Quest for the Cures

Common sense may be uncommon
but that’s where the cure begins.

by 'Dr. Christopher',
Host of Cosmic LOVE

October 18th, 2014

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 fear porn and disinformation.

     Preface Note: Much of the following material is derived from the recent online
           video series, Quest for the Cures- an 11-part  documentary about
                 CANCER: How to Halt it, Treat it, Reverse it and Prevent it
                        as referenced in the footnotes/Internet links below. (1)
The cure for Ebola, AIDS and Cancer is not a mystery when known. Believe it or not, it’s not a science problem or a vaccine solution. It’s all about the politics and economics of a medical-industrial complex that cares for public health about as much as the military-industrial complex cares for global peace.
If you follow the money behind the politics, you’ll find that the medical-industrial complex is a 2.7 TRILLION dollar a year operation that is under a Wall Street umbrella of corporate law stating that "The interests of shareholders comes before the public when profits are at stake" ~ ‘Red Lion’ decision in ‘Henry Ford vs Shareholders’ (2).
That 1919 Supreme Court decision was a turning point in American judicial law.
It openly allowed corporate law to supersede the
first principles of Constitutional law, and placed profits for the few above the commonwealth of, by and for the people.
Since then, power has become even more consolidated for the super-rich who own corporate America. And as first voiced by Lord Acton in 1887, “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

The tail is wagging the dog folks. A pound of cure is now worth 16x’s more than an ounce of prevention. A backwards disease care system - called 'health care' - is no excuse for a clear conscience in the face of systemic corruption that makes our public health uncommonly lacking in common sense.

f we are what we eat than the “Standard American Diet” (SAD) has a lot to do with the current cancer crisis. But public health emphasis on disease treatment rather than prevention has a lot more to do with the virtual plague of cancer among us.

The cause of our backwards disease-care system is far more complex than the symptoms of disease we see in the U.S., which has the distinction of being the sickest of the public-health systems in the industrialized world, according to international standards for public health (3).

“The medical profession is a lap-dog of the pharmaceutical industry.”
G. Edward Griffin, author of ‘World Without Cancer’

On the surface, the health care system looks like the work of intelligent, conscientious, medical researchers and doctors struggling to build better health for us all... and, no doubt, there are many well-intentioned professionals working with some success within the medical fields. However, we are now witnessing the exposing and slow turnaround of the old paradigms that have focused too much on the use of toxic petrochemical distillates (drugs), and the overuse of surgery, radiation and chemotherapy - all of which have the common side effect of weakening the patient’s immune system. Whether well intentioned or profit-motivated, where faulty, these health-care systems are imploding.

There’s plenty of evidence that a weakened immune system creates the environment in which more disease can thrive. Today, conservative statistics show that a quarter of a million of Americans die from prescription drug side effects alone every year.

That is not health, it does not care, and it is not a system, but rather a syndicate —
the product of the activities of interlocking corporate interests, covertly backed by government agencies, that permits and protects the combined medical, marketing, and media monopolies that today we call our “
health-care system.” In other words, beneath the surface, the current health crises in America can be seen as a well-organized complex of industries that profit from diseases caused by the toxicities in
our food, air, water, and in the pseudo-treatment of disease with pills for all our ills.

It’s a vicious cycle—the more ills, the more pills—with more toxic side effects causing more ills and the need for more pills. The result is a country in rapid decline with one-of-three Americans projected to develop diabetes, cancer or other degenerative diseases. Current statistics are actually showing that soon one-out-of-two people will develop cancer, a disease that is the epitome of degeneration caused by a toxic environment, both around and within us, in the cellular terrain of our bodies.

As Louis Pasteur is reported to have said on his deathbed, countering his earlier thinking that brought antibiotics to the fore, “It’s not the flora” (the germ pathogen or bacteria), but “the fauna” (the weakened biological terrain in which bacteria and viruses can thrive) that leads to disease. Everyone has cancer cells and other pathogens in their body, but it is only when the cells in any part of the body become too toxic—burdened by metabolic and acidic waste—that the environment is created for cancer, inflammation, and other diseases to thrive.

Common sense would tell us that the more toxic the biological terrain is, the more overloaded and weaker the immune system will be. That’s why the foundation of every health-building program has always involved body detoxification (starting in the gut and bowels), along with periodic fasting and cleansing, then rebuilding with live foods, natural supplements, and superfoods that will strengthen the immune system.

