Golden Age Health Care Is Emerging

As you pay attention to the holistic benefits of
body-mind-spirit wholEness...
attention pays!

by 'Dr. Christopher' / 12-23-2012
Recently I watched a brilliant video -- 'The Holographic Universe' -- which explained the baffling reality that the mere observation of quantum phenomena dramatically changes the outcome.  That's important because the modern science of 'quantum medicine' is now challenging the deeply entrenched paradigm of the 'chemistry of disease' with a new paradigm of the 'energies of health'.

As a pioneer of 'ultramolecular medicine' who has worked with advanced energy field diagnostics, I know where this is going.  The prevailing drugs-per-symptom paradigm of medicine is backwards, treating symptoms of disease in the way that compounds health problems with toxic drug side-effects... rather than mitigating the actual CAUSE of disease as understood from a progressive paradigm of body energetic balance of an integrated body-mind-spirit nature.

If you know the true history of modern medicine in America, you are aware that holistic medicine has been ruthless suppressed. Not just
'ultramolecular medicine', but also holistic protocols for building health and preventing disease. Laws have been written to virtually outlaw any challenge to the 'community standard medicine' that pushes drugs for whatever ails you.

But that's changing. Too many of us are well aware that millions of Americans have died because of the suppression of energy medicine going back to Royal Raymond Rife early in the 1900's.


If you watch this video, you will KNOW that energy medicine not only makes much of drug-based medicine virtually obsolete, but that is WHY our health has been ruthless suppressed by a policy of 'full spectrum dominance' by corrupt health care "medicrats" (sycophants of power elite plutocrats), who pretend to serve the public before profits.

Previously I've written that global golden age health care will emerge with a free online model of 'Universal Self Care' that is 'results based', utilizing public feedback to clearly demonstrate what works best for the holistic prevention and treatment of disease. This includes nutritional protocols for building optimal health as makes disease scarce.

The best example of this I know is the amazing story of 'SPX' that you can read
HERE.  The 'rest of the story' follows here. This has everything to do with your DNA and the 'energy factory' in the mitochondria of every cell in your body.

The body is a limited-operation 'obsolescence machine'; cellular regeneration naturally degenerates with aging. DNA replication makes copies of copies that naturally degenerate the blueprint for health due to oxidative stress over time.  Eventually, the original cell vitality of youth ages either gracefully or not... depending on the food one consumes that either supports DNA replication and regeneration or not.

Swedish Pollen Extract repairs the damage to DNA in the mitochondrial 'energy factory' in every cell. This explains the results for energetic boost at a core mitochondria level, and why it is not recommended to take SPX in the evening if you want to go to sleep at your regular time.  It also explains why health is optimized over a few weeks or months as the process of DNA/cell repair is upgraded with regeneration of cell functions in every organ system of the body.

Different body types naturally respond to
SPX in different ways as improved vital force is channeled into different organ systems. For some, vision improves. For others, hair grows back with a darker color and facial skin gets a natural face-lift. In general, improved vital force in the body translates to a stronger immune system.

That's why
SPX is used widely in Europe and Asia as a prophylactic for prevention of colds and flu.  You don't get sick as much and you recover quicker when you do.

There's a lot of peer-reviewed clinical studies worldwide that documents how
SPX is effective for systemic degenerative disease such as cancer, but I'm not permitted to make any health claims or publish those studies because of catch-22 FDA laws that condemns any superfood to drug status if any health benefit is claimed.

However, I can say that SPX is used by doctors in drip IV's for immunotherapy in the U.S. after one's immune system is devastated by chemotherapy and/or radiation. It's rather ironic that the medical system only uses SPX on the 'back-end' when immunity has failed with cancer -- when it could prevent that failure on the 'front-end'.

I realize that
SPX is not a 'magic bullet' which has a negative connotation because we are used to being routinely disappointed by TV health claims for drugs that often have worse side-effects than the disease they treat. This disappointment is systemic even with natural 'superfoods' like spirulina or chlorella which are great if you are a fish, but not so much for land-based human evolution.

SPX is the quintessential source of the human food chain. It's the extract from the heart of microscopic pollen grains, and is the richest source of RNA/DNA genetic material found in nature. It's actually the raw material for the 'software' that runs the DNA's 'hardware' for cell replication and life extension.

Without that 'software', the DNA governing the brain and the body's optimal function loses its blueprint for health as the body ages. And since
SPX is micronutrient 'rocket fuel' for glandular health - the endocrine system which regulates everything in the body - self-governing "balance" (homeostasis) for holistic healing is no longer beyond the realm of personal attainment.

The science of 'signaling molecules' and 'growth factor hormones' has become extremely advanced and
SPX is nature's richest sources of these molecular factors orchestrating the endocrine system behind immunity to disease. The proof of this is its unequaled increase in the white blood cell count and sperm count in males; proven markers for immunity and virility.

Serotonin is another hormonal marker for a healthy outlook on life, and it is just one of many hormones that a healthy endocrine system produces. This explains the 'feel good' factor that
SPX generates as a precursor for Serotonin.... a sense of well-being that characterizes brain-body wellness.

As an 'adaptogen',
SPX helps the body adapt to any stress afflicting the body. Given a healthy glandular-immunity system, the body has the wisdom to self-regulate or otherwise balance itself. 

Healthy glands monitor, diagnose and prescribe what the body needs for homeostasis. It checks blood sugar levels and balances it.  Checks acid/alkaline levels in the blood and balances it. Checks cholesterol levels and balances it. Checks serotonin levels and balances it. I could go on an on.  Wound healing, acute symptoms
of colds or flu, GMO mutations in the body, and even chronic disease are regulated via optimal gland health.


SPX is also well-documented as a precursor for testosterone production as enhances libido and balances the stress hormone, cortisol. As a natural metabolic activator with more than 100 enzymes, SPX assists the elimination of toxic wastes in the body which helps with weight loss. Claims as a 'natural Viagra' are over-rated, but it definitely helps.

People are funny as Art Linkletter used to emphasize on his popular TV show by that name.  Most people take their health for granted until they lose it, and then will pay just about anything to get it back. Approx. 30% of Americans loose their life savings in the last two months of life while dying in a hospital under intensive care... yet building health to prevent disease gets little if any support from the backwards disease care system we call 'health care'.

"Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food."
~ Hippocrates, Father of Medicine

The politics and economics of disease and war have become far more complex and 'self-serving' -- for Wall Street' -- rather than the simple science of health and the spirituality of peace as serves the public.

The medical-military (and media)
corporatocracy is ruled by the oxymoronic 'value' of disease and war that puts stockholders before the public whenever profits are at stake. That's corporate law, and even 'non-profit' hospitals employ the high-paid medical practitioners - oncologists - who typically make more than a million dollars a year by prescribing
'state-of-the-arts' treatment protocols that emphasize invasive poisoning or 'burning' (radiation) of the 'enemy' within you... while destroying the body's immune system in the process.

Yes, there are exceptions to that general rule, like SPX in drip IV's, but most oncologists avoid that for obvious reasons.  If the culture of health-building rather than disease treatment catches on -- as it will in the golden age -- the highly organized racket of Big Pharma will no longer bank on disease that is 16 times more profitable with a pound of cure rather than an ounce of prevention. 


What an idea, restoring common sense for a Golden Age!

To Your Health!

~ 'Dr. Christopher'


Christopher Rudy is Director of UltraMedics Services which does for preventive health care what paramedics do for crisis medicine. Over 33 years developing three holistic health centers, he has pioneered ultramolecular medicine and 'Universal Self Care' with pure intention for developing golden age health assurance policies.


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