Thoughts on Conscious Evolution
and Rapid Deployment of a
Golden Age On Earth

     Continued from: Review of 2012 ~ Preview of 2013

isdom of the Past Age   ~    Wisdom Upgrade 2013

“Kind hearts are the Gardens;       (Heart Coherence)
 Kind thoughts are the roots.         (Mind Congruence)

        Kind words are the flowers;      (Co-Creation ‘Decrees)
    Kind deeds are the Fruits.”              

 ~ Henry Wadsworth Longfellow    ~ ‘The Metaphysician

Heart Coherence:
The ‘Emotional Intelligence’ (EQ) of the ‘right brain’…
one’s nonlinear spherical consciousness for ‘discernment of spirits’

-- the spirit of the language of the angels of our better nature --
at the
heart of the left brain’s linear letter of the law of
intention, attention, retention and ascension
in the soul's dimension of 'Co-Creation'
G.O.D.~LOVE~Source on Earth
as it is in the universe-at-large.

Mind Congruence: The more information we have, the greater is the need
to get it all in order… organizing information IN FORMATION along
more enlightened ‘lines’ that frame one universal
the ‘
Language of the Angels’ (Heart Coherence), and
the ‘
Common Law of the Angles of G.O.D.
Geometric Ordered Divinity) for our

“But if you have nothing at all to create,
then perhaps you create yourself.”
~ Carl Jung

 There are four complimentary ways of looking at the immediate future
in the way that will most likely ‘
Co-Create a Golden Age on Earth’.

   ogically, it would fulfill the divine destiny that is Earth’s Golden Age;

bviously, what goes around comes around to the Spirit that matters;

erily, the higher the ‘gold standard’ of love, the greater the results;

nthusiastically, the Vision of Virtue and Valor claims the Victory:


 With Vision the people thrive.
Without it, the people perish.

 2012 has proven to be an extraordinary time of mass awakening.
   A new social consciousness is emerging in global social networks.
Many people are now aware that ‘the system’ is not just corrupt,
but also bankrupt of the morality needed to self-correct and heal.

In response to these defects, new models of wholEness for healing
   are emerging with patterns of perfection as will define and refine new
 social, political and economics institutions as will naturally make the
   status quo model of terror, war, disease & death for power and profit

 "You never change things by fighting the existing reality.
To change something, build a new model that
 makes the existing model obsolete."
~ Buckminster Fuller

 Three areas of systemic change will combine synergistically to reboot
civilization on Earth with the characteristics of a global golden age.

1-   All problems are, at heart, communication problems, how we
    come-in-unity with local and global ‘comm~unity’ capabilities
  that fulfill the potential of the computer-internet revolution.
Witness that potential - seize the vision - to make it so!

2- Universal Self Care can now define Golden Age Health Care,
    and the vision alone can provide the catalyst for change that
         makes health care accountable to the purpose it was created to
      serve; all people worldwide.  Embrace the virtue to make it so!

3-   The potential for a golden age economics of abundance makes
      the oxymoronic ‘value of scarcity economics’ obsolete, and the
gold standard for the ‘Currency of Conscience’ will naturally
 check and balance the inordinate policies causing austerity.

Commit with Valor for Full Spectrum Conscience
as creates a global 'prayer field' to make it so! 

 ~ Christopher

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 Imagineering a Vision of Virtue and Valor for the Victory of  
Pure Intention as Focuses Attention with Love's Retention
Conscious Ascension in the Soul's Dimension of
 Eternal Progression.