Easter, Nature’s Resurrection, and
the Global Ascension of Humanity

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Resurrection of the Ascension Teachings

In our world of seasonal cycles with the yearly pole shift
towards the Sun (Spring) and away from the Sun (Fall),
  all of Nature goes through rebirth, growth and dormancy.

Likewise, in the ‘life cycles’ of one’s spiritual evolution,
the soul goes through a cycle -- from spirit to matter -
 whereby a process of rebirth, growth and dormancy is
 repeated eternally… from incarnation to reincarnation.

by the ‘Easter Funny’

Easter ‘Egg Head’ in my Egg Rocker
 (Self portrait as explained HERE)

The ‘color’ of Easter Resurrection for Global Civility is the
with a systemic holistic healing 'Power Shift'
from the 'love of power' (outside force)
to the 'power of love' (inside force).

Consider for The Greening:

1- The ‘Cosmic Egg’ from which all Creation is ‘hatched’;
   2- ‘
AMERICA’ as the code word (anagram) for ‘I AM RACE;
3- As the tribes of
IS REAL unite, the ‘2nd Coming’ of the
I Am’ above meets the ‘I Am’ below in the
 heart, mind and soul of global humanity:

     The Affirmation and Confirmation of Co-Creation with 'The Field',
the Unified Quantum Torus Fields from Atomic to Galactic

“Matter is Energy. Energy is Light.
We are all Light Beings.”
~ Albert Einstein

The concept of the I AM RACE’ as cultural creatives -- or ‘lightworkers’ as 'lightbearers' or 'lighthouses' -- has been around for a hundred years with the Teachings of the Ascended Masters as explained in the previous article.

Those who are serious about their conscious evolution and have studied these Ascended Master Teachings as a progressive revelation whole are not surprised by the accelerated evolutionary ascent of global humanity at this amazing time of ‘thinning of the veil’ due to ‘Galactic Alignment’.


Is it true that there have always been mystics, saints and avatars who have communed with a spiritual hierarchy of ‘Ascended Beings’ who represent the divine destiny for Earth’s evolution?
Are you aware that the hosts of heaven have been increasingly stepping through the thinning veil at this time of galactic alignment surge in the
quantum Source Field?
Would you agree that the soul’s ascension is like graduation from Earth as a ‘schoolroom’ with the option of volunteering – either through re-embodiment or ‘overshadowing’ – to inspire us with their guidance to the extent that we raise our Conscience to match the unified field frequency of heart coherence?

Conscience is what Conscience does.”
~ The Ascended Forest Gumption:)

Obviously, global humanity has free will, so anything is possible, including a worldwide awakening to the divine ‘prime’ directive as will define, refine, combine and shine mass-to-mass interaction as cultures social Conscience in our local and global social media network communities.

Or as the Chief Architect of the Constitution said so well:
Conscience is the most sacred of all property.”
~ James Madison

 Earth is an ‘incubator’ planet for soul evolution,
and the egg-like ‘aura’ around our flesh bodies
is ‘hatching’ with the surge in Spring energies
 whereby all Nature experiences Resurrection.

As with the process of metamorphosis from a
caterpillar into a butterfly, global humanity
is now emerging with the vision of virtue
and valor as determines the victory of
conscientious evolutionary ascent.

GET THE VISION:  How rEVOLUTION  for ‘Resurrection
and ‘Ascent’ of global civility will naturally follow our
Interactive Mass-to-Mass TeLeComm with

EMBRACE THE VIRTUE: Pure intention for wholEness
and healing in global civilization will naturally follow
free on-line Universal Self Care with

COMMIT WITH VALOR: Fearless faith in Higher Power
will naturally neutralize faithless fear as we VOW to
     raise the standard: one world under G.O.D.

CLAIM THE VICTORY: Winning from the beginning
intention, attention, retention and ascension in
united dimension of VISION, VIRTUE & VALOR.


