A Full Spectrum of Healthy Microbiotica for Gut Health


Prescript-Assist® embodies an array of 30 beneficial microorganisms of human strains, specifically of Soil Origin (referencing here: bacteria, yeast, fungi, etc.) in a shelf-stable complex with Leonardite.  Leodardite is a carbon-based micronutrient complex of humic and fulvic acids, which (among other properties) acts as a food source for our organisms.  Activated by moisture, the microorganisms consume the Leonardite, while initiating "binary fission" (reproductive proliferation).

This unique feature offers the benefit of eliminating the need for product loading doses. Two capsules a day usually provide a critical mass of healthy microbiotica within a few days to a week.  Formal, placebo-controlled, double blind studies (Clinical Therapeutics, 2007), evidenced even greater efficacies with initial use at 4-6 weeks (1 cap twice daily).