The Beginning of the World - Part Two

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 This is the time of revelations and mysteries revealed
from ancient to modern technologies still concealed
to the secrets of conscious evolution being unveiled.

 Think about it… the Family of Man in a Global Village.
We are now all connected by the worldwide web of
consciousness that is cultured by global TeLeCom
and the last frontier of the Internet which is the

inner space at the heart of cyberspace

 This Inner Space is the InnerNet
-- the web of consciousness --
at the heart of the Internet.

 People worldwide are connecting globally
on their desktop, lap top and palm top
viewers of the ‘best’ videos in the world.

 A new Vision is going mainstream…
a vision of how good things can be
if only we get our act together and
act like mature humane beings.

   The only thing lacking now for a global
 revolution in higher consciousness is
  a good e-valuation criteria for what is
truly ‘best’ for our new Net reality…
    what is ‘best for all’ as represented by
 our local and global social networks.

 That enlightened 'e-valuation criteria'
- at the heart of our social networks -
    is virtually the ‘Cultural DNA of
  the 'Geometric Ordered Divinity' which
    frames the fractal order of the Universe.

This is the Cosmic
that has always been
the heart of common law as the universal law of
the '
Angles of G.O.D.' and the cosmic language
of the '
Angels of LOVE' at the heart of
conscientious common sense
as uncommon as that may be.

 There’s nothing more valuable than that this
vision of virtue and valor for the victory of
and Peace on Earth

 We’ve all heard that LOVE makes the world go round
and that
LOVE heals all. That’s a global event now.
  The end of a world that engages in endless war
is the beginning of a world without warring
in the members of the Family of Man.

What a concept!

 Well-rounded LVE is the universal standard for
global unity in our diversity. It always has been.
But now it’s a matter of our survival and thrival.

 What goes around comes around,
and Great
LVE is like a giant
boomerang that keeps coming back.
As Cultural DNA, it boomerangs
with social Conscience that heals
all our social, political and
economic problems.

Common sense social Conscience tells us that,
is the rule, LOVE rules.

 So what are we waiting for?

Can you think of a better future for global humanity?

 Is it true that humanity’s conscious evolution
will mature with good Conscience
 – global enlightenment -
when the highest interactive standard
-- of, by and for universal
goes mainstream
in our local and global social networks?

 Are you aware that the best standard for two-way
interactive mass-to-mass communication
is a universal interface that will culture
our individual and collective consciousness
with the gold standard of universal

Would you like to see a global standard for cyberEthics
that raises the gold standard of Conscience and
cultures whol
Eness for a global golden age?

Consider what that will look like.

 Everyone will continue connecting with the best videos in the world
on their desktop, lap-top or palm-top viewers.

What is different is that anyone watching those videos
will be able to interact with viewers live, in real-time,
  or with replays that include all previous response.

 This has profound implications for global humanity,
and this is now possible with two breakthroughs
that are defining the ‘Next Generation of the
Internet Revolution’… from cyberspace
to Inner Space… our new Net reality.

How is that possible? The first breakthrough is
with ‘Heart Coherence’, a term pioneered by
Dan Winter who has an application for
Internet interaction that can actually let you know
when you are in your heartheart coherence -
or could show what part of an entire social network
 is heart coherent… a unified field of
‘smart with a heart’… and that common sense
will be a huge breakthrough for
social Conscience
in our ubiquitous social networks.

 The other breakthrough is the cultural DNA
‘Heartware’ –
the language of consciousness -
that provides the e-valuation criteria for a
cyberEthics standard that makes mass-to-mass
 interaction possible, so a hundred or million
people can respond to the same video at the
same time… without creating noise.

In fact, this interactive interface fulfills the natural
progression of the computer/Internet revolution
from the early emphasis on hardware, to later
emphasis on software, and then netware

when the computer became the network of computers…
to now ‘Heartware’ when ‘computing’ gets a heart.

 That’s why I’m optimistic. I can see where this is going.
Mental congruence with Heartware will provide a
feedback readout, a small window on your video screen,
that displays the collective-interactive consciousness
that utilizes the 'light language' of consciousness for
'Co-Creating as One' via mass e-valuation language
that brings more 'light-as-consciousness' to our
local and global social networks.

 New videos can then be created which emphasize the
‘highlights’ of response from former videos, bringing
more ‘light’ to the context and its true meaning
as represents the collective consciousness of
all respondents.  Think about that.

 The vision alone… how that will work to culture
social Conscience in our social networks…
can be the catalyst for a self-fulfilling prophecy
that will make it so… a global revolution in
higher consciousness that finishes, worldwide,
what US Founders began with the Great Experiment
in representative self government.

 Now you can see how the Family of Man will finally
achieve an electronic space age upgrade of our
core horse-and-buggy Constitutional freedoms
 for our global village. It’s really quite simple.