The opposite of that common sense approach is the treatment of cancer with chemotherapy and radiation that wipes out the immune system, providing about a 2% cure rate compared to 90+ percent for various holistic-integrated healing modalities.

So why are new cancer clinics on a massive growth curve across rural and metropolitanAmerica? If you watch these GMO videos (4), you’ll discover that just as Genetically Modified Organisms are engineered to tear up the guts of insects, to kill them with the embedded insecticides, so do GMOs cause Leaky Gut Syndrome in humans. That results in two very harmful side effects: One is that a leaky gut sends fungi, bacteria, and viruses into your blood along with undigested food; the other is that it poisons the body with waste matter leaking from the intestines and colon.

There are two very inexpensive preventive measures to counteract this: One is the regular use of quality digestive enzymes (either through supplementation or through plenty of fresh, organic fruits and vegetables). This is especially important for those eating an excess of protein (very common in the SAD diet). Undigested plasma proteins feed pathogens in the body. The other is the use of high-quality "Soil-Based Organisms" (SBO probiotics), such as Prescript-Assist. This product was developed via peer-reviewed clinical trials over five years, resulting in the most advanced biotech SBOs for counteracting the gut-toxic side effects of prescription drugs.

The original idea for this breakthrough probiotic was to compensate for the damage to the gut caused by drugs, antibiotics, and vaccines, but most medical doctors weren’t interested. So the small company supplying Prescript-Assist now distributes only through select health-food stores and natural-heath professionals. See the referenced link for ordering information. (5)

A healthy gut has more influence on your immune system than any other single factor, and once healthy probiotics are established there, food is processed better and wastes are eliminated more completely.
On a cellular level, all vital immune system nutrients like vitamin C and D3 are assimilated much better when the gut is healthy. Yes, natural sunlight is great for vitamin D assimilation, but most Americans are deficient in this critical immune system supplement, especially in the winter.

Because of the nutritional depletion of our food supply, no one should be without supplementation in their diets with some form of superfood. The most biologically effective superfood I have found for the immune system is the Swedish Pollen Extract (SPX) (6), used by immunologists worldwide in drip IV’s, usually after the immune system is wiped out through chemotherapy and radiation.

SPX comes in a powder form that can be dissolved under the tongue to provide neural-transmitter precursors that pass through the blood-brain barrier for cognitive improvement. And when swallowed, SPX is assimilated to provide a full spectrum of vitamins and minerals - a nutrient “rocket fuel” for the body’s cellular mitochondria that power the vital force in the body and trigger detoxification so the body can heal better. 

That’s why SPX is called a “metabolic activator’ with almost 100 enzymes that aid assimilation of nutrients as well as elimination of wastes, increasing energy levels (vital force) while feeding the endocrine glands (immune system) with hormonal precursors.

So keep all the fear mongering in the media in its proper perspective. Ebola can be kept at bay and dealt with through a strong immune system. And as we culture a more enlightened social conscience in our new global social networks, the backwards “disease-care” paradigm will finally be eclipsed by well-informed choices based on free on-line ‘Universal Self Care (7) as defines and refines those already proven holistic-healing protocols that will finally receive the attention they deserve.

Are you aware of the 2 minute cure for Ebola (and Cancer)
   that gets no mention in the drug-pushing corporate media?

Article by Mike Adams, Natural News (8) 
  It's true, more that 250 hospitals have this UltraViolet (UV) Robot

    that zaps Ebola and cancer viruses just as many European nations
purify drinking water with UV light that kills bacteria and viruses.

Be strong! Take heart in the groundswell of truth that will soon supersede the falsities.
 Eat, work and play well. Feed your body and your soul with positive lifestyle and habits
- use common sense - and you will be well equipped to handle any bumps in the road.

To Your Health!

Christopher Rudy, UltraMedics Services

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* Ebola and Cancer Myths Debunked

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       It’s the stuff of Sci-Fi horror, and it’s no longer confined to Hollywood
         the epitome of creating and managing terror so we clamor for security,
          and in the name of ‘protection’, giving up freedoms for illusory security,
          until we have neither freedom nor health to resist encroaching tyranny. 

* America's Expansive Bioweapons Industrial Complex | Global Research, Oct. 17, 2014

(Shocking article)

"Who would suspect
  they intend to infect

     everyone they inject."
  ~ Ebola Whistleblower