Global Holistic Healing Series

Mass Awakening for Global Healing
It’s all-connected, the quantum realty
that knows better and does better to
heal the cause behind 'the cause' of
 the systemic global healing crisis.

April 9, 2016 /
Christopher Rudy
Host of Cosmic LOVE


Global humanity is rapidly awakening to an
 awareness of a new quantum science with
 new quantum field technologies for energy,
   healing, communications and transformation
that makes current technologies obsolete.
 As disruptive as new abilities may appear,
conscious evolution wants only to be free
  to ascend with heart coherent intelligence.

The health care system as we have known it
    has been privatized for stockholder profit from
      disease creation and treatment, not prevention.
     Those incentives are pathologically backwards
     with a pound of treatment 16x's more profitable
     than an ounce of cure. And death-by-doctor in
      the U.S. has become a leading cause of death.

    That insanity is ending with mass awakening
     to new capabilities for global holistic healing.


  PART 1 – The Trend of Global Holistic Healing
                    Beyond a History of ‘Disease Care’

     PART 2 – Awakening to a Decentralized System
                           Representing Billions of Global Netizens

PART 3 – Preventing and Managing Disease
                   With Free Online Global TeLeCare


PART 1 – The Trend of Global Holistic Healing
             Beyond a History of ‘Disease Care’

Having developed four holistic health centers over four decades,
I've been in the trenches, finding what works for holistic healing.

Quantum science has unveiled the realm of energy healing beyond the old paradigm of medical science that ignores quantum reality - Nature's God as Natural Law Language governing the order of the quantum universe. God has methods.

The new science of the ‘energies of health' is a quantum leap beyond the old paradigm of the 'chemistry of disease' (drugs for whatever ails you). Ending every Dark Age is Enlightenment.

Just as the Internet has empowered a surge of social conscience with instant-everywhere and interactive knowledge power, so does quantum reality reflect and perfect the same intention for attention and retention of conscience for ascension in a unified field dimension of holistic wholEness comprehension.

The new quantum paradigm embraces the spirit that matters with one's intentions influencing the outcome as in every quantum experiment – or experience – for we all live in an all-connected quantum field as an ocean of vibrational actuality that we subjugate as 'reality'.
This is why the 'placebo effect' has either positive or negative results based on one's positive or negative belief in whatever remedy one chooses. It's why people will get a better healing result from a 'sugar pill' - that they are led to believe is the right medicine for them. It's also why people will get no healing from their doctors prescribed drug if they believe it will do more harm than good.
The power of belief works both ways. Unfortunately, the economics and politics behind public health care "BS" (Belief Systems) are far more convoluted than the science of quantum healing.
The modern medicine monopoly that is dominated by high-profile drug pushing wants us to believe there is only one way for public health... with no alternative to the most expensive health care in the world that is also the least effective for public health.

For example, a new study shows that ginger is thousands of times more effective than chemo for curing cancer, and only kills cancer cells. But cancer is the most profitable industry of the medical-industrial complex. The high paid oncologists – averaging $1.2 million per year – will never mention ginger or they lose their job.

The drugging of America includes vaccines which are pushed heavily from cradle to grave. Vaccines go hand-in-hand with drugs, injecting pathogens and toxic heavy metals directly into the blood stream... creating pathologies ranging from autism and a weakened immune system to a full-spectrum of life-long disease afflictions.
Of course, the drug industry vehemently denies that disease is linked to vaccines even though it is extremely profitably for them to create and treat vaccine side-effects with more drugs that have more side-effects treated by more drugs, etc. What a racket!
Making a killing off sick people? Or business as usual?

Most Americans don't know the history of the current health care system that will someday be remembered as the ‘Dark Ages of Modern Snake Oil'. We tend to take our health for granted until we lose it, and then we too often surrender our health choices to a medical system that cares more to profit from disease rather than prevent disease… as criminally insane as that may sound.
Actually, that’s corporate law – that stockholders come before the public when profits are at stake. That’s why the power behind centralized top-down ‘Big Government’ has consolidated power with giant corporate mega-mergers in the major markets of Big Pharma, Big Oil, Big Media, Big Banks, and Big War profiteers.

That corrupt system of Big Business collusion with Big Government is coming to an end... but I digress.

Most people WANT TO BELIEVE that doctors really care, that drugs really work, and that insurance will cover the care we need when we need it. That would be true if the ethics of non-profit service in health care had not been privatized for the profit of stockholders who would rather profit from disease rather than provide free online self care services for the analysis, prevention and management of all disease.

That’s the state-of-the-arts with current database analytics and global Internet capabilities. But the privatized corporate health care system is a disease care monopoly for profit, not prevention of profit.

And there you have it folks!
Wall Street thrives the more
that the public get's sick.

The medical-industrial Big Pharma complex is the biggest racket on Wall Street. It's six times bigger than Big Oil and bigger than the military-industrial complex. Most people don't know that the founders of this racket, Rockefeller and Carnegie, financed  legislation - the Flexner Report of 1910 - that created the medical drug-pushing monopoly we see today. They financed 1,100 medical schools across the U.S. with drugs-per-symptom pharmacology at the core of the curriculum. And guess who owns controlling interest in the major drug companies behind that drug-pushing medical monopoly?

