January 23, 2016 (TeLeCare Seminar) ~ March 15, 2016 (TeLeCare Launch)

Overview of the Global TeLeCare Opportunity:

THE VISION: New Internet Capabilities for Holistic Healing;

CO-CREATION:  Crowd-funding for a  Video Documentary;

FULFILLMENT: Website with Free Online TeLeCare for all.


Global TeLeCare has been a work in progress over the last 37 years while I developed 4 holistic health centers.
The intention now is to mainstream holistic healing capabilities with new Internet capabilities that make Global TeLeCare possible.

This can be accomplished with a documentary video on Global TeLeCare that is produced with an on-line crowd-funding project.

This documentary on Global TeLeCare is like a vision statement to explain how a website for public access to holistic self care can serve billions of 'Netizens' - global citizens who are now connecting on the Internet.

One and a half billion Netizens are members of Facebook alone. The timing for Global TeLeCare is thus in synch with a worldwide surge of awakening social conscience in social networks across the Internet.

The whole Internet world is moving towards holistic integration of knowledge power in the way that creates enlightened culture. The opportunity for global healing has reached a critical mass of global interest in good information for optimizing health.

Imagine what TeLeCare looks like with personalized self care choices for the analysis, prevention and management of disease. This free service is paid for by a yellow pages directory that links health professionals and products to self care plans you may choose.
The documentary on Global TeLeCare will feature current development of a website designed to provide a database of information showing which health modalities work best for your unique blood type and symptom profile.

It’s that simple basically, but the technical hurdles for processing the vast amount of information involved were not possible until recent database breakthroughs.
For several years, the Global TeLeCare team has included tech leaders in the new field of "infomatics" (database analytics) as well as applications development for smart phones and personal computers. This documentary will not only explains what that looks like, but also who are the leaders of our tech team, and how they are ready to develop it.

What’s unique about Global TeLeCare is the way it connects your personal health profile to those self care protocols that will most likely optimize health.
This unique process includes three sets of data points in the website database. First is your unique metabolic type and current symptom data points. Second is peer-reviewed clinical trials and current research data points. And third is the database of user feedback with their results reported to indicate the effectiveness of their choices among numerous modalities of self care.

This third point is important. The more users worldwide, the more it will become self-evident which self-care modalities are working best for optimal health.

Global TeLeCare is thus a self-correcting learning network for self-education as well as self-care. Crowd-funding for developing this service is thereby a path to crowd-healing on a global scale.

Imagine what holistic standards for a new health ASSURANCE industry will look like. New standards create new industry. A new health ASSURANCE industry will naturally emphasize prevention of disease. Consider how that which prevents disease can also cure disease at therapeutic levels.

This is what the documentary on Global TeLeCare will explain, including the technical teams that have expertise in creating the database analytics and applications which make this public service freely available to all.

So please read more about Global TeLeCare at the link provided. This is a timely crowd-funding project. We are making history. A new health ASSURANCE industry is emerging. And your support can make this happen.

In summary, this Global TeLeCare documentary will show how anyone can find self-care options with those health care professionals or products that fit your health optimization choices and budget.

This bold vision will not happen overnight. Above all, it takes public BELIEF in the opportunity for health freedom on a global scale. That requires a clear compelling documentary of the VISION - HOW we can achieve this.

Production of the TeLeCare documentary is just the first phase. The next phase is made possible with this clear vision for development of the website. As of January 15th, the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) is allowing equity-funding to raise the type of capital needed for massive scalable website growth as defines the 'e-bay' of holistic self-care.

That's the larger 2016 VISION. But first things first. Launch of online crowdfunding for the TeLeCare documentary is planned for early Spring... planting the 'seeds' of this vision. It's a one month campaign to raise $10,000 dollars. That will enable a premier showing by mid-Summer and investor crowd-funding by 'harvest time'.

Crowd-funding has raised billions of dollars for worthy projects worldwide. It unites hearts, minds and resources to co-create a better world. That's the pure intention of Global TeLeCare - to reward everyone who supports this bold vision of global holistic healing.

The major benefit of crowd-funding the Global TeLeCare documentary is universal self care for all. A $10 dollar contribution will keep you in the loop with all developments. A $33 dollar donation includes showing of the preliminary edit for your feedback, plus a personal ticket for the on-line premier showing. You can also donate $100 dollars which lets you honor a loved one as a memorial in the screen credits. Those screen credits will include 'Co-Producer' for $500 dollars or 'Producer' for $1000.

Sharing this bold vision on Facebook, Twitter, blogs or other social networks is one of the best ways to pay it forward, so please care to share this vision of universal self care for global holistic healing.

By the grace of pure intent to make it happen, this Global TeLeCare model of health assurance standards for holistic self care will become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

So thanks for supporting Global TeLeCare
any way you can. May it be our legacy
that says, "We did it together!"

~ Christopher L. Rudy
   UltraMedics Services