Part Three - Continued from 2016 Metamorphosis

Law of the Three-in-
NE from ‘Bottom-Up’


  Movement to the “Circle of WholEness”
CAPstone Conscience from ‘Bottom-Up’)
will nurture, uplift and otherwise
care for
the synergy in the 3-fold trinity that when
balanced is greater as the Three-in-ne
    than the sum of the sacred geometry parts.

Evolutionary Ascension with Love's Retention


The higher the concept of enlightened Media and Mentoring,
the greater the RESULTS for interactive TLC-in-action.

The global mass movement we now see
  matriculating the matrix of our Net reality
 is towards integration of consciousness
 with the 
divine mother language of 'TLC'
    at the heart of the divine father archetype
- the circle in the -
 as 'law giver' in the image and likeness of
G.O.D." (Geometric Ordered Divinity).

As global media reflects and perfects our
  emerging capability for greater wholEness
- the larger circle -
   our sense of Left-brain fragmentation from
compartmentalized thinking is 'expanded'
   with all-connected Spherical Conscience.

  This is the 'biological model' whereby one's
Left-brain Linear Logic interacts with your
right-brain nonlinear intuition for synthesis
    as synergy - heart coherence in the trinity.

  Just as clothes are an extension of the skin,
 and cars are an extension of the feet, so is
TV an extension of the eyes and ears, and
  the Internet is extension of the global mind.

  Likewise,  is an extension of heart coherence,
 the frequency of 'wholEness' - moment-to-moment -
which centers the '
Language of the Angels' (TLC)
within the Law of the Angles (sacred geometry).

Global holistic healing is taking a quantum leap in 2016.
  The following videos set the matrix with pure intention to
 focus attention with love's retention for rapid ascension
  in a co-Creation dimension:
wholEness comprehension.

From the Jan. 23rd, 2016 Holistic Healing Seminar:

Medicine via TeLeCare 
 TLC as self-healing medical processes
for sustaining our optimal health
with free online universal

This first video on Global TeLeCare is a 7 minute intro
 to 2016 roll-out of a global holistic healing opportunity.

Transcript with hot-links: HERE.
Local news article on Global TeLeCare HERE.
Crowdfunding campaign for a documentary on
Global TeLeCare HERE.

The second video is a 53 minute interview on the new
emerging Internet capabilities for holistic health care.
Live video broadcast thanks to

 The 3rd video of Dr. Kathy Forti presents her discoveries
   of ancient healing technologies as are being rediscovered
  with quantum science and Atlantean crystal technologies.

Healing Discoveries from Ancient to Modern Times

More on the '2016 Global Healing Vision' at:
'The Language of Healing for Global Reset',
 'Global Shift from Crisis to Cooperation'
and 'Awakening to Global Healing'.



Network with Valor ~ Win/Win Ascension 
Law of the Four-in-NE from ‘Left to Right’