Easter Resurrection of Global Civility

Celebrating the ‘rite’ or “ritual” (rite you all)
of, by and for OVERCOMING  the
Dark Age,
awakening time
as we finish what U.S. Founders began;
a global
evolutionary ascent process
 of transformational metamorphosis:

"It is the ego that maintains the separation, 
the soul that knows better, and the 
divinity that calls us home."
~ Christine Page, M.D.

1- Crucifixion on ‘the cross’ (ego matters);
known as the dark night of the soul.

2- Resurrection of ‘the Son’ (Soular Light);
       mass awakening with heart coherence.

  3- Ascension of ‘graduating’ souls on Earth;
         ‘2nd Coming’ in our collective Conscience.

Are you ‘Born Again’?

  Enough of the suffering sinner sense of separation
from the ‘Spirit that Matters’ for OVERCOMING…
  as the light of the infinite and eternal ‘Great Spirit’
    descends to, and then ascends from ‘embodiment’.

This vertical relationship with the Great Spirit is
 one’s connection with
G.O.D.~  ‘Source
  as represents the first principle ‘prime directive’
 of pure intention to do no harm… to pay attention
with love’s retention because love is
for giving,
for getting… because conscious ascension
    requires this upward-mobile soul-growth process
    to fulfill the Great Law of the Great Spirit and thus
     ‘graduate’ or otherwise ascend with “flying colors”
    (full spectrum Conscience)
of a more enlightened ‘Cosmic
’ nature.

     As ‘light’ of the eternal spirit of heart coherence
morphs matter for
mind congruence  with
the Great Spirit
heart of Co-Creation,
the ‘Spirit that Matters’ naturally
frames the ‘
Mind of G.O.D.
and  Shift Happens !

Humanity’s Choice in the
Full Spectrum Field of
Conscious Evolution

Either full spectrum Conscience goes mainstream
or full spectrum autism continues misunderstood.

Is it true that the heart powers the brain?

Are you aware that ‘heart coherence’ is
a golden ratio frequency harmonic
 with the heart of ‘The Field’?

Would you agree that the
Power of Love’ is a
Higher Power?

With   as the rule for
full-spectrum  Conscience,

It’s time that we all get a better understanding of
the conscious evolution process that best serves
conscientious common sense for all humanity…
beyond the human “
SIN” of “Stuck In Negativity”

"Only the wisest of men (positive intent)
stupidest of men (negative intent)
never change." ~ Confucius

So is your ‘cup’ half full of proactive wisdom
that sees a future we all want?
Or is it half empty with reactive negativity
that can’t get past the past?

Do you see the opportunity with optimism that
dreams the best that can happen
in order to make it so?

     Is common sense as the ‘Currency of Conscience
 the same ‘Full Spectral Unity Conscience’ that
    translates to self-correcting ‘self-elevation’ as the
     self-governing and self-healing at the heart of our
       up-wising and up-rising salvation-as-
Would you agree that the world is rapidly changing with
great opportunity for all of heaven to break loose?

Imagine what the world will look like as common sense
 becomes more common with the resurrection of
unity in our diversity.

Perhaps you’ve heard of the ‘Hundredth Monkey’ effect
whereby a ‘critical mass’ of conscious evolution
leads to spontaneous evolutionary ascent
 in the collective consciousness of
 each-all ‘
lightened’ souls.

Perhaps you’ve also heard of the ‘Placebo Effect’ in
medicine whereby belief in a drug improves results
even if the ‘drug’ is a fake sugar pill or toxic poison
  with no truthful evidence of health-building efficacy.

You can believe in the ‘high priests’ of medicine and
 take the ‘sacrament’ of drugs for whatever ails you,
or you can believe in the Higher
Power of Love as
conceives, believes and achieves wholEness for
healing holistically in your spirit, mind and body
and in global civilization via Universal Self Care
and Interactive Mass-to-Mass TeLeCommunity.

To Establish ‘The Foundation’,

~ Christos

Continued for “Communicants" (advanced ‘Initiates') HERE.

 Imagineering a Vision of Virtue and Valor for the Victory of  
Pure Intention as Focuses Attention with Love's Retention 
Conscious Ascension in the Soul's Dimension of
 Eternal Progression.


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The Constitution of Conscience’.