Beginning of the World - Part Three

Continued from Part Two at:
'12-21 Revelations'

 This is the time of revelations and mysteries revealed
from ancient to modern technologies still concealed
to the secrets of conscious evolution being unveiled.

It's in your hands!

For those advanced 'initiates' and 'light workers' who 'get it',
that the future of Earth is a 'white page' to write on at this time...

consider the highest and best use of your gifts and talents for
culturing global civilization along more enlightened 'lines' that
frame the constitution of cyber
Ethics for global TeLeComm-unity
as will culture
social Conscience in our new Net reality, and thus,
provide ordained checks and balances on the use and abuse of
the POWER of WISDOM with LOVE at the heart of
ne .

The Next Economy will emerge with the 'Currency'
of, by and for
Social Conscience that will naturally
  culture a global r
EVOLUTION in higher Conscience
    as will best utilize breakthrough technologies for the
United Sovereigns of Earth.

Star Trek Tech Breakthroughs

Now consider that the last frontier is 'Inner Space'
that will be pioneered with '
Love Tech' for
worldwide heart coherence and
mind congruence with

What they don't mention in the video above… the hand-held ‘tricorder’ for health scans, and how close we are to that now… plus the REAL state-of-the-arts with teleportion technology… plus the anti-gravity breakthroughs used in the REAL (secret) space fleet and for ‘free energy’ power for homes and road transport… plus automated language translation with heart coherence monitors for global TeLeComm with Heartware.

2012 LOVE Unveiled

Barbara Marx Hubbard video on "Modeling the New" and the ' Model' as a
'Whole Brain Holodeck Model' for navigating
The Holographic Nature of the Universe.


Check out this picture of Barbara Marx Hubbard, heiress of the Marx Toys (Barbie Doll) fortune… and read the full story HERE.   That was 38 years ago and ‘Barbie Marx Hubbard’ is still promoting her ‘hub model’ along with Foster and Kimberly Gamble of the Thrive Movement.  That ‘hub model’ is a classic ‘left brain’ model that divides one’s interest and/or expertise into compartmentalized categories.  This ‘linear’ model may be the comfort zone of left-brain dominant Western civilization, but it is intrinsically devoid of the right-brain ‘holism’ (holographic)  principles that empower cooperation and community as intuitively understood by a balanced 'whole brain' global civilization.  When ‘solutions’ are framed with the linear logic of left-brain dominant models, that’s what you get… the emphasis of collective ‘mind control’ rather than nonlinear coopera-tion with right brain heart coherence that centers and connect 'smart' with a ‘heart’.

It’s interesting to me how the intellectual elite in the West talk the talk of love and kindness, and use video clips of Eastern adepts such as the Dalai Lama, to promote their ‘Birth 2012 Shift Network’, while at the same time promoting Hubbard's model that is intrinsically divisive rather than holistic… centralized rather than decentralized, top down control-based rather than bottom-up cooperation based.  But that can be expected when you understand how ‘Barbie Marx’ has worked with government and Defense Department insiders for decades… to engage and profile the ‘New Age’ movement with her ‘hub model’.

See the 3 minute video at:

Yes, New Agers WANT TO BELIEVE in the birth of a New Earth with love and kindness.
I do too!  But we shape our models for social networking and then those models shape us.  If the model is not holistic in the way that represents the WHOLE BRAIN MODEL as each one’s biological model ‘holodeck’ for interacting with the ‘Holographic Universe’… we are inadvertently divided and conquered rather than united and victorious – the United Sovereigns of Earth.

That may sound cynical and overly critical, but models matter.  The end of the world as we have known it means the end of prevailing insanity that sustains endless war for peace, endless disease profiteering called ‘health care’, and endless media propaganda for social control.  If we are to wake up from the Orwellian nightmare that suppresses peace, health and social Conscience, we must wise up with a model that represents the
  'Holographic Nature of the Universe'.

At this link (above) 8 excellent YouTube videos provide
a profound overview of the the holographic nature of
'conscious co-creation with the universe'.

The video below is a more simplistic explanation:

51 minute documentary on the 'Holographic Universe' and
our 5 sensory 'window' into the quantum 'Source Field'.
 With understanding of '
Enlightened Sense Perception',
we window into the quantum field dimension where
Eness can be navigated to be made whole,
for holistic healing of body, mind and spirit.

In summary, Heart Coherence  is the spiritual science that centers one’s ‘holodeck’ with the core heartbeat of the Earth (Schumann Resonance) as resonates with brain waves
and the intelligence in the unified-quantum ‘Source Field’ for ‘Universal Co-Creation’ with the ‘Creator’ of life throughout Cosmos.

God has methods. Universal
is the model.  And when Heart Coherence centers ‘Mind Congruence’ with as ‘Cosmic Law’ and ‘Common Language’, then we will see how G.O.D.~ Conscience is naturally cultured in our social networks… our global communication communities.

"In God We Trust" thus take on a new meaning
for a new time with the new currency of
G.O.D.~ Conscience.

This spiritual science is where East meets West in the right and left hemispheres… for a holy WHOLE that is far greater than the respective strengths of either Heart Coherence or the ‘Mind of G.O.D.~ Congruence’.  This is how the collective Conscience of humanity will naturally evolve with TeLeComm processes that emphasize TLC at the heart of our social network communities.

 With this vision of TLC virtue and valor for our collective victory – the Big Shift from 3-D consciousness to 5-D Conscience (as explained HERE) – the cultural creative ‘initiates’ of this model will pioneer the last frontier of Inner Space with an interactive cyberEthics interface for navigating the InnerNet at the heart of the Internet. 

This is how a global revolution in higher Conscience
will naturally evolve for birth of a New Earth.

Seize the Vision, embrace the Virtue, network with Valor and claim the Victory so that generations from now, our progeny will say that this was our finest hour.

This is the time that is ordained for our
accelerated conscious evolution.

Be the ‘Shift’ you want to see.

~ Christos


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~ 'Dr. Christopher'

"This is a test to see if your mission on Earth is over.
If you are still alive, it's not."
 ~ Sir Francis Bacon