Recent Compendium of "Be Prepared" News Items
updated Nov. 19, 2009

"Resolve to perform what you ought. Perform without fail what you resolve."
~ Benjamin Franklin, Autobiography, 1771


Preface to Compendium of Recent News:

I’ve been in the preparedness business for decades and seen the full spectrum of perspectives on the matter.  There's a perfect storm of factors converging now, as never before, to prepare while there is yet time.  Read "Twilight Zone" to see that storm coming.

Your ability to prepare much longer is the question.  As serious as things look now, this is relative calm compared to what's coming. 
 I hope I'm wrong.  Connect the dots for yourself. 

"The prudent see danger and prepare, but the simple keep going and suffer for it."
~ Proverbs 27: 12


updated 11-19-2009


Preface Note: Government officials announced back in December 1st of 2008 that the U.S. economy was officially in recession.  According to the National Bureau of Economic Research, the economy had actually been in recession for a year.  Now signs indicate a far worse scenario with portents for hyperinflation and plague, but the national media reported on Oct. 29th that the recession is over even as job losses are up.  The week before, National Emergency was declared and Martial law is threatening a narrowing window of opportunity to prepare. For those who can read the signs of the times, food reserves are top priority while you can still get them.  ~CR

The portents for currency hyperinflation and serious plague are downplayed by the corporate media,
but the implications for social chaos, economic collapse and Martial law are now self-evident.
We're now entering the "Twilight Zone" that could either tear the Republic apart or herald
the beginning of mass awakening to the potential for healing of core institutional dysfunction.

CAUTION: Stock Market Crash /Collapse Dead Ahead Say Faber, Rogers, Dent and Celente
10-04-2009  ~  MarketOracle
For those that follow contrarian investors like Marc Faber, Jim Rogers, Gerald Celente
 and Harry Dent, this should come as no surprise. 


 Stock Decline Hits Depression Levels
During the darkest 10 years of the Great Depression, from September 1929 to September 1939, the stock market dropped roughly 50%, adjusted for inflation. With today's drop in the stock market, the U.S. has now matched that unfortunate milestone. 

George Soros: No bottom for world 'financial collapse'
Soros said the turbulence is actually more severe than during the Great Depression, comparing the current situation to the demise of the Soviet Union. 

The Baltic Dry Index Collapses 93%
02-11-2009    Surviving the Middle Class Crash
The relatively unknown Baltic Dry Index, or BDI is a leading economic indicator. Read this article, watch the video, then start stocking up on things you need while you can. 
Apparently 80 % of the ships that operate from Singapore are now at anchor because they have no cargo to carry.  See also:,0,6955296.column

ALERT! Pure weaponized live H5N1 Flu Virus put into flu shots by Baxter
03-02-2009  •

Health expert Mike Adams points out, “The shocking answer is that this couldn't have been an accident." This has received ZERO coverage in the US media.  

A Planet at the Brink
Michael T. Klare, "The global economic meltdown has already caused bank failures, bankruptcies, plant closings, and foreclosures and will, in the coming year, leave as many as tens of millions unemployed across the planet. But another perilous consequence of the crash of 2008 has only recently made its appearance: increased civil unrest and ethnic strife. Someday, perhaps, war may follow. As people lose confidence in the ability of markets and governments to solve the global crisis, they are likely to erupt into violent protests or to assault others they deem responsible for their plight, including government officials, plant managers, landlords, immigrants, and ethnic minorities."

U.S. Clears Path to Bank Nationalization
02-23-2009  •  Washington Post
The Obama administration revamped the terms of its emergency aid to troubled financial firms, setting a course that could culminate with the government nationalizing some of the country's largest banks by taking a controlling ownership stake.  See also:  "Socialism or Fascism?"

Clinton wraps Asia trip by asking China to buy US debt
02-23-2009  •
In Beijing, she called on authorities in Beijing to continue buying US Treasuries, saying it would help jumpstart the flagging US economy and stimulate imports of Chinese goods.  Is that why Tibet human rights were ignored?

 Is The Money the Federal Government is Giving AIG Going to China?
02-23-2009  •
Now AIG, a company founded in China in 1919, with very strong ties in China, is about to report a $60 billion dollar loss in one quarter and is reported to be seeking even more money - or at least a conversion to common equity - from the federal government.  Is it true that Congressional pension funds are vested in AIG?

