Why the Power Elite Create Crisis and Manage Crisis
with Plans to Increase Control and Reduce Population

"Underlying 'America's New War' is international 'population planning.' According to Rockefeller-directed population planners, additional depopulation must occur in advance of the New World Order.  According to the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) March/April 1996, Foreign Affairs journal, "Plans to depopulate America by half to achieve a U.S. population in the range of 125 to 150 million, or about its size in the 1940s, are underway." --Dr. Leonard Horowitz, D.M.D, M.A., M.P.H.


There are two ways to look at the following information.  One is to go to bed, pull up the covers, and cry, "Good bye cruel world".  The other is to be grateful that the whole truth is coming out -- that the public is becoming aware of power elite potentates who have a Love-challenged agenda for planned economic collapse.
The best hope is that enough good people will awaken to reality and see the opportunity in the problem rather than the problem with the opportunity.  If your cup is half full -- rather than half empty -- you will do something constructive with this information.

"As Rupert Sheldrake points out in his theory of morphogenetic field resonance, the '100th Monkey Effect' [collective CONSCIENCE] occurs when enough people drawn together by a shared purpose, are holding the same thought all at the same time. When that happens, the rest of the world, in varying degrees, will experience an internal shift." - from www.heartcom.org/GratitudeAltitude.htm

At least, please care enough to share this with those you love.  Make that everyone on your lists, and by God's grace, what goes around, comes around.  Divine Love will prevail when enough good people hold the vision, embrace the virtue, make the vow and claim the victory.   Use the power of the Internet so we don't lose it.
- Christopher
"For my part, whatever anguish of spirit it may cost,
 I am willing to know the whole truth; to know the worst
and provide for it."
[in the spirit of overcoming -CR]
- Patrick Henry
--------- article excerpts follows:

World Affairs Brief, February 9, 2007. Commentary and Insights on a Troubled World

Copyright Joel Skousen. Partial quotations with attribution permitted. Cite source as Joel Skousen's World Affairs Brief

Entire PDF Version at: World Affairs Brief February 9, 2007


Hollywood documentary producer Aaron Russo is not the typical pro-government Hollywood director. He produced the dramatic pre-9/11 expos?on the Bush administration, "America: Freedom To Fascism" -- a video that the establishment didn't like at all. Russo tells, a few years later, how his normal friends in Hollywood began to try and dissuade him from taking this anti-government stand. One of those friends was an attorney named Nick Rockefeller-- yes, of THE Rockefeller family.

Thinking Russo was a typical Hollywood liberal that could easily be dissuaded, Rockefeller opened up to Russo about a lot of the things the establishment had planned, including the "terror" attack on the WTC, well before 9/11. He was clearly trying, as Russo says, to recruit him to their side. Rockefeller even knew that the powers in Washington would use the terror attack as a provocation to go into Afghanistan and Iraq. He joked about how Russo would see on television US soldiers "looking around in caves for Osama bin Laden" but would never find him. Rockefeller was cynical Russo said, and relatively unguarded.

I believe all of this is credible. We've never had any of the high level conspirators admit to their plans, but this comes the closest because Rockefeller didn't intend it to be a confession to the world. Rockefeller is probably regretting now that he spilled the beans to Russo, but that's water under the bridge (or perhaps even Russo's death warrant someday).

Rockefeller talked about how
they funded, through the Rockefeller family foundation, the Feminist movement in order to break up the American family and get more women out in the workplace and more children in daycare -- so split and stressed families would begin to "look to the State as their family." He mentioned goals to depopulate the world, to get people to eventually accept imbedded microchips (and how the elite could gain instant immunity by having their chips encoded with a special code telling all police that this person is part of a special group and not to be arrested). It's a fascinating interview. See it here: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=1263677258215075609&hl=en


Despite being intimidated into silence and fired for pressing his questions to his supervisors, a New Jersey Emergency Medical Technician has contacted the producer of the popular "Loose Change" 9/11 video expos?and given additional crucial testimony that proves the World Trade Centers were pre-rigged with steel-melting explosives. Here is the story from Paul Joseph Watson of PrisonPlanet.com:
"A New Jersey EMT has gone public on how emergency workers were told that Building 7 was going to be 'pulled,' before a 20 second demolition countdown broadcast over radio preceded its collapse. The ground zero rescue worker also blows the whistle on how he witnessed multiple underground support columns of the WTC towers that had been severed before the buildings imploded.
"In a letter to Loose Change producer Dylan Avery, the individual who wishes to remain anonymous referring to himself only as 'Mike,' 30, NJ, describes how he has repeatedly tried to alert numerous authorities to what he saw on 9/11 but was ignored or told to 'shut up' on every occasion, and ultimately fired for 'disorderly conduct.'
"In his enthralling testimony, the EMT goes into graphic detail of how he and others personally witnessed a plethora of explosions at all points of the buildings before their collapse. 'There were explosions. There were flashes. There was molten metal running down the I-beams of the basement levels like lava flows. I've never seen anything like it. Yes, planes hit the buildings--anybody who says otherwise is a moron. But the explosions--the rapid, symmetrical, sequential explosions--they happened,' states Mike.
"He explains how he and others were in the basement of one of the towers helping injured victims when he saw 'One of the huge steel and concrete support pillars with an 8 foot section blown out of the center of it.' Looking around, Mike saw other support columns that were in the same condition, prompting rescue personal to ask, 'How could someone have rigged all these explosives? ... We stood outside listening to the explosions,' states Mike.
"'One after the other, every minute or so. At one point, about 10 minutes before the first collapse, a 30 foot or so section of the courtyard exploded straight up into the air [indicating explosives in the basement area]. Just before the collapses, a series of deep, below ground explosions, then numerous explosions in the buildings upper floors. Then we ran. We felt the same deep explosions before the second collapse. This was not just the planes.' The rescue worker concludes emphatically, 'The buildings were rigged, there is no question about it.'"
He is absolutely right; there is NO QUESTION about it. We now have multiple witnesses to hearing the explosions, photographs of the near molten residue of steel being removed from the basement of the WTC [way too hot for fuel-caused heating], and now a witness to the actual molten metal flowing out of the main support columns -- which airplane fuel fires could not have caused (not even close). He also gives evidence of a coordinated demolition countdown heard on the radio for Building 7 (which was not hit by any airplanes and had only minor damage).

How many other witnesses are there out there who are still keeping silent due to threats? Two more have come forth since this story was published at PrisonPlanet.com. They both say they were clearly told that WTC-7 was going to be "taken down." All were threatened to remain silent. Such threats from officials in government constitute
a blatant conspiracy to obstruct justice.

The only question is how big is the conspiracy and how far up does it go?  ###

[For answers to that, read THOSE BEHIND 9-11, Vaccine Attack,
and to go deeper, read THE FAITH MATRIX - CR]


"The cause of America is in a great measure the cause of all mankind.
We have it in our power to begin the world over again."
- Thomas Paine, Common Sense, 1776

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