Believe it or not… continued from HERE

A cheap digital camera and a cheap #12 welding filter were used for this photo.
It's 'PX' next to the Sun.  People worldwide are seeing it. More at 'Pole Shift'.

Here is a new video on the world's leading website
on the subject of the imminent inbound fly-by of the
‘PX mini solar system’; the Sun’s ‘binary dwarf’:


This is the most important 'news'
  in the world today, and obviously
 the mainstream media ignores it
  like truth of building #7 on 9-11...
 but the site is
 viewed by government agencies
    and millions of people worldwide.

Here’s the real kicker folks. The electromagnetics of
this dense dwarf star is about 16x’s that of Earth
and will have an extraordinary influence on the
EM fields of Earth via inbound trajectory…
about the same time that ‘EM surge
from Galactic Alignment peaks
through the end of 2012.

That's why, if you watch the 1st video above,
you'll see that this pole shift will be more
severe than the four preceding ones.

Believe it or not.

Personally, I believe it is prudent to prepare
in the most practical way with the least risk
- high quality, long-term food reserves -
that you can always eat with savings on
  the dramatically rising cost of food as the
 value of the dollar depreciates (inflation).

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The coming Earth changes may be severe
  so don't get caught with your pantry down:)

~ Christopher Rudy
UltraMedics Services

PS: To better understand the '3 days of darkness'
       as explained in the top video, realize how the
    shift in Earth ElectroMagnetics will naturally
          result in what is called 'Nonlinear Perception'...
 the spherical consciousness of 'O'-point
 as explained at 'Nonlinear Perception'.