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Personal Astrology Transit Report

Includes your natal chart & 'cosmic clock';
 when your quantum bio-field is 'triggered'.

Skip this introduction if you know
the origins of astrology.

Thousands of years ago - when the Chinese were pioneering quantum healing with accupuncture in the energy meridians of the body - that brief 'golden age' of enlightened medical intuitives also discovered the order of the universe whereby deep-space energies around Earth are modulated by planets in our solar system... and the 12 lower vertabra of a pregnant woman act as bio-energetic transducers of energies being modulated through the 12 constellations... creating a bioenergetic womb whereby the 'kingdom of heaven' is infused into the DNA's cell-division dynamics of your creation from a single fertilzed cell to trillions of cells... creating you.

That's the quantum science whereby
the kingdom of heaven is within you.

When your 'kingdom' (natal chart) fires up with your first breath at birth, your 'cosmic clock' begins ticking. The heavens continue moving in their prescribed orbits, and in the process they 'transit' (trigger) energetic relations with your 'bioenergetic blueprint' (natal chart).

Those transits can be trines, squares, oppositions, conjunctions or geometric patterns that focus energies in unique ways of 'Geometric Ordered Divinity' (GOD).

These are, of course, just tendencies. Yes we have free will but certain transits can test us unconsciously in powerful ways. And half the test is KNOWING what the test is - developing GOD consciousness in the process of conscious evolution revolution revelations.

The Three Wise Men who tuned into the 'Christ Star' were no dummies. The were adept at navigating inner space.

That's a lost art that can be learned by becoming more conscious of HOW you are conscious... studying your current transits on the 'cosmic clock' in order to know thy Self in the image & likeness of G.O.D.

Look to SEE... Know to BE
Geometric Ordered Divinity

What you get with your transit report:

I'll email both a natal chart intrepretation report
- computer generated via AstroDeluxe software -
 and also a 3 month transit interpretation report.

I'll need your exact birth time and birth place;
city and state.

Usually this costs $99 dollars. But for a limited time it is $50 dollars during this Summer Special Offer.

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  To Your Cosmic Health!
~ Christopher