Frequently Asked Questions re: Prescript-Assist™


1.  Q - How effective is this for irritable bowl syndrome?

     A -  A year long clinical study shows it is 81.5% to 100% effective.

2.  Q - How does this work?

     A - Its anti-inflammatory properties sooth and calm the gut, while normalizing the resident microbiota.

3.  Q - How much do I take?

     A - All clinical studies have been conducted with treatment doses of two capsules per day.

4.  Q -  Why is this better than other probiotics?

     A -  Clinical research shows that it has a higher efficacy rating.

5.  Q -  Why does this help with colds and flu?

     A -  Toxemia behind most cleansing reactions is typically caused by a toxic gut.

6.  Q - Why is this so important if I'm taking drugs?

     A - Drugs in general, and antibiotics in particular, create a toxic gut.

7.  Q - How does this help with inflammations, acne, fatigue, or depression?

     A - All of those conditions are exacerbated by a toxic gut.

8.  Q - Does this have any side-effect to worry about.

A - As with many natural healing processes, some people notice some discomfort before things get better, as your gut bioflora normalizes.

9.  Q - Should I refrigerate this?

     A - No, not unless you're going to store it more than 4 years.

10. Q - How common is irritable bowl problems?

      A - According to Harvard Women's Health Watch, it's the leading cause of work related absence.

11. Q - What about constipation?

A - In general, this really helps, but structural constriction or compaction may require medical attention, colon therapy or more fiber in your diet.

12. Q - Does the colon have anything to do with body odor, pimples, rashes and ulcers?

A - Dr. Stephen Barrett, a retired psychiatrist who operates the Web site, says that skin is "not a detoxifying organ" -- it excretes just water and salt. The liver removes toxins and the kidneys excrete them.  That statement is FALSE.
The skin excretes many toxins, sometimes in the forms of puss, pimples, rashes and ulcers to detox chemical contaminants absorbed by either the skin or the colon.  If the skin just excreted "salt and water," there would be no deodorant and perfume industry at all.
When the colon is toxic, the permeable membrane in the colon makes the blood toxic.  If the blood-cleansing liver is overloaded by the consequences of alcohol or highly refined sugars and hydrogenated fats -- the Standard American Diet (SAD) -- the lungs gas off with bad breath and the skin -- the largest organ in the body -- eliminates through the pores. 
Our body handles toxins by eliminating, neutralizing or transforming them. The liver transforms many toxic substances into harmless agents, while the blood carries wastes to the kidneys; the liver also dumps wastes through the bile into the intestines where waste is eliminated. We clear toxins through sweating, from exercise or heat. Our sinuses and skin may also be accessory elimination organs whereby excess mucus or toxins can be released, as with sinus congestion or skin rashes.
Prescript-Assist makes a noticeable difference for skin and colon health in general, and "body odor" in particular.  A well-exercised body, breaking a sweat to open the pores, is another way to keep both skin and your whole body healthy.

13.  Q - So how much of this stuff do you sell?

      A - It's a big mover because it works, and word-of-mouth referrals get around J