New Moon Solar Eclipse
Oct. 23, 2014


Aquarian Shift Activation – Act II

Act I HERE (Oct. 8th Full Moon Eclipse)

When the scientific revolution took spirit out of the heavens,
replacing astrology with astronomy, knowledge without
spirituality replaced ancient wisdom of 'The Force'
at the heart of the 'Unified Source Field' that
quantum science now validates as real.

by Christopher Rudy, Host of Cosmic LOVE

Eclipsing Inequality and Injustice in America

Note in the graphic above how the eclipse casts a shadow across the United States where gross inequality and injustice does indeed eclipse public health and prosperity, exporting war and disease-care policies (my last article) worldwide.
Great wealth in America has led to great abuse of power. The love of moneyed power has eclipsed the "currency of conscience" (power of love).  That's a very DEEP subject re: the war on conscience, the eclipse of our humanity by a power elite who are ethical infants.  More on that HERE... a good overview of the runaway inequality that has always destroyed civilizations.
In the larger scheme of eternal progression, the 'Progress of the Movement' towards a new enlightenment for the Family of Man in our global village is now emerging with fits and starts, and there is enormous energy in the sacred geometry of this eclipse.  That fractal order of specific frequency coordinates is like a formula for a seeded-coded divine energy that is morphing the matrix of earth grids and consciousness worldwide.
Like a camera aperture, this eclipse focuses the deep space energies of Libra (balance and justice) through the 'lens' of the Sun, Moon and Venus in conjunction, a powerful harmonic focal point that is "trine" (easily combines with) Neptune in Pisces (the higher octave of Venus). The Sun-Moon-Venus alignment is also "sextile" (optimal resonance) with Mars in Sagittarius, a raw energy frequency aligned with the deep space energies of mental fire. That's quite a combo!
This is a powerful configuration of 'Cosmic Love' coordinates which challenge 'the shadow' that has come upon the U.S. with the stripping of equity out of the markets, our homes, and the prosperity of the middle class. Unconscious resentment has been simmering and this could be a trigger for a lot of venting and finger-pointing. For the more enlightened, a vision of universal principles and processes for personal and planetary transformation may become self-evident.
This eclipse is far more powerful as a potential catalyst or 'emotional trigger' because it comes right on the heals of the Oct. 8th Full Moon Eclipse. Their 'linear' sequence -- like a one-two punch -- sets up a nonlinear singularity that is like a sequence of persuasion to GET WITH THE PROGRAM -- the natural order of quantum reality: how it's ALL connected, and how we ALL have the opportunity to unite along more enlightened 'lines' of universal-cosmic , or
by default, suffer the sense of separation from the 'Law of the Angles' and 'Language of the Angels' of .
Eclipses, like solstices and equinoxes, were anciently understood as windows for nonlinear perception out of the box of contemporary group think. Quantum science is resurrecting that reality whereby we are in the universe and the universe is in us'; ALL connected in The Field.

                              Dealing with Chaos and Madness in the World

There is a 'tremor in the force' during the time of eclipses, but that 'tremor' is not what you might think. Eclipses are a time of nonlinear disruption of each one's linear, lock-step, left-brain
'letter-of-the-law' that, in excess is a weakness, devoid of the spirit of the 'Great Law'.
That disruption is the judgment on the corruption of thought and feeling. A lot of people are scared and angry, and many will vent their fear and anger during the days before and after the eclipse, much like a pressure release valve. For others who are intent on conscious evolution, this is an ideal time to process fears and anger. The 'light' (frequencies) of this eclipse tend to bring up all that is less than love for transmutation in the fires of Aquarian Freedom-in-Love.

            So meditate, pray or otherwise focus your pure intention with love's retention for
                     conscious ascension in a dimension where universal rules.
                                     As above, so below... as within, so with all...
                                            on Earth as in Cosmos-at-large,

                                                         ~ Christopher


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