Continued from: Universal Rights in our Global Village

Notable Quotables:

It is social Conscience that challenges robber barons, plutocrats and oligarchs of
the cabal corporatocracy. Real progress requires the voice of Conscience
at the heart of our ubiquitous social networks - Global TeLeComm.

That was before the banksters privatized the public treasury in 1914,
   making wars profitable for the corporatocracy but creating exponential
  growth of public debt since then - now facing the 'judgment' of Jubilee.

is for giving (TLC) NOT for getting (DUH).

It’s not aptitude but attitude that determines altitude;
whether we soar like eagles on thermals of grace
victory virtues)
or scratch with turkeys on bugs of begrudge
victim dictum).

“No, you’re not oppressed…”
Unless that group is the
corporatocracy that is
 ethically challenged against universal rights for
  the Family of Mankind in our new global village.

Victory virtues - the can do spirit of TLC
trumps victim dictum that suffers with
Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD).
"If you think you can or you can’t, your right."
~ Henry Ford

"We either make ourselves miserable or we make ourselves strong.
The amount of work is the same."
~Carlos Castaneda

Think Global. The environment is a global issue.

Suppressed clean-free energy technologies could liberate
   humanity from petrochemical pollution in a virtual heartbeat
  in the larger scheme of Earth's evolution in the continuum.

Now consider that Big Pharma is four times larger than
Big Oil in terms of Wall Street Profits… and realize
that Big Pharma lobbies wrote the legislation
for 'Obamacare' with massive subsidies
for insurance companies and those
Big Pharma drug pushers like
Medicare, and Medicaid.
But this too shall pass.

 Their time is short, and hubris is great,
but pride goeth before Jubilee "Fall"
(Remember September).

 The flywheel of old paradigm momentums is still turning
but the dirty petrochemical power running the flywheel
  will be replaced with clean power: a new
TLC paradigm.

The Great Architect Speaks on Unionism:

If Wright were alive today, he would be appalled by the Koch Brothers capitalism
of Scott Walker who plundered Unions in Wisconsin and then runs for President.

 With corporatocracy’s plunder of public resources,
 privatizing profit for 1% and socializing public debt,
American jobs have been ‘outsourced’ overseas.
New trade deals like TPP legitimize more plunder.

But that too shall pass… one way or the other.
The TLC way is the high road to Jubilee…
 the path to Aquarian freedom-in-.
The DUH way is the low road to Jubilee…
slouching towards a Gomorrah judgment.

So Keep the Faith, See the Possibilities in Good Conscience,

~ Christos

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"God is what happens when humanity is connected. Humanity connected is God...
We serve God best with the greatest cause we can imagine... We have faith that
people connected can create a new world.  Each one of us is a creator,

but together, we are the Creator."
~ Jim Gilliam, from his powerfully
inspiring 12 min. video at :

"It is only in the CREATION that all our ideas or conceptions or a word of God can unite.
The Creation speaketh a universal language."
~ Thomas Paine, from THE AGE OF REASON, published
in three parts in 1794, 1795, and 1807, after
sparked the American Revolution with