Analyst Predicts 40% Unemployment, No Recovery until 2015
Unemployment nationally in the USA is now touching 16%. The officially posted number is somewhere near half of that. By the fall of 2009, American real unemployment will be near the all time 1930's Great Depression high of 25% unemployed.

Just the Early Stages of Economic and Financial Collapse
Posted: January 21 2009 / The International Forecaster
The real estate crisis is probably only about 40% over.  There will be further declines, residential and commercial, and then a basing out period that will take several years.

Devvy Kidd / Jan. 15. 2009 /
1. Depression 2009 - Biggest Train Wreck In History
2. State Pensions? $865 Billion Loss Affects New Workers
3. Bernanke tells Obama $775bn fiscal package is not enough
4. Jobless claims overwhelm state offices

Who runs America?
"The only honorable members of the House, voting against unconditional support for Israeli killing of Palestinian children, were Democrats Dennis Kucinich (Ohio), Maxine Waters (California), Gwen Moore (Wisconsin), and Nick Rahall (West Virginia), along with Texas Republican Ron Paul. And Mr Kucinich put the whole case for their vote when he said "In Gaza, the United Nations gave the Israeli army the coordinates of a UN school, and the school was then hit by Israeli tank fire, killing about 40. The UN put flags on emergency vehicles, coordinating the movements of those vehicles with the Israeli military, and the vehicles came under attack, killing emergency workers. The Israeli army evacuated 100 Palestinians to shelter, and then bombed the shelter, killing 30 people."  Blunt stuff , but it cut no ice with the 390 members of the House who voted for Israel to continue its killing."

Wall Street Robber Barons Ride Again
Robert Scheer, Truthdig / Jan. 14. 2009
"Why rush to throw another $350 billion of taxpayer money at the Wall Street bandits and their political cronies who created the biggest financial mess since the Great Depression? And why should we taxpayers be expected to double our debt exposure when the 10 still-secret bailout contracts made in the first round are being kept from the public?"

Attack of the Global Pirate Bankers
By James S. Henry
In the last thirty years, fueled by the globalization of financial services, lousy lending, capital flight and mind-boggling corruption, a relatively small number of major banks, law firms, accounting firms, asset managers, insurance companies and hedge funds have come to launder and conceal at least $10 trillion to $15 trillion of private untaxed anonymous cross-border wealth.

Wrapping Up 2008: More Than 2.6 Million Job Losses
The Labor Department reported a massive 524,000 decline in nonfarm payrolls during the month of December and an unemployment rate of 7.2
percent, the highest in 16 years.
  (many think it is much higher)

Billions Face Food Shortages, Study Warns
Ian Sample, The Guardian UK
"Half of the world's population could face severe food shortages by the end of the century as rising temperatures take their toll on farmers' crops, scientists have warned... The worst of the food shortages are expected to hit the poor, densely inhabited regions of the equatorial belt, where demand for food is already soaring because of a rapid growth in population."

1-07-09  /
 Don’t look now, but the USTreasury bubble has begun to burst. This should be an ongoing story throughout 2009. The rally on weakness has run its course. Meaningful efforts to prevent a US Economic and US Financial System collapse will assure degradation, devaluation, and a semblance of destruction for the beleaguered USDollar.  It is on its last legs after 37 years since its removed tether from gold.
U.S. debt is losing its appeal in China
1-07-09    International Herald Tribune  & NYTimes
 China has bought more than $1 trillion in American debt. In the past five years, China has spent as much as one-seventh of its entire economic output on the purchase of foreign debt - largely U.S. Treasury bonds and American mortgage-backed securities. "All the key drivers of China's Treasury purchases are disappearing," said Ben Simpfendorfer, an economist in the Hong Kong office of the Royal Bank of Scotland. "There's a waning appetite for dollars and a waning appetite for Treasuries".
The Economic Collapse of 2009 (Part 4)
01-08-2009 / Dave Hodges
 Your supermarket contains 3 days worth of food. What’s in your pantry?
And So It Begins...
If you depend on that government deficit spending I hope you've been paying attention to my warnings and doing what you have to in order to solve that problem in your personal life. Time may be running out at a much faster rate than I had thought. 

Banker Bailout Cost Exceeds All American Wars
1-06-09  /  Accuracy in
"The total value of the bailouts undertaken by the federal government in 2008 now exceeds the combined cost of every major war the United States has ever engaged in, according to a comparison of war costs calculated by the Congressional Research Service (CRS) and the value of the bailouts as calculated by Bloomberg News or Bianco Research."

