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Contemplating 2017 – The End of Illusion:
Gathering the Tribes of All That IS REAL

Ascension Wave Inbound, Disruption of Corruption,
 Continuity with Coherence and Profound Revelation

The Mystical Meaning of 'Christ Mass' 

As reported at Ascent Wave,
a massive wave of energy is
 flooding Earth. It’s here now.
Currency of Conscience
  is surging in the
Global Mind
with strong ascent currents
  and diminishing 3-D density.


Contemplating 2017 with
Ascension Thoughtforms

New Year Resolution for 2017
Re: The 'Soulution' - Soul Resolution

1- Fearless faith neutralizes faithless fear.
The power of love trumps the love of power.
Good conscience defends spiritual patriots.

2- Pure intention focuses good attention.
Pay attention with coherent love retention.
    Attention pays with conscious ascension.

3- The power of wisdom is ordained love.
     Wisdom-in-love is the heart of true power.
      Love of a God of Love empowers wisdom.

   4- Integrity is INtegration with INner sense.
        Divine direction is prelude to self correction.
         Perfection is a process; eternal progression.

5- Universal Rights empower Global TLC.
5-D Conscience is the ‘Future of Time’.
   We shape the wwweb and it shapes ‘
United Sovereigns of Earth).
The 2017 Portents for
TLC Solidarity

General enlightenment with a global revolution in higher consciousness has been the natural fruit of the worldwide web's computer/Internet revolution. Time and space has been virtually eliminated by our new instant-everywhere and interactive Internet capabilities.

The Family of Mankind is emerging as an ALL-connected whole – our ordained destiny. This Movement Towards WholEness is a natural function of the conscious evolution revelations with our new Net reality – unprecedented knowledge power to know better and do better.

And WHY is that so important now? Look at the world with bright eyes folks. Tis the reason for the season – good will among mankind. The opportunity for global humanity is getting brighter with unprecedented social conscience maturing in global social networks of about 4 billion online ‘Netizens’ worldwide.

We’re ‘hooking up’ as the Family of Mankind in a global village. Instant language translation capabilities are now available for 1.7 billion Facebook users worldwide. The ‘mainstream’ media is now our new interactive social media networks – the major source of news for billions of people worldwide.

That’s where ‘eyeballs’ and ad revenue are going – the highly decentralized interactive social media which is more independent and quite the opposite of highly centralized one-way programming of ‘fake news’ as has been thoroughly exposed for their now-unmasked manipulation of our hearts and minds with 'weapons of mass deception'.

Mass Awakening to Mass Deception and
Fake News “BS” (Belief Systems)


Over 90% of Americans agree that the former
"MainStream Media" (MSM) is Fake News.
Think about that. Let it sink in. This
is why social media is thriving.

As general enlightenment surges, deception purges; the end of illusion that breeds confusion. A ‘new normal’ is emerging as billions of global Netizens come into agreement on enlightened principles for global economic reset with the Currency of Conscience.

Obviously, TRUST in the currency for the Next Economy can’t merely be “He who has the gold makes the rules”. That mentality is the tail wagging the dog - material gold as the highest standard for ‘valuation’. But that standard for ownership and control of ‘value’ is not intrinsically spiritual without the golden rule/law language at the heart of every golden age in cosmic history.

This is the core global issue being unveiled now. The ‘Global Mind’ is maturing with profound revelations. A new common sense is emerging with a "grass-roots" (Net roots) up-wising and up-rising... the ascension current.

This self-correcting, self-elevating 'currency' is a Big Shift from the inordinate love of power - the corporatocracy - to the ordained power of love at the heart of enlightened social conscience.

Witness this powershift in credibility and trust away from the Big Media conglomerates. Their time is short and contempt is great. They are losing the hearts and minds of the mainstream who are turning to millions of Netizen journalists whose sphere of influence is billions of global Netizens... yearning to breath free from mass illusion.

If you follow the money and political power aligned with these six media conglomerates, you'll find a trail of interlocked stock ownership and corporate directors who are the same principals of the privately owned 'Federal Reserve' central bank, including 'Associated Press' (AP) and Reuters which are owned by the Rothchilds.

These are the richest plutocrats in the world, the trillionaire oligarchs who have owned and controlled most of the world's corporate assets. Throughout history they have subverted the sovereignty of nations with deception - the origin of 'fake news'. By owning the currency of nations, these international banksters have "traded" (sold out) open truth-telling for the currency of power OVER people rather than 'of, by and for the people'.

But they are in their end game. The jig is up. The tide is turning. Divisions are purging as global social conscience is surging.

That's the Good News - Gathering the Tribes of IS REAL

We are witnessing the downsizing of mass illusion as has been programmed from the top-down - the old paradigm of one-way "BS" (Belief System) with no feedback, no self correction and no apologies for the patriarchal paradigm of ownership and control; a closed system with prejudice.

