Are we Told the Truth of Coming Earth Changes?

"The sun and planets of our solar system have experienced magnetic pole shifts.
There's something going on Earth to explain the melting of the poles and
exponential increase in the frequency and intensity of
weather storms, earthquakes and volcanism."
HEARTcom Network / January 5, 2009

by Christopher Rudy, Editor
GeoNotes News

Earth has now entered the sector of the Galaxy known as the 2000+ year Age of Aquarius that, since ancient times, has been known to represent the "light of divine Love".  Add to that the influence of full entry into the Photon Belt of cosmic energies, and you have a double-whammy of "more light and love". Add to that the resonant synchronicity with the "web of consciousness" as the instant-everywhere-interactive Internet integrates the unprecedented power of love into the conscious evolution process.

The synergistic effect of these influences is greater than the sum of the parts and translates to
The Global PowerShift Equation for the Conscious Movement:

Photon Belt energies (more "Light"), stimulating the currency of conscience at the heart of the Next Economy,
enlightening consciousness of the golden rule/law language at the heart of every Golden Age...
+ (plus)
 Energies of Aquarius (more "Love"), harmonizing the Morphic grids of consciousness and the Earth body with
pure intention of the frequency of holy compassion at the heart of the Aquarian Dispensation...
+ (plus)
Cultural DNA for Net Reality (
), framing core Constitutional freedoms with the angles/angels of G.O.D.~LOVE
at the interactive gateway from cyberspace to innerspace; the InnerNet at the heart of the Internet...
= (equals)

 A Global rEVOLUTION in Higher Conscience on the 2012 Timeline to "
the "spherical-
" conscience that represents the "Law of
ne" at the heart of the spiritual Dispensation of Aquarius.

A wholly new Spirit of greater LOVE is matriculating the matrix of matter in non-linear spherical terms (""-point spiritual) that empowers holy compassion at the HEART of divine order.  This is the "Geometrically Ordered Divinity" (LOVE Model) that provides quintessential "pure geometry" thoughtforms for the expansion of consciousness.

Heaven knows that a lot of human misqualified energy -- mind numbing fearmongering -- has afflicted humanity since domestic terror morphed from 9-11 to economic chaos.  The politics and economics of fear -- to force agendas of population control -- sacrifice freedom for security until we have neither.

"When government fears the people, there is freedom...", Jefferson once said. The other part of that quote is, "... When the people fear government, there is tyranny".  There once was a  time when government really was accountable to public opinion.  Now there's something else going on.  Something the public is NOT being told for reasons that mind-numbing fear-mongering serves.

We see the symptoms of it -- an obvious contempt for public oversight of the privatized FED and militarized corporate government. But the REAL truth is unspeakable -- not fit to print or otherwise reveal in the corporate media.

"It ain't what you don't know that gets you into trouble.
It's what you know for sure that just ain't so."
~ Mark Twain

We all know that the first casualty in war in truth, and endless terror war has counted on misinformation and disinformation to sustain Big Government as a growth industry.  Now we see the fruit of that -- domestic terror that relies on fear of everything that would make desperate, numb-and-dumb people dependent on government policies for salvation. "FUD" and "DUH" have become government policy via "Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt" (FUD) and "Dummies, Unconscious and Heartless" (DUH).  Or is that just the effete elite who want everyone as miserable as they are, orchestrating terror war as a mass diversion while fearfully preparing for something they aren't telling us?

Global warming is an issue that numbs the brain of a lot of otherwise rational people.  Ever wonder why the same oil-soaked Powers-That-Be -- who fight wars over oil -- are the same PTB suppressing free-energy technology to keep us dependent on oil, no matter what the cost to the environment as our "life-support-system"?  Or is there a "deeper" (darker) agenda that sacrifices lives in the short term so that an elite few can thrive to prepare and survive?

How many people know that "global warming" has been happening on all the planets of the solar system?  This is well documented but largely unreported.  The sun is heating up way beyond the supposed convergence of 11 year and 200 year sun spot cycles.  Something is happening very differently in our solar system.  You can read about it at
"2012 Forecast"
-- at .

A few Internet searches on this subject will reveal much to fear that is unreported in the predigested pabulum of the corporate media.  Should we go to bed, pull up the covers, and cry "good bye cruel world"?  Would you rather not know that global civilization as we know it may well be in the "last days" if we don't prepare in ways that are kept "unthinkable" with endless FUD and DUH?  Why have the elite been building secret underground shelters worldwide as though there were no tomorrow?   Is there a covert agenda to "reduce population" by default of public preparedness for a far greater danger than we are being told?

Is there a method to the madness of domestic economic terror as the public U.S. Treasury is hijacked by the privately owned FED, just as Congress was hijacked by war profiteers after 9-11 domestic terror?  Is the real reason for this the diversion of trillions of dollars into deep cover "black operations"  for secret "underground projects"?

There are other 'global warming" factors we are not told.  Ever hear about H.A.A.R.P.?  [Google it]  It's a massive array of Tesla technology with antennas in Alaska, capable of beaming massive energy levels -- terrawatts of power --
into the ionospher.   They can converge (target) that energy to move jet streams and control weather patterns by heating the atmosphere.  Government has been doing it for years to control the weather and for more sinister purposes that your searches can reveal.

Global warming?  Inordinate fear from "natural" disasters?  Should we trust government to deal with "natural disasters" -- like Katrina -- in a mode of true public service?  Did oil prices spike after Katrina with enormous profits for oil-soaked inside traders?  Have we seen massive profit gouging on oil since then?  Is black gold being used to leverage huge profits for black operations we never hear about?  Why have massive underground shelters been built for 200 Rockefeller-related families on the coast of Australia?

Fearmongering movies like "The Day After Tomorrow" and other "end of the world" scenarios are popularized to both desensitize us and stampede obeisance to Big Brother edicts for less freedom under duress of one security threat after another.  Has FUD and DUH become so prevalent that we can't see the Big Picture of something going on that the PTB are concealing to avoid panic and demands for civil defense?

To get an idea how the real science behind the myths of "global warming" is controlled, consider how the Discovery channel announced it had a program on this topic that was switched to an old Roswell program.  Or as Larry Lawson said, "Kinda like when Connie Chung was going to do an expose on Skull and Bones and that was pulled at the last moment".

There are indeed some fearsome signs of the times, even in the mainstream media.  Take for example the mass dying of bee colonies across the U.S.  As Einstein once said, "If the bee disappeared off the surface of the globe, then man would only have four years left to live."  Without bee pollination of the food chain, we've got about 4 years. Like the dead canary in the coal mine, the disappearing bees are a warning.

If  you read the 2012 Forecast -- or go to -- you'll realize what we can expect in just a year - 2010.

Do you really want to know dear reader?  Would you think only of yourself if you knew that we only have about a year to prepare?  Or would you do what you could to network a vision that could reboot civilization to harmonize the shift or, at least, establish the blueprint of a Golden Age for the remnant?

You can prepare on the "inner" -- set your sails spiritually for come what may.
Or you can prepare on the "outer" -- to survive what's coming physically.
Or you can hopefully prepare on both the inner and the outer.

Be prepared so you don't have to get prepared
as the Galactic Shift and coming Earth Changes
accelerate the healing crisis that is self-evident
 in the signs of the times.

"Resolve to perform what you ought. Perform without fail what you resolve."
~ Benjamin Franklin, Autobiography, 1771


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