Krugman: Fed Can't Save Us from Great Depression II
1-06-09  /
The fact is that recent economic numbers have been terrifying, not just in the United States but around the world. Manufacturing, in particular, is plunging everywhere. Banks aren't lending; businesses and consumers aren't spending.

Predictions Justin Raimondo: Save your candles - the Dark Ages are coming
1-07-09  /
The trillions President-elect Obama plans on spending to "cure" our economic malaise will prove poisonous to the dollar, with hyperinflation an inevitability. Whether this reaches Weimar levels remains to be seen, but one can easily imagine... <cut> 

Watch the Dollar
01-07-2009  /  Sri Lanka's Daily News
"In short, beware the happy talk from those who say we are "turning the corner," ignore the daily ups and downs of the market, and tighten your belts. This is going to hurt." 

Ron Paul: Failure of dollar will dwarf current crisis
1-07-09  /
Paul replied. "I think the confidence eventually will be lost. ... The financial system broke down because they lost confidence in it ... but soon they're going to lose confidence in the dollar. Now that'll be a crisis that'll be... <cut> 

Food Scarcity Appears Inevitable
By Dr. James Howenstine, MD.

Food Scarcity Appears Inevitable.
It appears that famine will become a prominent feature of these end times. Multiple factors are now operating that will contribute to famine.

Somber Thoughts for the New Year.  Will There be a Recovery?
By Paul Craig Roberts / January 05, 2009 "Information Clearinghouse"
In the 21st century real wages have not risen. Workers have spent more by accepting deteriorating household balance sheets. They have maxed out their credit cards and spent the equity in their homes. Imitators of the US government, American consumers borrow to pay their bills.

Could Yellowstone earthquakes be another end-of-times sign?
It has been reported that approximately 500 small earthquakes measuring up to 3.9 magnitude have occurred at Yellowstone since December 27 of last year. It is being said that although tremors are common in this area, it is not common to have so many in such a short period of time. Professor Robert B. Smith, a geophysicist at the University of Utah, says that because it is not normal they are paying close attention to the activity. "And there were voices, and thunders, and lightnings, and there was a great earthquake, such as was not since men were upon the earth, so mighty an earthquake. and so great.". (Revelation Chapter 16 verse 17)

Uh Oh..... Monetary Flat Spin
Tuesday, December 30. 2008 / The Market Ticker
Everyone, including Bernanke, was expecting the rate of home price declines to start to slow in the second half of the year.  Instead, they accelerated.
We're in uncharted territory folks, and the forecast is for dark-and-stinky storms.

Bolton: Gaza raids precursor to Iran war
31 Dec 2008
Former top US diplomat John Bolton says Israeli strikes on Gaza have ignited a multi-front war which could lead to a US attack on Iran. Bolton, a former US ambassador to the UN, accused Iran of supplying arms and equipment to Hamas and making efforts to develop a nuclear bomb. "I don't think there's anything at this point standing between Iran and nuclear weapons other than the possibility of the use of military force possibly by the United States, possibly by Israel," Bolton told FoxNews. "So while our focus obviously is on Gaza right now, this could turn out to be a much larger conflict," said the hawkish US official, adding, "We're looking at potentially a multi-front war."

Norman Solomon | A Hundred Eyes for an Eye
Norman Solomon, Truthout: "Even if you set aside the magnitude of Israel's violations of the Geneva conventions and the long terrible history of its methodical collective punishment of 1.5 million Palestinians in Gaza, consider the vastly disproportionate carnage in the conflict. 'An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind,' Gandhi said. What about a hundred eyes for an eye?"

Why Do They Hate The West So Much, We Will Ask
By Robert Fisk /
Jan. 7, 2009 "The Independent"
So once again, Israel has opened the gates of hell to the Palestinians. Forty civilian refugees dead in a United Nations school, three more in another. Not bad for a night's work in Gaza by the army that believes in "purity of arms". But why should we be surprised?

Quote in the "walk a mile in their shoes" category:
"Conscience is the most sacred of all property. " ~ James Madison, Architect of the Constitution, 4th US President  (essay on Property, 29 March 1792)

Holocaust Denied -- The lying silence of those who know
By John Pilger / Jan 8, 2009
"When the truth is replaced by silence," the Soviet dissident Yevgeny Yevtushenko said, "the silence is a lie."  It may appear the silence is broken on Gaza. The cocoons of murdered children, wrapped in green, together with boxes containing their dismembered parents and the cries of grief and rage of everyone in that death camp by the sea, can be viewed on al-Jazeera and YouTube, even glimpsed on the BBC.

