Review of 2012 Preview of 2013

Beyond Time As We've Known It

 by Christopher Rudy,
Host of Cosmic Love

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Review Preview

Whether you think 2012 was great or terrible
 or more likely a mixed bag of good and bad,
hold onto your hat because winds of change
  are transforming ‘Mothership Earth’ in 2013.


 2012 saw a greater wobble in the Earth
with extreme swings in the jet stream
and extreme shifts in the weather
and an uptick in earthquakes
and volcanism globally…
  which are all likely to
  increase in 2013.

Obvious wobble in the jet stream

   In 2012, there were far more pictures of the
     moons in the
PX complex as it swings around
    Venus in its
fly-by trajectory near Earth with
    an electromagnetic field about 16 x’s that of
   our planet… causing the Earth to wobble
as their north poles repel each other.


The light reflected off the moons and space debris
 around the Nibiru (PX) complex blends to cause
a moon swirl.  See 100's of pictures

  Time to ‘Raise the Shields Scotty’

In 2013 we can expect more of the same, or not,
depending on the ‘shift dynamics’ in the Earth’s
 ‘EM shield’, the morphegenic field, known as the
Source Fieldor just ‘The Field’ that is
   either the positive polarity of ‘Unity Conscience’
-- that stabilizes Earth’s morphic grids --
   or the sick-negative polarity of collective human
insanity will destabilize Earth’s morphic grids
   with the self-destructive violence to sentient life
    characterizing pathological paradigm paralysis
     as profits from war, disease and death on Earth.

  Just as indigenous native cultures once understood
that their 'prayer fields' affected the weather, and
just as quantum physicists know that observation

of quantum experiments will affect the outcome...
       so does 'the field' of
humanity’s collective ‘judgment’
         beget 'the judgment' at this time, one way or the other.

   Either we get our act together as ‘United Sovereigns’
- The Family of Man in a Global Village of harmony -
    or the fly-by of the PX complex will be a ‘bumpy ride’.

        In other words, either we unite along more enlightened
lines of ‘Universal Love’ with
Heart Coherencein
 resonance with the heart frequencies of the unified
      quantum ‘Source Field’, or our collective misqualified
       morphic field energies of ‘e-veil’ (the ‘energy veil) will
 “magnetize” (attract) our worst fears of ‘judgment’.

 That is a ‘selective judgment’ for each and all souls
who naturally go to where they are coming from
 in the larger scheme of conscious soul evolution.


 2013 will remember 2012
as the ‘turning point’.

2012 was the year that the Family of Man 'sparked'
with the Thrive Movement, the Arab Spring,
and Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street
movements for our 'waking up',
wising up and rising up in
Good Conscience.
There is now at least 90% of our instant-everywhere
and interactive InnerNet-connected humanity
- The Family of Man in a Global Village -
who 'get it',
at heart, even if it is
 barely registering in mind
or spoken in good

 We are the United Sovereigns of Earth
who want peace rather than war,
health rather than disease,
and more opportunity
rather than more

And we get it… the choice whereby
either we all unite in the spirit of
common sense universal love
or, by default, one suffers
the sense of separation
   that feels all ‘alone’…
  rather than all one.

Good Conscience, we can dismiss the insulting tyranny of
    plutocrat banksters who have created, owned  and operated
   the corrupt economic system of ‘Wall Street for the masses’
  every since that oxymoron of self-contradiction was crafted
     to milk the light of the masses… our wealth, health and the
Currency of Conscience’.

 “Conscience is the most sacred of all property.”
~ James Madison, Chief Architect of the Constitution

 Consider why Wall Street as a metric for a healthy economy
has become a self-evident, self-sabotaging 'Trojan horse'
that has ever-so-gradually come to impoverish us all.

The rules of Wall Street are simple:

   1- Stockholders come before the public whenever profits are at stake.
corporate lawWall Street is dominated by big corporations
in collusion with big government to optimize power to profit…
a self serving economy of, by and for the
NOT of, by and for the people.

If you see what's wrong with this picture,
the Supreme Court's decision to convey
‘personhood’ to impersonal corporations,
then you know why profit-before-people
   values are the real enemy of the Republic.

2- Gentlemen prefer monopoly.  The banksters and their minions
   own and control Wall Street and want to monopolize our social,
       political and economic institutions for their own profit and power.
           This has happened since the worst Robber Barons of 100 years ago
  secretly met on Jekyll Island and crafted the ‘Federal Reserve’
  banking system to be privatized for them… and crafted the IRS
  as a way to collect money from the public to pay the interest on
  all the loans made to the ‘Public Treasury’ by these banksters.

 In 2013, there will be serious discussions to end the
   privatized Fed and ‘forgive’ their debt monopoly with
    the ‘next economy’ as optimizes the ‘abundant life’ by
      upgrading the ‘Currency of Conscience’ at the heart of
 core Constitutional freedoms.

