Raising the standard of health care from lowest common denominator "one drug fits all"
to highly personalized, integrated body-mind-spirit information for optimizing
holistic health and preventing or treating disease.

Introducing 'Universal Self Care'
by 'Dr. Christopher'

My background for creating a portal "gateway" to a wholly new model of health care -- new standards for a new industry -- is largely through long work in the trenches of self care and holistic health care.

In the 70's I developed and managed a natural foods store and eatery, working as a nutritionist while teaching natural foods cooking classes.  In the 80's I developed a model of self-perfecting database standards for the analysis, prevention and treatment of disease, working as a holistic practitioner in a clinic with three doctors while training nationwide under leading practitioners of the most advanced non-invasive healing modalities.

By 1987 I was approaching investment bankers, venture capitalists, market makers and private investors with business plans to launch UltraMedics, to do for holistic/preventive health care what paramedics do for crisis medicine.  What I learned was that the economics and politics of "health care" as we know it has made that industry 97.5% disease care with the most powerful vested interests in the world virtually making a killing off the indirect cause of disease (nutrition-stripped, chemical-laced "food"), and then more chemicals (drugs) for the direct treatment of disease.  I learned first hand of many cures for cancer and other diseases being suppressed by power elite medicrats and their minions.  Gestapo-like raids were even destroying holistic health clinics, but covered up in the media that's controlled by the same vested interests behind the scenes.

In the early 90's I opened my own UltraMedics clinic as a model for branchizing (like franchising but without the red tape and over-regulation).  I tried to keep a low-profile but word of mouth of the methods and results spread so fast that I was soon called on the carpet and put out of business by a "kangaroo court" held by local doctors under a Church leader that threatened excommunication if I did not stop "causing trouble". 

"Health care" in America is the last deeply entrenched monopoly industry in the U.S. that has not yet been forced to deregulate under anti-trust laws.  This backwards disease care industry has in fact turned common sense on it's head, making a pound of cure 16 times more profitable than an ounce of prevention.  More than a million Americans die prematurely every year because of the profits-before-people gameplan of the medical/media industrial complex.  Big business collusion with big government (Big Brother) pays off politicians with the perks of power, prestige and profit.  The media is paid off for its silence on this with a majority of it's advertising dollars promoting foodless junk "food" and drugs for whatever ails you. 

The 'paradigm paralysis' that puts corporate profits above public health is killing us, and there's nothing more valuable than a compelling vision for healing of this systemic dis-ease in the body politic.


This is the UltraMedicsTM model that is an archetype for the new paradigm in medicine. I still haven't found a better model for optimizing both physician care and self care protocols. Part of the model is its positioning, initially, as a PPO (Preferred Provider Organization) to serve self-insured organizations interested in optimal health and cost containment.  Since health insurance is the #1 cost of doing business in corporate America, new standards for a new health assurance industry could create a multi-billion dollar market virtually overnight.

Informed Choice:  Clinic procedures are designed around consulting clients rather than prescribing drugs.  Remedies are homeopathic, naturopathic, lifestyle disciplines (diet, exercise, etc.), and  medical treatment if indicated via referral to local UltraMedics practitioners who agree to our informed choice protocols. 

Interdisciplinary Profiling:  Multiple windows into the body-mind-spirit health profile are utilized to recognize common patterns for a common sense perspective of what works best for each one's unique metabolic type (blood type) and current symptom profile.

Database Standards:  Unique to the UltraMedics model is the self-perfecting database that  tracks results and clearly shows what eclectic protocols are working best for any one unique profile of holistic health factors.  

House Calls: Mobile units for health care professions can do regular screening of shut-ins or go "to the door of your store" or business. For a picture of an UltraMedics mobile unit... Click here .

Ultramolecular Screening: The breakthrough bio-field analysis equipment that I had in my clinic could scan the energy signature of 5500 homeopathics, nutritionals, allergens, phenolics, glandulars, and other health factors into the etheric sheath of the body with biofeedback sensors feeding the response into an  "Issacs matrix" named in honor of Dr. Isaacs who discovered this periodic table of quantum (energetic) biology. This matrix then sorted the information in terms of relevance to the different systems of the body.  Issacs pioneered the original heart by-pass surgery procedures at John Hopkins University but they got rid of him when he wrote years later in the New England Medical Journal that 90% of it was unnecessarily used due to a "blank check" for health insurance.



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