"Men hate those to whom they have to lie." ~ Victor Hugo 1802-1885

Number Of Iraqis Slaughtered Since The U.S. Invaded Iraq:

Quote in the "silent majority" category:
"The world is too dangerous to live in - not because of the people who do evil, but because of the people who sit and let it happen." ~ Albert Einstein

Some Are Saying, "The Fix Is In"
Leaks from government whistleblowers and corporate informants indicate that a deal has been made in the Skull and Bones war rooms of the power elite who gave us two World Wars, or three if you see the trajectory since 9-11.  Credible studies now show that the bailout of the bankers, by the bankers and for the bankers has cost more than all the major wars the U.S. has ever fought.  So what's the deal?  Are you aware that the Red Chinese OWN (as collateral on balance of trade deficits) the mortgage paper on a MAJORITY of American Homes?   Are you aware of the prophecy of George Washington that foresaw a Chinese invasion of the U.S.?  Is that prophecy pre-ordained to be self-fulfilled by the power elite?  Or is prophecy a warning to be prevented by informed choice?

Quote in the "give me truth" category:
"For my part, whatever anguish of spirit it may cost, I am willing to know the whole truth; to know the worst and provide for it."

Obama's cabinet picks signal continued wars and homeland repression.
Obama's War Cabinet by Stephen Lendman / December 6, 2008
Obama's national security appointees (like all his earlier ones) aren't "change to believe in" or what people expected for their votes. They're recycled establishment figures. Their agenda is business as usual, and they'll continue the same failed Bush administration policies at home and abroad. Washington's criminal class is bipartisan. Obama was chosen to lead it and is assembling a rogue team that's little different from the one it's replacing.

One Giant Rez
by Will Grigg
1-3-2009  /  Pro Liberate
"What's happening in my country is also happening in your country. You don't even know it, but you're the Indians of the 21st Century, and that's very sad." ~ Russell Means, Indian Activist, of the newly created Independent Republic of Lakota. 

Financial Ruin and War For All Who Oppose The Rulers of the Economy

The International Forecaster / January 03, 2009
For those of you who think critically. 

Rockefeller cartel and Rothschild puppets in Israel and parts of Europe, are all trying to start wars so that they are not forced into a position to change the current fiat world monetary system.

Fed Refuses to Disclose Recipients of $2 Trillion in Bank Loans / Transparency as Promised?  Or Dictatorship?
Mark Pittam, Bloomberg News: "The Federal Reserve refused a request by Bloomberg News to disclose the recipients of more than $2 trillion of emergency loans from U.S. taxpayers and the assets the central bank is accepting as collateral."

Would They Be Planning to Use Troops Against Americans If They WEREN’T Stealing Our Money?
George Washington’s Blog / Published 01-01-2009
Political science professor at the University of Texas at El Paso Charles Boehmer points out that “
The military was not called out during the Great Depression….”

Where'd the bailout money go? Shhhh, it's a secret  A BAILOUT TO NOWHERE! / December 22, 2008
WASHINGTON (AP) -- Where'd the bailout money go? $350 billion later, banks won't say how they're spending it. It's something any bank would demand to know before handing out a loan: Where's the money going? But after receiving billions in aid from U.S. taxpayers, the nation's largest banks say they can't track exactly how they're spending the money or they simply refuse to discuss it.

Ron Paul: Fear Based Bailouts Constitute Economic Terrorism
12-19-2008  /
Texas Congressman Ron Paul has hit out at US monetary policy, warning that fear based politics are being used to promote the bailout culture in the same way they were used to sell the Iraq war. 

The Global Economic Crisis - Bad and Worsening 
by Stephen Lendman / December 9, 2008
World economies continue to deteriorate in potentially the worst ever economic crisis.

Regulators preparing rescue of credit unions . . . again
12-9-2008  •  Reuters 
Federal regulators are preparing a rescue plan to shore up the finances of some large credit unions, using billions of dollars in new government borrowings, the Wall Street Journal reported. 

How To Guarantee A Depression: Use Eminent Domain to Buy up MBS
12-08-08  • 
Administration officials are allegedly considering using eminent domain to buy up MBS, with the justification for doing so being invocation of "national security". 

