New Paradigm Series

5 Leading Initiatives for Overcoming Mass Insanity

Beyond “Paradigm Paralysis”
(Normalcy Bias)

Towards a New Normal


Updated March 3, 2014

By Christopher Rudy

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 2014 is the time ordained for systemic paradigm shift from  deeply entrenched corrupt incentives of the mainstream
media-medical-military industrial complex. Normalcy has
been inverted, subverted and perverted by power elite

insanity that profits from the creation and management of
terrorism, war, disease and destruction of life on Earth.

     Awareness of, and contempt for, out-of-control
     corporate tyranny
is at an all-time high. But the
     pendulum is now swinging back to destroy that
     which has been destroying human civilization.
What we are now witnessing is a systemic power shift
o reverse the downward spiral of mass insanity that is
considered 'normal' because self-destructive policies
are so pervasive in our core socio-political institutions.

This Big Shift of the Ages is a quantum shift in energies at the cusp of the Aquarian Age, the kingdom of heaven

that is emerging within us as a new quantum reality.

It is a gender shift from dominant patriarchal values of ownership and control towards the balancing-nurturing matriarchal virtues of cooperation and consensus.


It's a consciousness shift from cyberspace to innerspace; from Internet to InnerNet; Net reality to quantum reality; conscious evolution rather than unconscious devolution.

Social conscience is surging through highly decentralized, interactive, heart-mind co-creation in social networks rather than highly centralized, top-down, one-way, mass programming of the monopoly media mind control matrix.
This is a pure intention shift  that focuses attention on a process of TeLeComm retention for mass ascension in a 'co-Creation dimension' whereby we shape our Net reality and then that 'New Normal' shapes "US" as the United Sovereigns of Earth; a 'Unity State'; 'United Solidarity'. 


   This shift is also self-evident as wholesale rejection of
   highly organized greed and selfishness by 1% at the
   expense of life, liberty and happiness for the 99%. 
   That's insane, like a conscience-corrupting parasite
   that thrives by destroying the host's ability to survive.
   All life on Earth suffers from this pathological insanity. 
   But Golden Age options are presenting themselves.


Shift happens!

In essence, this shift is maturing a new understanding of heart coherence as the frequency of holy compassion that frames the fractal order of the holographic universe and the geometry of perception, worlds without end.


The personal/planetary holodeck of perception
 is now gaining traction as a trendfit with global
conscious evolution revolution intention now.

  The 'Great Light' of public enlightenment that
 awakens global humanity to
'The Blessing' of
TeLeComm capabilities for united TLC
is no longer an abstract or cherished illusion.

So take heart.  The Family of Man is waking up, wising up and rising up to a new identity of US as United Sovereigns of Earth.  A ‘New Common Sense’ is matriculating the contemporary matrix of ‘normal’ with a gold standard for the ‘Currency of Conscience’ that naturally culminates in ‘The Blessing’ of civilization with the golden rule/law language at the heart of every golden age civilization in cosmic history.


Where this is going may be far different
    from what you ever thought was possible,
     and yet far better than you ever hoped for

  in your best dreams of global possibility.


Love of God SEES a G.O.D. of  as the
natural order of kind men among man
whereby the holy spirit of TLC-in-action
for giving rather than for getting.


"I see no poverty in the world of tomorrow - no wars,
no revolutions, no bloodshed. And in that world,
 there will be a faith in God greater and deeper
than ever in the past."

~ Mahatma (Great Soul) Gandhi



5 Leading Initiatives for Overcoming Mass Insanity
of the Mass Media Mind Manipulation Matrix

1- The incentive to THRIVE in the face of demise.

    It’s not aptitude as much as attitude that determines our
   ‘altitude’… whether we soar with visionary ‘eagles’ on
   thermals of “grace” (holy spirit of
or scratch with the turkeys on ‘bugs of begrudge’.


See the recent brilliant ‘THRIVE Article for the
 mainstreaming of the Thrive message for all.


  2- The incentive to HEAL in the face of ‘dis-ease’.
The ordained Power of Love is all ways the best response
           to the heartless love of power. The disruption of civilization
          caused by the corruption of conscience is thus neutralized
            by the vision of virtue and
vow with valor for the victory of
            the gold standard for cultural DNA at the heart of
             providing Universal Self Care and health assurance policies
         for global Netizens; making disease profiteering obsolete.


 3- The incentive to KNOW in the face of old ‘BS’.
The prevailing mainstream “BS” (Belief Systems) are
   considered ‘normal’ because old habits die hard, and
       humanity is more disposed to going along with the ‘BS”
   of “stinking thinking” (paradigm paralysis) rather than
        stand up for the WHOLE truth to neutralize the BIG LIE.

Watch this video now before it is removed by the enemies of truth.


The Syrian civil war, insurrection, rebellion, revolt, uprising, call it what you will, was not home grown in Syria by Syrians with differing outlooks as to how their nation should be governed,
as the mainstream media would have you believe. It was part of a strategy pre-planned by vicious, sociopathic foreigners called “Neocons” and they began their planning in 1991, following the first invasion of Iraq, code-named: Dessert Storm.  To date, the major beneficiary of their diabolical planning has been Zionist Apartheid Israel, but that is maybe coming to an end with restoration of world peace -- the
New Normal -- free from terror-for-tyranny tactics.

4- Incentive to DO what the poor in spirit won’t.
Heaven knows that the poor in spirit will always be with us.
           It is the choice for each soul in the veils of matter to either
       matter as a victor over “
SIN” (Stuck In Negativity), or by
   default, suffer the consequences as a victim thereby.


     5- Incentive to BE the fulfillment of Great .

          The hero with a thousand faces begins the path to victory
          with pure intention to focus attention with love’s retention
          for conscious ascension in that rarified dimension where
        one natural-universal-cosmic love naturally rules for the
         culturing of conscientious common sense at the heart of
           the prime directive for conscientious evolutionary ascent.


  Keep the Faith. With  as the rule
at the heart of personal and planetary
co-Creation, heart coherence

For the purpose of sanity of a more enlightened nature,
we now have the opportunity for systemic healing
heart coherence and mental congruence
for education of the heart and framing of
social Conscience in social networks
with a cognitive map of universal
laws of conscious evolution
for navigating
the field
of Effective Sensory

Culturing  language for
linking the light at the heart of
  a global TeLeComm Blessing.


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For the 
'New Normal',