The Internet represents the 'open system' paradigm that serves inquisitve people who think for themselves and prefer to interact with like-minded people. That's why "interactive social media" (Web 2.0) is a global upgrade of freedoms of assembly and speech - the 'mainstream' media for billions of global Netizens.

Where it's going in 2017 is like 'reality therapy' for billions of people worldwide. The full potential of our new Net reality is being realized... first by the visionaries who can see the opportunity, and then by those cultural creatives who network this vision for the Net worth of social conscience... gathering the tribes of IS REAL.

The global transformation now in process will restore balance with the principle of the Divine Feminine - the virtues of cooperation and TLC… a higher standard for social CONSCIENCE and collective TRUST in the "grassroots" (Net roots) of our new global Net reality.

The business of evolution is like the evolution of business. It’s based on TRUST. Betrayal of TRUST is bad business. And Big Media has betrayed us big time. They make up stuff all the time and call it ‘news’. More often than not, the Big Media news narrative puts a good face on Big Banks, Big Oil, Big Pharma, Big War and Big Brother collusion with the new aristocracy corporatocracy that is anti-democracy.

Social media makes a mockery of this false narrative. Love of the truth is enmity with deception. And yet, we can all see that ‘Big Lies’ are so BIG and so bold and so often told in Big Media that the ‘Whole Truth’ sounds stranger than fiction for those without discernment.

The Real Syria Story - Censored by Big Media

Published Dec 27, 2016

Corporate Media Admits to Publishing Viral Fake News
After Independent Media Busted Them

Dec 30, 2016 /

Both are classic examples of Big Media using a single talking point - over and over - to brainwash Americans.

“Those group-mind liars who have given up their souls will rage against the faintest appearance of one who tries to keep his. And in this rage, the soulless ones will try to pull the other down to where they live. ~ Jon Rappoport / The Individual Versus the Staged Collective / Dec 26, 2016

We’ve reached a critical mass of billions of connected Netizens who see the potential of enlightened social conscience in our ubiquitous social networks. This critical mass has reached spontaneous combustion - the ‘hundredth monkey’ effect - igniting 'brushfires' in the Global Mind with a surge of general enlightenment that is not unlike Tom Paine’s COMMON SENSE that sparked the American Revolution.

 "It does not take a majority to prevail...
but rather an irate, tireless minority,
   keen on setting brushfires of freedom
in the minds of men."

~ Samuel Adams

But now it’s more like rEVOLUTION… emphasizing 90% of the word. The whole truth is merely asserting itself. More people are using their own minds with critical thinking skills to navigate the ocean of information and quantum field actuality that we subjugate as ‘reality’.


The act of using one's mind and critical thinking facilities is its own reward. It allows us to navigate the unknown while receiving insights and enhancing holistic brain function.

Universal laws govern conscious evolution. Call it natural law or cosmic law, God has methods. There are rules whereby G.O.D.~ rules – Geometric Ordered Divinity.

“In the beginning, God geometrized.”
~ Ancient Hermetic Wisdom
“In the end, we become what we geometrize.”
~ Modern
GeoNotes Wisdom

  Here we are in the Internet Age – an ALL-connected
 world on the cusp of the Quantum Age of Aquarius,
  yet we still operate with outmoded horse-and-buggy
 representation systems that poorly serve all of ‘
United Sovereigns of Earth.

   All open-minded people want more of the WHOLE truth
   and nothing but the truth, and now that global Netizens
 are able to communicate through universal translation
   capabilities – at least major languages – consider what
  will happen as our global interactive social networking
  matures with real-time mass-to-mass decision making
   that is optimized for global ‘consent of the governed'.

Global Upgrade of Core Constitutional Freedoms:

Freedom of Assembly is what social networks do – the new ‘tribes’ – networks of friends, family and other truth sources you’ve learned to trust through disciplined discernment.

Freedom of Speech is an interactive process of originating and evaluating content in social media. And then creating new content that highlights consensus with enlightened context and meaning. It’s called ‘information’s ecology’ – recycling general knowledge in the way that empowers specific wisdom.

Freedom of Press is what Net neutrality represents. The new ‘printing press’ is the computer/Internet ‘web press’ itself. This is the freedom to be imPRESSed by the whole truth, and to PRESS (pay) it forward by sharing it with your social network.

Freedom to Petition Government is upgraded with integration of these first three freedoms. By integrating current info-tech capabilities, it’s now possible to have a hundred or million people respond to a live or prerecorded video at the same time, qualifying consensus with a 'language of consciousness interface' for mass-to-mass interaction – defining the next phase of the computer/Internet revolution with Web 3.0 Heartware CyberEthics.

Freedom of Religion is the heart of these core Constitutional Freedoms. Call it 'Freedom of Conscience' that honors the 'Gold Standard for Civility': the golden rule/law language that represents universal 'common sense' in all the world's great religions and the Constitution of Conscience.

"Conscience is the most sacred
of all property."

