Personal and Planetary Holistic Healing
From the Inside-Out

by 'Dr. Christopher'

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Those who understand the first principles of holistic healing, whether personal or planetary, are aware that every 'healing crisis' first requires a purging of toxins - eliminating wastes - before the health-building process can be optimized for better assimilation of health factors.

This is grade school biology, or it should be.  The sponge-like mind of children can absorb this concept, especially during peak 'learning windows' in the formative years when an enlightened learning environment can provide a basic understanding of 'holistic health'.

The 'Circle of Wholeness' is well-rounded education of the heart. 
    Enlightened parents knows this as the source of 'higher' education'. 
  Heartless education -- smart without heart -- is the source of "DUH"
(Devolving, Unconscious & Heartless).
 So take heart. Embrace/imitate 'wholEness' to be made 'whole' as
an example that will comfort and condition

By utilizing advanced multi-media 'flash card' programs that provide engaging examples of how the whole body works like every cell in the body; a cycle of assimilation and elimination. If the body or cell get's too toxic from sluggish elimination of wastes, the cells must purge those toxins and the body must eliminate them, one way or the other.

It's the same in the 'body' of global civilization. Elimination of waste precedes assimilation for the abundant life. War is a waste that lays waste to civility. Organized greed, profiteering from war and disease, is a waste of the abundant life.  Emotional toxins of terror-for-tyranny are a terrible waste of the energy of the Creator given to us for co-Creation.
Holistic health in the body of global civilization requires the same natural law of 'bio-mimicry' whereby the "organs" (institutions) of Earth are themselves self-regulated for metabolic assimilation-elimination 'regularity' of a healthy nature.

Waste not, want not.  Eliminate waste for the abundant life. Under the natural law of 'bio-mimicry', global healing processes mimic cellular healing processes. Just as the blueprint for the whole body is coded in every cell's DNA molecules, so is the emerging blueprint for a golden age 'coded' in Cultural DNA at the heart of free, on-line 'Universal Self Care'... the natural evolution of health freedom on Earth.
Poor elimination of wastes leads to toxic settlement in the cells and body of self and civilization.  The 'cells' of the 'social body' are individuals in our social networks, and 'holistic health' in those networks naturally manifests as abundant knowledge
POWER, science WISDOM, and the currency of CONSCIENCE (with heart coherence).

We shape our 'cellular' environment, and then that environment shapes us. When we 'lay waste' to that environment', life suffers. A toxic cellular environment breeds germs, the germination of "dis-ease" (suffering) in the body. That's when parasites of the fungal, bacterial, viral or 'worm' variety thrive in the body... and in our social networks.

Just as the body is teeming with microorganisms, the Internet is teeming with viruses and worms. In both cases the 'immune system' keeps one's defenses strong.
The immune system for the Internet requires 'virus protection' and the 'Whole Truth' that neutralizes the 'Big Lie'.  Toxic psychology (fear) weakens that immunity against dis-ease, spiritually, mentally and emotionally as well as physically.

The best 'medicine' for managing these parasites that sap our vital force and 'Conscience' -- individually and collectively -- is a strong immune system. When the immune system is weak, and microbial infestation creates symptoms of 'dis-ease', holistic healing principles are essential for both the individual and our global social institutions.

The INTENTION to move forward with wholEness -- the integrated spiritual, mental, emotional and physical 'bodies' of self and civilization -- naturally focuses our attention on the best way to CARE for holistic HEALTH in these four 'bodies' of both personal and planetary wholEness:
SPIRITUALLY... the pure intention for wholEness, the spirit that matters for greater service to LIFE, is the Power of Love that heals at the core level of heart coherence with the frequency of holy compassion. It's the same for global civility as it is for each individual. Always has been:)

MENTALLY... pay attention because attention pays when pure intention focuses attention with the 'Language of LIGHT' at the heart of the 'Law of LOVE'... the 'Constitution of Conscience' for 'United Sovereigns of Earth'.

High self-image in the image and likeness of G.O.D.~~SOURCE 'Conscience' is like enlightened civilization that upholds the highest and best use of our planetary resources... to uphold the torch of liberty as illumines the vision of 'Cultural DNA' as the cyberEthics 'medicine' for culturing -valuation criteria for wholEness at the heart of 'InnerSpace'... the InnerNet web of light and 'cosmic LOVE'  that naturally outpictures the emerging blueprint for a Golden Age... at the heart of the Internet.
EMOTIONALLY... "Energy-in-motion" (E-motion) is HEALING with the whol- spirit of cosmic-universal LOVE-in-action... the CARE for life on Earth with LOVE on Earth that nurtures wholness via 'Universal Self Care' for global humanity as a healthy holistic whole.
High self esteem is a feeling about oneself that resonates with the harmonious order of the holographic universe. This is the harmony of the 'trinity', the '3-fold flame' of divine POWER, WISDOM and LOVE as a balanced WHOLE that is synergistically greater than the sum of the 'parts'. That 'natural law', operant from the atomic to the galactic, mimics the POWER of 'linear left-brain logic', the LOVE of 'non-linear right-brain' intuition, and the WISDOM when both hemispheres of the brain are BALANCED for DISCERNMENT as the first 'gift' of the whol- spirit from which all other gifts follow.
PHYSICALLY... wholEness IS what wholEness does. Each individual represent the WHOLE when centered and connected in the "CAPstone" (Creative Ascent Process) that is the common sense of co-Creation at the heart of evolutionary ascent for ALL individuals.
One must therefore step into the 'Circle of WholEness' to MOVE FORWARD with a PowerShift from the "outer circle" (Internet) to the 'Inner Circle' at the heart of "inner sense" (innocence) where cosmic-universal naturally rules.  And as the 'veil thins' -- as 'atONEment' -- and more people 'wake up' with Effective Sensory Perception of a 'Source Connection', wholEness is naturally one's judgment BEYOND pleasure/pain, loss/gain, fame and shame that are all the SAME 'testing of souls' at this time.  In brief, practical spirituality moves forward with fearless faith that neutralizes faithless fear in not only oneself, but also, resonates with ALL 'On The Path' of co-Creation with wholEness and fully present 'synchronicity' in the 'quantum unified Source Field' of the 'Creator' or however you know 'Divine Love'.

TO SUM IT UP... The INTENTION for personal and planetary healing is the movement towards wholEness. That INTENTION is the hallmark of every golden age civilization.
Such INTENTION pays ATTENTION to Cultural DNA at the heart of free, on-line
'Universal Self Care'... the natural evolution of health freedom on Earth.

The immune system for global civilization will naturally be strengthened by "homeostasis" (checks and balances) via natural laws that govern biological and mental health according to spiritual Conscience.

Culturing this conscientious common sense -- '
Unity Conscience' -- will naturally evolve from
a universal interactive interface for 'global mass-to-mass TeLeComm', providing the 
-valuation criteria for culturing social Conscience in our ubiquitous social networks.

With VISION, the
United Sovereigns of Earth will thrive, raising the STANDARD of common sense, nurturing our 'Co-Creation with ', and establishing the 'Next Economy' at the heart of our Net reality. By culturing our Net worth with the Currency of Conscience, we naturally optimize the 'gold standard' for every golden age... from "the top" (spirituality) to the "bottom line" (holistic healing practicality).

So keep the fearless faith that co-Creates with the Power of Love to neutralize faithless fear and all the inordinate 'dis-ease' that goes with it.

To Your Holistic Health,

~ 'Dr. Christopher'

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