 All of our core social, political and economic problems
are basically communication problems… how we
come into unity for REAL community with a heart.

 Home is where our heart is, and Earth’s rebirth
brings us all home with more
LOVE as both the
frequency of holy compassion– Heart Coherence -
and one’s alignment with universal principles of
LOVE-in-action via ‘Heartware Congruence’.

The synergy of
Heart Coherence
Heartware Congruence
far greater than the
sum of the parts.

 This is the pure intention of enlightened Netizens…
to focus attention with greater
for conscious ascension in the soul’s dimension
of eternal progression… moment to moment.

This is the alliance of ‘cultural creatives’
- ‘
The United Sovereigns of Earth’ -
who claim the victory of heart and mind
for all hearts and minds on Earth.

 With this vision, our humanity thrives.

 Without this vision, humanity suffers.

 I’ve interviewed many people who are a lot smarter
than me over 5 years of hosting my radio talk show.
By now, I’m well aware that there is technology
that is now available and can now liberate
extraordinary abundance for humanity…
not just
free energy breakthroughs,
but also breakthrough technologies for

Universal Self Careand Quantum Healing
in the energy fields governing our physical health.

 All of these breakthroughs will naturally follow from
a global communications standard for cyber
   based on
heart coherence and congruence.

This reference to the new technology for global
is actually a metaphor for the non-physical method of the
Universe and the quantum field of energetic change
which is now surging with the energies of Galactic
Alignment that is flooding the Earth with the
intensified light of the Photon Belt of
hundreds of billions of stars in
our galaxy's orbital plane.

 It is our consciousness that is changing rapidly,
and those who are not Stuck In Negativity
are well aware of the great opportunity to
shape those changes in the optimal way
that creates a golden age for Earth.

This naturally will involve and evolve
public awareness of the ‘gold standard’
as the ‘First Principles of Faith’ for the
Alliance of global Netizens who are
world Citizens among all of '
United Sovereigns of Earth.

 I’m optimistic that now is the time ordained
when the
United Sovereigns of Earth will
realize… with REAL EYES
that common sense
unity Conscience is our
divine destiny… the
social Conscience
that will finish globally that which
US Founders began with the
Great Experiment in our
own representative
  self governance.

 Now everyone can be represented directly in
social network communities that are united
with a global standard,
heart coherence, as
centers and connects
with the
language of consciousness at the
heart of the
Constitution of Conscience.

The conscious evolution of global humanity
 has arrived at a point of no return to stupid.
 This evolution revolution is the fulfillment of
     the knowledge explosion with communication
  tools and processes that have shaped a new
Net reality… a new Common Sense.

 Global community has arrived at the point where
  better communication processes will now culture
          our natural destiny as the
United Sovereigns of Earth.

 The cultural DNA for social Conscience has always been
the golden rule/law language for every golden age.
It’s not rocket science.  Universal love has always
governed galactic cycles and global evolution.

  New social networks will naturally emerge with these
new standards for culturing a 'New Common Sense'
  with the '
Enlightened Sensory Perception' that will
transcend "
DUH" (Dark, Unconscious & Heartless).
These new standards for
heart-mind coherence and
congruence will create new industries that bank on
abundance virtues - the Currency of Conscience -
at the heart of the uprising of
social Conscience
and downsizing of the backwards, oxymoronic
‘value of scarcity’ that maintains a status quo
 for the inordinate profit and power of a few
at the expense of the worldwide masses
yearning for global

Net reality standards for a Golden Age:
the conscious rEVOLUTION concept
whose time has finally come with
understanding of personal and
dimensional shift
in the image and likeness
of worldwide

1-D:  The pure intention of neness and atnement
           for the '
SIN' of 'Stuck In Negativity' that suffers
         with a sense of separation from
ne .

      2-D: The Two-in-ne C-Creation of Spirit and matter
                   with the
that matters in the heart and mind
                     of "
US" (United Sovereigns) on Earth as in Cosmos.

     3-D: The Three-in-ne trinity of C-Creation synergy
                that is greater than the sum of
heart coherence +
congruence with as Law and Language.

   4-D: The Four-in-ne integration of the four sides of
                the 'pyra-mid' of Self and global-universal civility:
Self government spiritually via Heart Coherence;
Self education mentally via Mental Congruence;
Self healing holistically via Universal Self Care;
Self employed via an economics of abundance
         whereby we take care of all the above, and
        all the above is taken care of by all of
US" (United Sovereigns) on Earth
     as with our Space Family.

5-D: The Five-in-ne 'spiritual fire' of the 'pyra-mid'
          as the "
Creative Ascent Process" (CAPstone)
        at the heart of each one's holodeck functions
            that mirror the common 'Law of the Angles' and
Language of the Angels' of a nature.

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