Mike Morgan: I don't see any way to avoid a Depression
12-06-08  •
The more money we hand over to Wall Street, the harder this Depression will be on everyone . . . and the more violent. I don't see any way to avoid a Depression. Nor do I see any way to avoid civil unrest to rival anything we might imagine. 

Robert Reich | The Great Crash of 2008    12-02-08   
Robert Reich: "If this isn't a Great Crash I don't know how to define one. Stocks were down another 7 percent today. Since the peak of last year, major stock indexes have dropped 47 percent. We're in range of the Great Crash of 1929. Why is the Great Crash of 2008 happening? First, because investors are beginning to understand the enormity of the bubble economy that began to form in the late 1990s when all constraints were lifted on borrowing in order to buy everything that was assumed to be increasing in value -- starting with houses and including securities and shares of stock themselves."

World stability hangs by a thread as economies continue to unravel
"The global financial crisis has not bottomed yet. The impact is spreading globally and deepening," said Zhang Pin, head of the national development commission. "Excessive bankruptcies and business closures will cause massive unemployment."

Dow Plunges 680 Points as Recession Is Declared  
Michael M. Grynbaum, The New York Times: "The evidence of a recession has been widespread for months: slower production, stagnant wages and hundreds of thousands of lost jobs. But the nonpartisan National Bureau of Economic Research, charged with making the call for the history books, waited until now to make it official - and the announcement came on a day when the American stock market fell nearly 9 percent in a single session."

Economic Rescue Could Cost $8.5 Trillion   12-01-08 See also:
Jim Puzzanghera, The Los Angeles Times: "With its decision last week to pump an additional $1 trillion into the financial crisis, the government eliminated any doubt that the nation is on a wartime footing in the battle to shore up the economy. The strategy now -- and in the coming Obama administration -- is essentially the win-at-any-cost approach previously adopted only to wage a major war. And that means no hesitation in pledging to spend previously almost unimaginable sums of money and running up federal budget deficits on a scale not seen since World War II." 

Bailout Monitor Sees Lack of a Coherent Plan
The head of a new Congressional panel set up to monitor the gigantic federal bailout says the government still does not seem to have a coherent strategy for easing the financial crisis, despite the billions it has already spent in that effort. 

Bipartisan Commission Warns of Anthrax, Spanish Flu Terrorist Attack Within 5 Years
12-02-2008    Ginn
A commission warned that terrorists will strike within the next 5 years using either nukes or bio weapons such as anthrax or the Spanish Flu.

Global manufacturing gauges collapse in November
"Manufacturing is in freefall, with output collapsing," Shepherdson wrote.  "We see no prospect for near-term improvement." 

Survival Wise or Dumber than Dumb?
12-01-2008 by Dave Hodges
If the Biblical saying (Hosea 4:6) My people perish from lack of knowledge. is indeed true, Americans should be placed at the top of the endangered species list. <cut> I am left wondering what percentage of Americans actually believe that the Federal Reserve is both Federal and has reserves. Soon, nearly 100% of Americans will not be able to find their wallets. Or as Thomas Jefferson said, If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be.

Cracks in the Foundation… The End of Capitalism?
By Ann Robertson
The collective consciousness of the U.S. working class is on the brink of a profound transformation.
 We grew up being told that capitalism was the best of all possible systems, with apparent confirmation
being supplied by the fall of the Soviet Union. But we are now entering a new reality that has the potential
 to overturn all the old, established assumptions perhaps, in the final analysis, even to overturn capitalism itself.


by Nouriel Roubini
The unraveling of the Shadow Banking System

Get your head around it folks!  The transformation of the US continues
 with socialism for the rich, the well-connected and  Wall Street,
where profits are privatized and losses are socialized.
Should we be surprised that those causing it
are the one's who profit the most...
while denying transparency
for accountability?
B i g  D U H!
Call it "FED fraud"
which has fooled the public
every since they foisted the Big Lie
that the private banksters fronting for the
"Federal Reserve Banking System" were any way
"Federal" or had any "Reserves" other than the ability to
print the money that is "loaned" to the US Treasury with interest
paid by US taxpayers in the form of gradually increased income taxes.

THE BANK BAILOUTS:  Four the public?  Or for Privatized Public Institutions?

Most people just can't get their head around it...
the bailout of the banksters, by the banksters and for the banksters.

I think any thinking person today knows the United States is now
 under the control of these multinational corporations.
~ continued at WHO PROFITS?


"I love the man that can smile in trouble,  that can gather strength from distress,
and grow brave by reflection."
~ Thomas Paine