October 8, 2014 / Full Moon Eclipse

Aquarian Shift Activation

The Big Shift is upon us folks, and the unique
full moon eclipse today is a trigger event that
 is now morphing the matrix of our ‘Net reality’
 with the Aquarian Dispensation NOW, ACT I.

How we conceive and believe the future
we want NOW is how we'll make it so!

"The bad news is time flies. The good news
is you're the pilot."
~ Michael Altshuler 

by Christopher Rudy, Host of Cosmic LOVE

2014 is the first year that global Netizens received
most of their news from the open Internet rather than corporate media's perception management.

You want a glimpse of global enlightenment?
Is it true that
clean energy technologies will
   transcend international power struggles over
    oil resources in the MidEast and the Ukraine?
Are you aware that free universal self care
will transcend the pathological poisoning of
    people with toxic drugs for whatever ails you?
Would you agree that global rEVOLUTION
with interactive mass-to-mass TeLeComm
 will culture systemic peace and prosperity?
  Based on your intent for such enlightenment,
 consider how the currency of conscience is
  the golden rule/law language 'gold standard'
 at the heart of the Next Global Economy

Just as the Family of Mankind is waking up with full
awareness of the capabilities of the global Internet
for our instant-everywhere all-connected Net reality
so is the natural law language of light as conscience
now defining, refining and shiningTeLeConscience’,
a process of personal and planetary enlightenment,
culturing our global Net reality with quantum reality.

Quantum science has shown us how the InnerNet is
the source of
Effective Sensory Perception, and the
heart of divine order with universal laws governing the
all-connected unified field of the holographic universe
whereby 'Natural Law' (Geometric Ordered Divinity)
frames the Language of with the frequency of
holy compassion –
heart coherence – as in frequently.

The full lunar eclipse today ignites a grand fire trine
of extraordinary power, wisdom and cosmic
with Mars in Sagittarius trine both the Moon in Aries
and Jupiter in Leo.  Since Uranus aligned with the Moon, the emotional quotient of accelerated conscious revolution is added to this fiery trine which represents the 3-fold trinity flame of power of wisdom and love
for activating the quantum field of our global Net reality.

The Aquarian Shift to Global Freedom in
As Global Community Social Networks
With the Holy Spirit of in
Fulfilling the Aquarian

The Foundation

Global Enlightenment
is a Choice… for All.

The Crime of this Time
is Willful Ignorance.

The Opportunity of the Age
(Aquarian Dispensation)
is Freedom-in-.

  For more on ‘The Constitution of
- the interactive interface
heart of
global TeLeComm for our
evolutionary ascent,
   'Global Village Net Reality Activation'


Bottom Line: Seize the Vision - See the Good – and Make It So!

The divine intersect of the infinite and eternal in the here and now
is the sacred moment of Inner Sense – the heart of innocence --
 whereby we become conscious of HOW we are conscious with a
 CONSCIENCE… utilizing the language of
light as consciousness
      from upper to lowerbrain field’,
     from left to righthemispheres’,
  and from rear-brain hindsight
forebrain foresight.

Advanced students of the unified quantum field
are well aware that science without spirituality
is blind, and NOW time without LOVE is lame.
Just as the modern science of astronomy took
  God out of the heavens, so does the science of
  restore pure geometry archetypes of
G.O.D." (Geometric Ordered Divinity) that are
the sacred geometry coordinates in astrology
as also frame core archetypes that Carl Jung
   rediscovered at the root of modern psychology.
 For those neophytes of astrology's psychology
 who appreciate a deeper understanding of the
  quantum field dynamics of the powerful eclipse
that is now triggering accelerated evolution in
the collective conscience of global humanity...
watch this video by Tom 'Kaypacha' Lescher.

Oct. 7th video at www.NewParadigmAstrology.com

Note after the first few minutes how the wind
 dies down as Kaypacha finds his 'voice' which
   unveils the NOW nature of the full moon eclipse
in terms of ancient cultural myth as metaphor
    for understanding the influence of Uranus which
 was aligned with the moon during the eclipse.
    Uranus in astrology is the ruler of Aquarius and
     a key player in personal relationships as well as
     planetary conscious evolution at this time NOW.

The Spark of Universal
Global Freedom
In the larger scheme of eternal progression
 there’s common law, patterns of perfection,

and common language for inspired direction
 centering love within, so when we all enter in
 we find a unity state with one clear mandate
We must culture wholEness or we're insensate.

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