~ Chief architect of the Constitution,
James Madison

Either we honor this gold standard with well-informed choice – to own our own lives with freedom, truth and justice – or we dishonor the golden rule with "paradigm paralysis" (stinking thinking) that "suffers separation" (perception deception) from fake news and false flags that orchestrate terror-for-tyranny tactics to profit from war, disease and death of the sacred - core conscientious common sense civility.


Personal and planetary transformation in 2017 will thus optimize TRUST in these five core Constitutional freedoms in the global sphere.

This is how global conscious evolution REVELATIONS will mature, organizing all information IN FORMATION with TRUST in an interactive standard of universal for global US as United Sovereigns.

From an enlightened spiritual perspective, the full TLC spectrum from Christic to Buddhic – West to East – is the order of the day for those who pray it forward with -in-action. This is the 'holy spirit' that creates a 'prayer field' as a unified field; atonement as atONEment.

This is spiritual practicality. Action speaks louder than words. And the higher the concept of interactive -in-action at the heart of mass-to-mass TeLeComm, the greater the results for wholEness and healing with blessing and sealing of security with purity in the Spirit that matters on Earth as in Cosmos-at-large.

Just as strong light will dissipate darkness,
   so does
TLC cause disruption of corruption.

As explained in the recent debriefing on The Ascent Wave, the 2017 future of Global TeLeComm and Global TeLeCare is the Alpha and Omega of Spirit and Matter in the left and right hemispheres of the personal and planetary ‘holodeck’… the local~global ‘brain field’ (inner sense’) with heart coherentinnocence’ (not guilty).

So THINK GLOBAL and DANCE LOCAL to the tune of the TLC connection. Life is the dance and love makes the world go round as a nonlinear ALL-connected whole.

This is the local-global ‘thought dance’ morphing the matrix of Net Reality from the inside-out. Energy follows thought and thought follows intention and attention, ideally for ascension in a dimension of nonlinear comprehension with Effective Sensory Perception BEYOND 3-D limitation – the 4-5D connection of heart-mind coherence.

That’s not rocket science anymore. It is quantum science with an abundance of empirical proof after decades of research and development showing that, “The more you hide something (in the quantum field), the brighter it shines.”

Cancelled TED Talk – The Biggest Secret Unveiled:
Physicist Contracted By CIA Shares Everything He Knows About ESP

Effective Sensory Perception is not a mystery when known. There’s nothing ‘extra’ about ESP when you’ve got it. It’s where the ‘rubber meets the road’ – ‘as above’ (quantum field), ‘so below’ (holodeck) – with heart coherence underwriting the ‘Currency of Conscience’.

This is the currency of abundance. And like free energy from the vacuum of space that is now being liberated with Keshe Magrave Power Technology, the spiritual gold standard is the heart of an economics of abundance that makes the prevailing economics of scarcity obsolete.

Abundant ‘Conscience’ with a capital ‘C’ as in see
or otherwise realize with real eyes of spiritual gold
whereby kind men of God see God in all mankind.
(gathering the tribes of All that IS REAL)

This is the ‘Effective Sensory’ discernment factor that will define and refine the Next Economy with an ethical currency for global economic reset. And in the context of the global Ascent Wave of, by and for higher consciousness, this TLC currency connection is a function of ‘cyberEthics’ – a universal interface standard for global social network interaction on a mass-to-mass scale – Web 3.0 as the natural progression of the computer/Internet revolution.


Behind the scenes of global economic reset and geopolitical transformation is a systemic shift of energy frequencies in the morphic grids of social conscience. It’s ALL connected. And transformation is quickening from the inside out.

Here’s How – Applied Epigenetics:

Published Dec 23, 2016

 The Art and Science of DNA Activation,
Healing and Repair

 Our holistic health-as-wealth future will
harness epigenetics with our new

‘public option’ - Global TeLeCare.


With the ascent of social media and global enlightenment, the true conspirators behind 9-11 – and all the Fake News and False Flags since then – have come home to roost… attempting one final betrayal of truth in the name of truth.

 Obama Quietly Signs Into Law…
“Countering Disinformation And

Propaganda Act”

Dec 27, 2016 /

In Orwell’s ‘1984’ language, Obama just created the ‘Ministry of Truth’ with signing of bill S.2943 while we celebrated Christmas.

 Under Cover of Christmas, Obama Signs
the “Kill Alt-Media Bill” Into Law

The U.S. Ministry Of Propaganda
Is Now Official

Dec 29, 2016 /


This was Obama's Christmas gift to America.
  Big Media didn't report this secret Santa 'gift'.
 That would have disillusioned 'true believers'
   in fed government as god - an 'obomanation'.


 Before the Internet, we lived in a
 media bubble of disinformation.
   That bubble has burst; the end of
  the 9-11 hoax and mass illusion.
   Trust in Big Media propaganda is
   Faith in the power of divine Love
is integrating.


I’m not saying it will be easy,
but claim the victory.

“Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered;
 yet we have this consolation with us,
that the harder the conflict,
the more glorious the triumph.”

~ Thomas Paine, Common Sense

Full Spectrum Enlightenment with the
Emerging Blueprint for a Golden Age


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