Part Four - Continued from 2016 Metamorphosis

Network with Valor ~ Win/Win Ascension 
Law of the Four-in-NE from ‘Left to Right’


 Movement to the “Circle of WholEness”
CAPstone Conscience from ‘Left-Right’)
 fulfills the powershift from spiritual, mental
and emotional quadrants to the physical.

    This manifestation of 'Spirit that matters'
   is the fulfillment of the Law and Language
    of universal for global interactive
   TeLeComm, TeLeCare & TeLeCommerce
   as a media, medical and marketing model
    for upgrading social conscience with TLC
  at the heart of cyberEthics -valuation.

Summary of the ‘Four Directions’
as the ‘Prime Directive’


(Creative Ascent Process) 

~ Take it from the ‘Top’ ~  
 There’s no security without purity.
Pure intention of, by and for the will
G.O.D.~~'Unified Field'
is fulfillment of the ‘Prime Directive’
for divine order in all ‘co-Creation’.

  ~ Expand from the ‘Right’ ~
Eternal progression is a process.
The higher the concept of  
as divine right in the public sphere
KINGdom Conscience), the greater
the results with social Conscience.

~ Synergy in the ‘Trinity’ ~
  Cooperation optimizes co-Creation.
By defining, combining and refining the
 3-fold POWER of WISDOM w/LOVE,
the upward-mobile nurturing of ‘TLC’
optimizes creative caring synergies.
~ Integral ‘wholEness’ ~
Co-Creation primes community.
The key to integrity in social network
  communities is integration of all the
  Prime Directive enlightenment keys
   to wake up, wise up and rise up via
Web 3.0 Heartware cyberEthics.

The Management Model for
Self-Governing Sovereignty
with CAPstone Conscience.

+ + =


In the following video on the
"Global Unity Project"

note this quote at 6:23 minutes:
"A common language among all people
  should be implemented so we are able
to communicate with one another
across the world."
[This is the universal law language of ;
the heart of Web 3.0 Heartware cyberEthics]

It is the common sense of common law with
the universal law language of that
 empowers real-time instant consensus with
Web 3.0 Heartware cyberEthics interaction:
   a voting process as explained at The Vision.
  (See also ‘light language’ and the ‘holodeck’.

 This is how the best communicators can be
    recognized in a meritocracy and thus elected
     as Communicants to represent all Netizens in
 a local or global social network community.

 CLAIM THE VICTORY – conscious ascension:
 The higher one’s vision - the direction for victory -
  the greater the results; integrating components to
CAPstone vision (Creative Ascent Process)
TLC at the heart of global ‘TeLeCommunity’.

Vision of, by and for the holy spirit as
-in-action on a global scale of
mass-to-mass heartware interaction
   is the
power of love for world change.

  A CONSTITUTION for culturing Net reality:
 Framing the 1st principles of vision, virtue, valor,
 and victory via intention, attention, retention and
ascension in all
5 dimensions of comprehension
 of, by & for full spectrum enlightened Conscience
for ALL of “US” (United Sovereigns of Earth).

For a New Common Sense that Involves
and Evolves Unity Conscience in the
Movement Towards wholEness.

Full Spectrum TeLeComm:
 Global TeLeCare,

Founders Program / Affiliate Model

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