How Healthcare Was Bought Out,
Resulting in Today's Focus on
Vaccinations and Pharmaceuticals

March 30, 2016 /

The Internet has awakened 4+ billion online Netizens to a lot of truth that is suppressed by the 6 giant mega-media cartels which have interlocked ownership with controlling interest by the Rockefellers and other owners of the Federal Reserve central bank, created in 1913 when the biggest banksters and robber barons of the day joined forces to take over the U.S. economy.
John D. Rockefeller, the Father of Big Oil, was the first U.S. billionaire when there were relatively few millionaires. Rocky was selling snake oil out of the back of a wagon when he discovered bubbling crude oil in Pennsylvania, and saw the market for replacing whale oil for lamp light. And then the horseless carriage came along, wanting fuel.
Later, old John D. saw the market for replacing natural healing and homeopathy with a drug monopoly… even while he employed a naturopath and homeopath to keep him healthy into his 90’s.

 If true, that Hippocrates was the Father of Medicine
  who emphasized the prime directive of Do No Harm,
John D. gave true meaning to the word ‘hypocrite’.

With his unprecedented wealth, "competition is a sin" Rockefeller ruthlessly suppressed or took over competition in the oil markets just as he did in medical markets, the banking industry and later the communications industry.
Eustice Mullins, who wrote the definitive work, Secrets of the Federal Reserve [video by Mullins HERE], exposed it as a stealth-created, privately-owned, illegal usurper of the Constitution's provision to own the U.S. treasury and currency creation. And they've got away with this 'Federal Reserve' deception - which is NOT federal and has no reserves - for more than 103 years!
That's the power of multiple monopolies in medicine, media, and major markets in banking and power generation… all which contribute generously to politicians who then rig the system to subsidize, bail-out or otherwise benefit the corporatocracy.
Mullins was later challenged to investigate the money trail behind ownership of ABC, CBS, NBC and other mainstream media outlets, and after much research found that the massive fortune of the Rockefellers had controlling interest with many of their bankster buddies on board - interlocking directors on the boards directing the mega-media cartels that tell us what to think.

And then along came the Internet so we could think for ourselves.
This is now the major source of "Net reality" (true news) worldwide. That has led mass awakening to both the global healing crisis and solutions. And it makes us ask, "What were we thinking?"

A good definition of the problem leads to solution.

Global holistic healing follows the same principle involved with holistic healing for any individual. One must first come out of denial of the problem with the health care system in particular and the drug-pushing, energy-polluting, war profiteering, corporatocracy cabal control culture in general.

The health care system as we have known it
     has been privatized for stockholder profit from
      disease creation and treatment, not prevention.
     Those incentives are pathologically backwards
      with a pound of treatment 16x's more profitable
     than an ounce of cure. And death-by-doctor in
     the U.S. has become a leading cause of death.



PART 2 – Awakening to a Decentralized System
                    Representing Billions of Global Netizens

  This subject is not for neophytes on the path of
 conscious evolution revelations regarding the
 deep shift hitting the fan of Aquarian energies
     matriculating the matrix of Freedom-in-
 As the Currency of Conscience surges in our
new global interactive social InnerNetworks,
  social credit will reflect our social conscience
and global economic resources will redeploy
from degenerate self-destructing institutions
to regenerating 'holistic healing' institutions.

 Global Currency Reset is Imminent
April 4, 2016 / History and Progress
of the Global Economic Reset

  For those initiates with a mature understanding
    of ‘evil’ as the dark-force of ‘Stuck In Negativity’
- known anciently as spiritual wickedness in
      high places
or principalities of darkness -
  you may appreciate the following recent video
    interview - David Icke and Alexandra Meadors -
as exposes mass 'perception deception' and
highlights global mass awakening dynamics.

April 5, 2016

David Icke provides an insightful interview on the body as a biological computer, discussing how to overcome the deceptions which limit Effective Sensory Perception.

David once again motivates trailblazers to see through the illusion and acknowledge their important role in awakening social conscience with their support of enlightened solutions to systemic social problems.

Note: at 20 minutes, “Technology is mirroring
the reality we ‘channel’ in an
    interactive quantum universe.”

“Disease is dis-ease – a state of energetic
information imbalance.”
(42 minutes)


PART 3 – Preventing and Managing Disease
                 With Free Online Global TeLeCare

Creating a Culture of Holistic Healing
with Well-Informed Self-Care Choice

·       Intro article on Global TeLeCare

 ·       Video trailer on Global TeLeCare

 ·       Funding the Vision to Make it So

'V' as Vision of Virtue and Valor
for the Victory going Viral
in an upward spiral.

Claim the Victory!

We are awakening to a space of grace
where intuitive knowing keeps pace
overcoming 'Stuck In Negativity'
 with healing attitude positivity.
Awakening Happens:)
~ Christopher

 May your enlightenment be sublime
and your radiant networking shine
to put all sinister darkness behind
via Global TeLeComm for mankind.

To  with all your strength, mind, heart and soul...
 and your Netizen neighbor in our global village as thyself.