small or large groups of like interest.  Once you “get the vision”, you’ll realize that the more you formalize, frame or otherwise geometrize your consciousness, being and world with the language of LOVE, the more you will be in solidarity with ALL people worldwide who champion personal and planetary sovereignty.


Thomas Paine sparked the American Revolution with the most successful political booklet in history called Common Sense”.  Paine said, “We have it in our power to begin the world over again."  Now as then, we’re served well by remembering his words: "It is at all times necessary, and more particularly so during the progress of a revolution and until right ideas confirm themselves by habit, that we frequently refresh our patriotism by reference to First Principles".


Of course the revolution now is on the “InnerNet” that connects the hearts and minds of all enlightened Netizens.  It’s the Aquarian Language of LOVE whereby we all hang together with the first principles of global sovereignty and solidarity.  It is this common sense of higher purpose that defines our unity and community, raising the standard of the words of wise old Ben Franklin at the birth of the great American experiment in representative government: “Either we hang together or, most assuredly, we will all hang separately.”


Perhaps Mahatma Gandhi said it best with his indomitable spirit that liberated the people of India from the empire mindset of his day:

“Power is of two kinds.
One is obtained by fear of punishment
and the other by arts of love.
Power based on love is a thousand times
more effective and permanent
than power derived from fear of punishment.”



“More powerful than standing armies
is a vision that has found it’s time.”
– Victor Hugo

When people know better (INFORMED CHOICE) they can do better.  The best defense is a “preemptive offense” that exposes the core problem in context of the definitive solution.  In other words:

1-     Network this Vision far and wide as though the life of global civilization depends on it.  It may.  Subscribe free to for updates and special reports.

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3-     This vision has been a gift from God and a work of LOVE that is far greater than my ability to contain it; I give it freely as it was freely given.  That’s the bottom line: LOVE is for~giving.  So by the same grace of LOVE-in-action “make it so”!


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