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Three Good Reasons to Order Prescript-Assist

Proven Superior   ~  Big Savings Offered ~  Free Shipping*


 Soil-Based Organisms (SBOs) superior to other formulas;

     Six years of Peer-Reviewed Clinical Tests and Evaluation
showing better results compared to other probiotics.

            (Composition at PA Spectrum / Research at PA Research )        



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-  80% of immune function is via "gut health";

- GI tract is the "bottom line" for longevity;

- PA normalizes a variety of gut imbalances;

- Proven superiority to other probiotics;

- Aids digestion, assimilation and elimination;

- Biological terrain support re: colds and flu;

- Remedy for Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS);

- Assists with toxemia and drug side-effects;

- Valuable assist for prior antibiotic prescriptions;

- Benefits for a vast variety of health ailments;

- Refrigeration not required (4 year minimum).

 "Irritable Bowl Syndrome (IBS) affects 25 million Americans,
and is the leading cause of work-related absence."
~ Harvard Women's Health Watch, April 2004


 Why Prescript-Assist (PA) is so essential for over-all health benefits:


Breakthrough research in microbiology is mapping the genes of trillions of bacteria in the body, most of which reside in the intestines.  It is now known that the gut environment is a critical interface for health in the whole body -- the front-line of an on-going battle between both beneficial and pathological bacteria in competition for nutrition and attachment sites on the "permeable cell walls of the intestines" (colon-to-blood pathway).  The side-effect of a battle-weary gut -- toxemia -- circulates in the blood and poisons the biological terrain of the whole body, creating an environment for systemic toxicity and dis-ease. This is why researchers say 80% of immune function is related to the gut.


Common Sense for the "Battle of the Bugs" and Optimal Health


A healthy balance of nature -- called homeostasis in the body -- requires an environment in which immune function can thrive.  Former research has shown that acidophilus strains of friendly bacteria, common in most probiotics, are beneficial but limited in their effectiveness.  Current research with PA's unique spectrum of SBO's -- Soil Based Organisms -- show them to be more effective for normalizing homeostasis in the entire GI tract.


Jeffrey Gordon M.D. is a gastroenterologist turned full-time microbiologist who heads the new Center for Genomic Studies at Washington University. According to Dr. Gordon, "We know that our environment affects our health to an enormous degree, and our microbiota (in the gut) are our most intimate environment by far". ~DISCOVER Vol. 26 No. 10 / Oct. 2005 / Biology & Medicine


"It's a whole other planet down there."


According to microbiologist David Relman (MD, PhD) of Stanford University, "Our bodies carry ten times more microbial cells than human cells, and these microbes collectively contain at least a hundred times the number of genes in the human genome. Not only are we never alone, our partners contribute essential functions to our collective." -- from the article, "Bugs" in Our Guts Make Us More Than Human, Study Says (National Geographic News)


The genetics for longevity are directly related to gut health.  Healthy genetic replication requires a healthy biological terrain.  For a good understanding of the numerous benefits of Prescript-Assist, read: "Give Your Self A Check Up From The Bottom Up".



There is no "magic bullet" for optimizing health, but there is also no one supplement that is more essential for the core metabolic process of assimilating nutrients and eliminating toxins than Prescript-Assist The effectiveness of any nutritional supplementation (vitamins, minerals, amino acids, phyto-nutrients, herbs, etc.) will be limited by the extent of healthy organisms for enzymatic metabolism in the colon.


For some gut conditions, acidophilus probiotics are analogous to throwing water on an oil fire or electrical fire.  Prescript-Assist is proven to be less reactive to gut distress and more proactive for a healthy colon environment, thus cleansing the colon-to-blood pathway and optimizing metabolic functions in the whole body.

Published peer-reviewed clinical research now provide evidence of the advantages of
Prescript-Assist for Irritable Bowl Syndrome (IBS), acne, and non-specific immunity against disease.  Consider why a host of other physical and mental conditions are improved by a healthy gut that reduces toxins and improves nutrient transfer into the bloodstream and all cells.


Unprecedented Results


The Gesundheit! Nutrition Center, one of the first retail outlets to get Prescript-Assist, saw it become their best-seller in six months, mostly by word-of-mouth. 


It's a big mover because it works!



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