Christmas Letter to Family & Friends

Photo by Dr. Kathy Forti  /  Photoshop by Denis Ouellette

Santa is busy in his workshop.
Many gifts are on the way.
Check out:
'Ascension Current Surging Now'

THANKS for tolerating me for another year.
I know my messages can be "too much".
And a special thanks to all whose hearts
and minds contribute in so many ways
to make the new year one ring-dinger
 for personal and planetary evolution.
Year in Review... and 2017 Preview:
It's been my on-going pleasure to create 83 articles for you over this last year. Facebook has proven to be a great source of info-graphics and videos. Last Christmas my two sons gave me an i-pod as ‘training wheels’ for an i-phone someday. This allowed me to correctly format articles for those with a smart phone or tablet.

With about 9000 on my email list, and with articles syndicated on different blogs, I'm connecting with a lot of lightworkers, many whom I've interviewed on my Cosmic LOVE Internet talk show, now broadcasting to 63 countries after 9 years.

This show and publishing has changed me. There are so many people who have inspired me with their amazing gifts and talents.

My identical twin sisters, Lisa and Linda, have been an inspiration with dozens of musical performances for thousands of children at the Seattle Symphony and Vancouver Symphony. They make their own costumes and write the scores of music for themselves and collaborators like Canadian Brass. Over the last nine years, Lisa and Linda have inspired many children with a love of music to become sensational singers, songwriters and musicians today. Their DVD's and CD's are available at Let Your Music Shine.

Another big inspiration this last year is someone I interviewed twice in 2015, and this year was a feature speaker at a seminar here in Montana. If you read about Dr. Kathy Forti and watch her video from that seminar, you'll know why I'm so excited about her advances in quantum healing - the future of holistic health care.

January 23, 2016 Presentation by Dr. Forti:
Ancient Science Being Rediscovered
Thanks to the Hearts Center for producing this video.

This is why I began working with Dr. Forti's Trinfinity 8 technology this last year. It's like a highly personalized ‘inner-dimensional’ (quantum) prayer field that calibrates harmonic set-points for optimal health.

As Dr. Kathy explains in her video above and her book, FRACTALS OF GOD, the T8 was invented with uncanny guidance  I understand this breakthrough, having pioneered work with quantum healing technology 25 years ago. So I appreciate Kathy’s upgrade with ‘Geometric Ordered Divinity’ (fractals), known as sacred geometry or universal ‘Law of the Angles’ framing the Holographic Universe.

This last year I’ve been busy working with the T8 on many clients including pets. I've seen how it works. It gets results in a non-invasive way beyond what I’ve seen as possible while developing four holistic health centers over that many decades. I'm convinced that quantum healing will become one of the leading modalities for holistic healing in the new millennium that will become known as the Quantum Age, just as the last century is known as the Communications Age and the former century the Industrial Age.

At the seminar with Dr. Forti, I gave a presentation on global holistic healing that can serve about 4 billion global Netizens who are now connecting on the Internet. This model of free, online 'Universal Self Care' could be developed now, with current technologies.

This was my first YouTube video - an appeal for developing this opportunity for global holistic healing.

This video trailer began a crowdfunding project to develop a professional documentary on Global TeLeCare. So far, the campaign has failed to gain any traction. The concept of well-informed choice for holistic self care on a mass ‘crowd-healing’ scale - as explained in the video - is easy enough to achieve technically, but needs a better presentation. So I’ve kept the campaign going – here – while trying to connect with supporters in new ways.
One of those ways is The Emerging Blueprint for a Golden Age, my first e-book. I wrote those 12 chapters over 12 weeks between Summer Solstice and the Autumnal Equinox. It's the bigger picture of global transformation that includes the TLCcoherence connection’ with Global TeLeCare and Global TeLeComm – the next phase of the computer/Internet rEVOLUTION.

2016 has amazed me with the level of general enlightenment in a full spectrum of social networks I’m monitoring. As a metaphysician, I've kept my finger on the pulse of collective consciousness with numerous global newsfeeds from the most enlightened independent sources I’ve learned to trust over the years. People worldwide are waking up with discernment of both ‘fake news’ and the ‘real deal’ – the ‘Word’ as some Christian networks refer to it… or ‘Conscience’ as the Chief Architect of the U.S. Constitution called it; “Conscience is the most sacred of all property.” ~James Madison

This is the Great Awakening to ‘Unity Conscience’ that the ‘New Age Community refers to. It’s the ‘Gold Standard’ for global civility – the golden rule/law language for every golden age in cosmic history. Call it the law of action-reaction (physics), stimulus-response (biology) or reaping what you sow (karma), what goes around globally comes around to this same core universal standard for unity-in-diversity - the interactive commUNIcaTIon process whereby we come into unity in our social network communities.

This is our ‘New World’ opportunity with Global TeLeComm – TLC heartware as Web 3.0 cyberEthics; the heart of an emerging blueprint for navigating cyberspace and innerspace with Effective Sensory Perception... -in-action.

That’s the long vision – the Aquarian Age of Freedom-in-. We are indeed on the cusp of a new millennium of breath-taking possibilities. Yes, there is status quo opposition to any change from business as usual. But the Big Shift is upon us. Big change cometh… and it’s good to see where it’s going – the trending capabilities with tools and processes for involving and evolving our individual and collective Conscience.

So ask your higher Self... Is it true that Conscience Currency is the 'gold standard' for the Next Economy?

Are you aware of the Ascent Wave that is now surging in the quantum field? Watch the new video at that link.

Would you agree that global transformation could be much different from what we expected, yet far better than we may have hoped for?

So take heart in the reason for the season. Keep the faith, see the good, and make it so!

Thanks to my support team, this has been a blessed year for publishing all things . Denis Ouellette of Natural Life News has done exceptional work creating graphics for Emerging Blueprint and for my articles in Natural News which I started back in 2000 and was sold to Denis. He’s done a phenomenal job developing NLF quality and circulation.

My latest article in Natural Life News is my 'vision statement' for 2017 - The Seven Characteristics of Mass Ascension, including several videos with this online version.

Our future is brightly lit with many wonderful gifts coming our way. There is a full spectrum of these gifts that keep on giving.

So I’m leaving you with a lot of ‘packages’ (hotlinks above) under your Christmas tree this year. Unwrap them at your leisure :)