New Common Sense Series

The 'New Normal' We've Been Waiting For

by Christopher Rudy

Upgraded 1-31-2015 

The best way to predict the future is to co-create it.

With an uncompromised vision of virtue and valor for the victory of a worldwide conscious evolution revolution, the 'New Normal' naturally becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy... linking the light of our highest and best gifts and talents in service to local and global 'TeLeComm capabilities'.
Understand the quantum divine matrix because
whatever we do to the wwweb of quantum reality
we inadvertently do to ourselves as a whole!

We naturally do better when we know better.

"Normal is what normal does."
~ ascended Forest Gumption:)


The global 'Communications Age' was ushered in by satellites and large computers in the 70's. The global 'Internet Age' followed with the networking of small desktop computers worldwide.  And now the global 'Digital Age' finds almost four billion 'Netizens' worldwide, connecting to the worldwide web with hand-held smart phones and tablets as well as lap-top and desk-top computers.

Are you ready for a systemic global evolution revolution?

What we are witnessing now is no less than mass awakening of the Family of Man to quantum reality in our global village.  A new consciousness of HOW we are conscious is emerging.  And this conscious evolution revolution is coming to a 'head'... mainstreaming enlightened awareness of a simple yet profound process of 'interactive TeLeComm' that will involve and evolve our individual and collective social Conscience in our ubiquitous social networks.

       A revelations revolution for worldwide wholEness and healing.

    The global 'TeLeComm Blessing' is obviously what we make it!
       So seize the vision, embrace the virtue, vow with valor, and
   claim the victory of mainstream common sense '
TLC' at the
heart of the Constitution of Conscience for local and global
TeLeCommunications of, by and for:
TeLeCare, and

The unprecedented opportunity for global humanity is now
to define, refine, combine and shine our individual and
 collective Conscience along more enlightened lines as
TeLeComm with 'Effective Sensory Perception'
 at the interactive interface
heart of 'The New Normal'.

WholEness and healing of the local/global health care system with TeLeCare is a very practical application of the 'TeLeComm Blessing' that COULD BE deployed for people worldwide by the end of 2014.

That's right; free on-line universal self care for all,
empowering well-informed choice for customizing
your highly personalized health assurance policy.

Obviously such a service would build public health and prevent public disease. It would utilize quantum medicine breakthroughs to cure disease without toxic drug side-effects. Optimal public health with health assurance policies would begin to eliminate the #1 cost of doing business in America, disease care with mandatory health insurance that has virtually nothing to do with building optimal health as prevents disease.
If we care for disease (97.5% disease care system), more than we care for health (2.5% disease prevention), then the population control and reduction agenda of the power elite banksters and their corporatocracy sycophants will be highly successful culling the population with great profit for their massive medical-industrial complex.
That's why the billionaire banksters in collusion with Congress have sold out for the fiat currency they create out of thin air with digital deficits, public debt that funds our own demise through corporate profiteering on war, disease and death of public health freedoms as we have known them.

America is crippled by public debt servitude to privatized public institutions which have socialized their losses and privatized profit from a scarcity of peace, health and conscientious common sense. The only reason this is tolerated is because:

1- Common sense is uncommon and the most powerful psychopathic
     forces in the world have a vested interest in keeping it that way;
2- Cherished illusions about the way we see things (normalcy bias) won’t
     allow the truly naïve to even consider nefarious agendas at work.
3- Willful ignorance is the twisted sister of cherished illusions, preferring to
     get along by going along with those who call evil ‘good’ and good ‘evil’.

1- War profiteering of the massive military industrial complex:
making a killing on the creation and management of war.
 2- Disease profiteering of the sick medical industrial complex:
        making a killing on the creation and management of disease.
  3- Disinformation profiteering of the media-industrial complex:
      making a killing serving the military-medical establishment.
   4- SLAVE LABOR profiteering of the prison-industrial complex:

Sponsors of the military-media-medical corporatocracy


Morality is the real enemy of corporatocracy, just as
‘legality’, as defined by self-serving
corporate law’.
is the enemy of public-serving Constitutional law.

WholEness and healing with Universal Self Care for global health assurance is
the self-evident opportunity for liberating health freedom - to own our own lives - whereby all other core Constitutional freedoms are liberated. 

Consider that only a clear vision of wholEness can make one and all WHOLE. We must step into the 'Circle of WholEness' to see ourselves WHOLE in the end as we were in the beginning. There are indeed shared values at the heart of common law that always cultures common sense of the 'New Normal' we all aspire to.

The golden rule/law language of global civility will not budge. It is increasingly becoming the 'judgment standard' that makes contemporary paradigm paralysis morally reprehensible. The stinking thinking of highly organized greed and selfishness has become much like self-evident insanity to people of Conscience.
As more people think for themselves and connect the dots framing the big picture of entrenched challenges and liberating opportunities, mass awakening casts a brighter light on those dark places that resist and resent our holistic healing of body, mind and spirit... socially, politically and economically... locally and globally.

culturing consciousness from left brain to right,
   from lower reptilian brain to upper intuitive brain,
         and from rear-brain hindsight to forebrain foresight...
and heart coherence as the archetype of the divine feminine
checks and balances the inordinate psychopathology of
‘smart without heart’.

Cooperation defines the 'Thrival of the Fittest'
at the heart of universal-cosmic-natural law
with a win/win attitude that supersedes
the win/lose of 1% over the 99%.

"The new science proves that the natural world is based on co-operation,
not like Darwin thought: survival of the strongest".
~ Gregg Braden

Watch these video excerpts via Gregg Braden to grasp the quantum reality
that is now shaping the conscientious evolutionary ascent process which is
  destined to fulfill for global Netizens that which U.S. Founders began locally.

See also: Gregg Braden on THE NEW NORMAL: Overcoming 3 Universal Fears

Mainstreaming the Message of Mass-to-Mass TeLeComm

In the timeless quantum continuum, realize that
 the mere concept of 'quantum communications'
 ('The Blessing' at the heart of the divine matrix)
  is naturally the quantum catalyst to make it so.

 It is the INTENT of/for quantum revelations that
    focuses attention with quantum love retention for
   conscious ascension in a unified field dimension
   for co-Creation with G.O.D.~
Source as
   transcends mass suffering that is caused by the
 sense of separation from
without end
at the
heart of the 'New Normal'.

So Seize the Vision, Embrace the Virtue, Vow with Valor
and Claim the Victory of Worldwide
of, by and
for ALL of "
US" (United Sovereigns of Earth).

Culturing  language for
linking the light at the heart of
  a global TeLeComm Blessing.


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For the
'New Normal',
~ Christopher