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Love for Global Healing with
A New Common Sense

by Christopher Rudy

Valentine's Day, Feb. 14, 2014

Great Love Heals All.  Seize the Vision.  Claim the Victory!

In the larger scheme of soul evolution, the power of love is the heart of co-Creation with the Creator, love without end. I'd like to think that love of freedom and opportunity will go mainstream with working applications for mass-to-mass TeLeComm, emphasizing the 'TLC'
The vision alone, how that works, can be the catalyst for a conscious evolution revolution as the Family of Man fulfills the potential of our new global village with the common sense of universal
love at the heart of our new Net reality. Global healing is the consequence.

If Thomas Paine were alive today, I wonder how he would once again spark a global revolution in higher consciousness... empowering love for global systemic healing.
Divine love is the divine destiny of, by and for all souls on Earth as in "Heaven" (Cosmos-at-large). Consider how the 'Power of Love' heals all... uniting humanity with a 'New Common Sense' of:

Universal Rights   Public Sphere   Co-Creating   Global TeLeComm 

       The Power       of Wisdom       with Love     All Ways Always

Universal sovereign rights with well-rounded wisdom are balanced in the trinity as represents the Law of the Angles and our spherical Conscience of the Language of the Angels (heart coherence).  This is the "three-fold frequency" (Power ~ Wisdom ~ Love) at the heart of instant, everywhere and interactive "TeLeComm capability" (Net reality) for a 'New Common Sense'.

The Pyramid Plan

 of, by and for
Self and Civilization

the plan

This is the overview, looking down on the pyra-mid (fire-middle) 
with the 
CAPstone at the center of the four-sides of the pyramid.

Consider the Creative Ascent Process from the pyramid base
that symbolically rises from the most density at the base to the
least materialism and most spirituality at the “
CAPstone” peak
as represents the co-Creation of higher 'Self' and 'Civilization'.

These four archetypal ‘dimensions’ are wholly integrated in the
5th Dimension of 
CAPstone TLC as is defined and refined via
heart coherence... the 'gold standard' for our heart frequencies,
culturing our individual and collective CAPstone Conscience
Creative Ascent Process via conscientious common sense)
in our new all-connected global social network communities. 
                  ~ continued at 'The Pyramid Plan'

We all know that U.S. Founding Fathers and the American people were inspired by Thomas Paine's COMMON SENSE to become revolutionaries, overcoming empire tyranny in their day. Today we face the same empire mindset that challenges love of, by and for the Family of Man in our all-connected global village.
Sometimes I wonder what Thomas Paine would say to the people of the world today
regarding four big issues whereby an
uprising of love "heals" (conquers) all:

1- Will a '
New Common Sense' speak truth to power, challenging the banksters of Wall Street with public 'shaming'? Or are these sociopaths and psychopaths beyond shame, giving themselves bonuses after stripping equity out of U.S. markets and home values for their inordinate gain?

"Assume that you ran a business that was found guilty of bribery, forgery, perjury, defrauding homeowners, fleecing investors, swindling consumers, cheating credit card holders, violating U.S. trade laws and bilking American soldiers. Can you even imagine the kind of punishment you'd get?" ~ Jim Hightower, Creators Syndicate, Feb. 12, 2014
See also: "Banks are no longer just financing heavy industry. They are actually buying it up and inventing bigger, bolder and scarier scams than ever."
The Most Devious Bank Scam Yet, by Matt Taibbi, Rolling Stone, Feb. 13, 2014
2- Will a 'New Common Sense' expose the entire health care system as a giant Wall Street corporatocracy that makes a killing on the creation and management of disease with no corporate incentive to prevent disease since that would prevent their profits?
Consider that quantum medicine could now replace drug-based disease treatment, and that free on-line 'Universal Self Care' could now serve global Netizens with health assurance policies that make the current 'disease-care' system obsolete.
3- Will a 'New Common Sense' explain how core social, political and economic problems are largely because we still have a horse-and-buggy system of representative government that could be upgraded with instant-everywhere and interactive TeLeComm in our global village?
Realize that the computer/Internet revolution has created a 'New World' not unlike the 'New World' in Tom Paine's early America. But now it's a global issue, whether we will have totalitarian surveillance and tyranny or 'The Blessing' of systemic freedom and opportunity.
4- Will a 'New Common Sense' expose the whole truth of climate change... that our planet is going through a rapid decrease in the magnetic fields and increase in the "Schumann Resonance" (Earth's 'heartbeat') that resonates with human brainwaves?  Does this explain both a global consciousness shift as well as the increased wobble of the Earth's axis as causes the jet stream to veer far South and North in cycles of alternating cold and warmth that creates weather extremes?
Is it true that quantum reality is operating here? Are you aware that quantum science explains the relationship of collective consciousness to the morphic grids of the Earth? Can you see how the unstable 'wobble' in the collective consciousness of humanity is related to the wobble in the Earth's axis? And would you agree that HOW we co-Create with the unified source field is HOW we stabilize Earth as a platform for the conscious evolution of souls?
I know that's a stretch for some readers. That's like talking about what the Internet would do BEFORE the Internet... or like talking about 'enlightenment' of a global systemic nature BEFORE "web 3.0" (heartware) defines and refines 'quantum computing'. But quantum shift happens:)

As love of the truth for global healing goes mainstream with interactive mass-to-mass TeLeComm, politically correct paradigm paralysis will dissipate, virtually neutralized by the solidarity of social Conscience in global social networks. It's not rocket science. Great LOVE heals all. 

Fortunately, a clear vision of the opportunity for overcoming systemic problems is half way to systemic solutions. This is how those who love freedom and opportunity in our New World today
will embrace the 'New Common Sense' of, by and for all of "
US" (United Sovereigns of Earth).

This is how 'Global LOVE Co-Creation' -- the ordained power of love -- will check, balance and otherwise MEDIATE the inordinate love of power. Without such vision, the people perish. But with this vision of virtue and valor for the victory of Earth's evolutions, life on Earth thrives.

The greatest power you have is to make a choice. You can forward this message for the victory of life on Earth. If enough good people do that, it could go mainstream with the whole, holistic and otherwise holy Spirit of
-in-action that will make it so!

   So take heart. With as the rule, love rules.

"Be Thou Made Whole!"

All Ways
... Always,

~ Christopher


Global TeLeComm
for 'The Blessing'


  Many will say that love hurts, but that's not actually true.
   Loneliness hurts. Rejection hurts. Losing someone hurts.
   This is often confused with love, but authentic love is the
 the one thing in the world that neutralizes pain with the
    source of
wholEness that makes us feel wonderful again.

    That's why love is
for giving, not for getting, remembering
 that the only thing we take with us, past this life, is the
momentum, moment to moment, of co-Creation in the
  image and likeness frequency of love... as in frequently.

The Science Behind the Healing Power of Love


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 PSS: You can't give what you don't have, so
love your body, mind and spirit with
    the 'Super-Immunity Combo'. ~CR
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