2021 Aquarian Spring Prelude Series

UltraMedics Health News:
Summer Super Sale

Body-Mind-Spirit benefits with
three holistic health services
50% OFF current prices:
Body: SPX 'Royal Jelly' Pollen Extract
 with mental vitality and clarity benefits.
     (buy one and get one free)

  Mind: Personal Astrology Transit Report
 includes your natal chart & 'cosmic clock';
 when your quantum bio-field is 'triggered'.
(Usually $99 - now $50)

   Spirit: Quantum Tune-up with Trinfinity 8,
  a quantum 'reset' modality that combines
   21 programs for '
Forever Young' benefits.
(Usually $65 - now $33)

 Summer Savings - Before Price Rise:
 I've been holding off a price rise 2 years
 but all my expenses have gone up, and
I can only be a 'non-profit' so much!
 So please check out the HUGE savings
 and great benefit for holistic health with
 these advanced UltraMedics Services  
before current prices are increased.     


 Advanced bioenergy modalities
for optimal holistic health