3- Intrigue and treachery come gradually. The IRS was approved with
   a 1% income tax that increased very little over many years until WWI
    when it jumped to pay the government loans made to war industries,
   giving birth to the military-bankster complex that has made a killing
  every since with endless war, skyrocketing taxes and a debt crisis
   from a US defense budget larger than all the countries of the world.

   In 2013, the banksters will fall over the 'fiscal cliff' they created
  as United Sovereigns increasingly demand ‘reconciliation’ that
will return power from Wall Street to Main Street worldwide.

4- The plagues are profitable for pathological parasite banksters
  who make a killing on the creation and treatment of disease just as
     they make a killing on the creation and management of endless war.
      Pathological policies such as fluoridation of public water and GMO’s
 undisclosed in public food and chemtrails poisoning the air will be
        increasingly exposed as the cause of an explosion of disease plagues
   and more public debt from government subsidies of the backwards
   medical-industrial corporatocracy that sees 16x’s more profit from
a pound of drug or chemo treatment than an ounce of prevention

In 2013, common sense as ‘Unity Conscience’ will naturally
 be more common as the opportunity for the public option of
  informed choice with ‘Universal Self Care’ exposes the
ruthless, self-serving insanity of disease profiteering
with toxic genetic-altering drugs and vaccines that
rely on the placebo effect of belief in the religion
 of modern medicine’s ‘high priests’ with their
‘drug sacraments’.
It has gotten so bad that
Death by Doctor’ is the 4th most common
 cause of death in America. It's #1 if you
factor in the millions who have died
by suppression of breakthroughs
for the healing of most disease
as seen in the amazing video

The more the Fed creates money out of thin air to loan to government
for war and reconstruction or for creation and treatment of disease
- subsidizing the pathological military-medical industrial complex -
the less peace, health and freedom the public has, and the more
 the IRS has to collect for the psychopathic parasitic banksters.

 Many people can’t imagine a future much different from the present.
The more things change, the more that ‘
normalcy biasresists and
resents the unfamiliar. Latent fears of the unknown surface with
‘end of the world’ movies like the worldwide blockbuster ‘2012’,
and the public becomes covertly terrorized, numb and dumb,
suffering the ‘
Future Shockthat surrenders autonomy for
a mainstream psychology of subservience to tyranny.

Here’s what the brilliant film-maker, Oliver Stone,
has to say regarding 2012 tyranny tactics that
the mainstream media mind control matrix
is complicit in maintaining in America.

Oliver Stone, three-time Academy Award-winning director and screenwriter.

Americans are living in an Orwellian state argue Oliver Stone and historian
Peter Kuznick, as they sit down with RT to discuss US foreign policy and
the Obama administration's disregard for the rule of law.

Both argue that Obama is a wolf in sheep's clothing and that
people have forgiven him a lot because of the
"nightmare of the Bush presidency that preceded him."

"He has taken all the Bush changes and basically put them into the establishment; he has codified them,"

Stone told RT. "It is an Orwellian state. It might not be oppressive on the surface, but there is
 no place to hide. Some part of you is going to end up in the database somewhere."

According to Kuznick, American citizens live in a fish tank where their government intercepts more than
1.7 billion messages a day. "That is email, telephone calls, other forms of communication."

RT's Abby Martin in the program 'Breaking the Set' discusses the Showtime film series and book titled
'The Untold History of the United States' co-authored by Oliver Stone and Peter Kuznick.

  Mass PTSD since 9-11 has tolerated unpatriotic ‘Patriot Acts’ with rapid
erosion of core Constitutional freedoms via unlimited surveillance and
      indefinite detention, and torture and targeted assassinations that include
  kill lists for drone attacks killing foreign citizens as ‘collateral damage’.

War on terror has been exposed as an agenda to demoralize the public.
  Instead of liberating our spirits, it has made all of us all victims of terror.

 Instead of fearless faith in moral principles that neutralize faithless fear,
endless war insanity bankrupts the public's ‘Currency of Conscience’.

  The result is endless war for peace and disease care called 'health care'.
  Common sense as ‘Enlightened Sensory Perception’ is too uncommon.

There is nothing more evil than the ‘mission creep’ of Big Government
that has merged with Big Business – the Corporatocracy – to give us
an Orwellian Big Brother plot out of hell – subservience to evil – that
  is even more insidious because it has increasingly become ‘normal’.


Those who read the 12-12-12 Prelude to the 12-21 Solstice Report
-- with understanding of '
What Happened' on the Solstice --
are aware that a new freedom and opportunity is our divine destiny.

  '2012 Crossing Over: A World of Love is Coming!'
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 Thoughts on Conscious Evolution
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