The 2017 Big Shift 
As Mass Illusion Disintegrates
(Fake News Exposed)
 And 5-D Conscience Integrates
(Whole Truth Disclosed)

Equinox Earth Changes Report

Sept 22, 2017

Autumn Equinox in Northern Hemisphere
Spring Equinox in Southern Hemisphere


 Since the 'All American Eclipse' a month ago,
 the U.S. has 'reaped the whirlwind' with three
 big hurricanes. You can call that coincidence
 or Earth's response to
corporate law policies
  that profit from terror, war, disease and death
 of the ecosystem - an 'extinction level event'
     if that madness continues. It's ALL connected.

The equinox is a good time to connect with
 that small voice within - your higher 'Self'
to better conceive, believe and achieve
personal and planetary ascension as
an 'attitude' of healing intention for
retention of a higher standard for
conscientious common sense.
The Birth of a New Earth is in Process.
  So center and connect with your real 'Self'
   as you consider the 'pregnant' opportunity
for global freedom, peace and prosperity
 with the 'gold standard' for a Golden Age.

    It's better to focus on solutions we all want
- for conscientious evolutionary ascent -
 rather than focus on unwanted problems.

"As the old order dissolves into chaos,
a prerequisite for the new birth,
I see Spirit's intentional restructuring,
As a footprint on Mother Earth."

~ Sept 22, 2017 astrology [VIDEO]
by Kaypacha



  Equality of all nations is only possible when every population
 has self-governing sovereignty, optimized with an upgrade of
five core Internet freedoms as will liberate social conscience
  in our new all-connected, instant-everywhere and interactive
  social networks: our new social commons for socializing as

   ‘Internet Society’
, the meaning of ‘International Sovereignty’,
 and the intention of all 'US' as ‘United Sovereigns’ of Earth.

The "I AM RACE" (AMERICA) is the anagram codeword
for United Sovereignty - a Unity State of 'US'.

"It's in everyone's interest to see a future where all nations
can be sovereign, prosperous and secure."

~ President Trump at the United Nations
   before publicly mocking 'Rocket Man',
a humiliation considered deranged
by Far Eastern 'save face' values.

North Korea says Donald Trump's "Rocket Man" jibe
means missile attacks on US mainland

09-24-2017 /
 Foreign Minister Ri Yong-ho told the United Nations
   that Mr Trump had committed an irreversible mistake
    during his speech to the body in New York last week.

Meanwhile, China and Russia are
supplying North Korea with trade,
by-passing U.S. trade sanctions.

 No one in the lamestream 'fake news' media is reporting
  that one missile fired by North Korea was recovered and
found to have a Chinese guidance system and a rocket
 motor made in the Ukraine as is now an ally of the U.S..

  When truth doesn't fit the narrative of 'sovereignty for all'
    we see the Deep State in action at the U.N.'s bully pulpit.

  The Chaos Before REAL Global Community

  As reported in numerous previous Big Shift articles,
systemic global metamorphosis is proceeding with
  predictable chaos as the old order disintegrates and
    the paradigm of
United Sovereignty matures globally.


Sept 12, 2017 /

 The Shift Into REAL Unity-In-Diversity

  As social conscience matures in social networks,
 the whole truth naturally neutralizes the big lie
 that is so BIG and so BOLD and so often TOLD
 that people believe it, even religiously, willing to
fight over their “
BS” (Belief System)… no love.

  The disruption of corruption is collateral damage
 of the evolutionary ascent process. This can be
 brutal if cherished illusion and willful ignorance
buys into the
BS that divides and enslaves us.

The light shineth in the darkness (corruption)
  but the Deep State of mass illusion sees it not.
  The real
separation anxiety suffered by many
is corruption of their own unity conscience
of peace, love and joy all wrapped into one.

The Law of One G.O.D.~~Source

A house divided against its self can’t stand.
A mind divided against its self is conflicted.
 A world divided against its self is dis-eased
   like auto-immune disease in the body politic.
 This divisiveness
dis-ease causes anxiety:
the suffering separation syndrome.

  Fearless faith in a future we can all agree on
   naturally neutralizes faithless fear of change.


 The urgency to prepare for big changes  

  The Earth has its own timeline for cosmic ascension
   and this is self-evident to those with eyes to see the
 uptick in superstorms and earthquakes worldwide.

 Be aware of the serious crisis with Earth Changes
and the critical
TeLeComm infrastructure needed
  to harmonize the 5D shift in the morphic field, and
 to mitigate disruption of our global civilization with
 self-correcting, self-governing self-determination
  for personal-planetary
self-elevation (ascension).


In last week’s article HERE, I published a video of
  the Sept 12th solar flare ‘kill shot’ that missed Earth
 but was so HUGE it would have blown power grids
and computer chips back into the Dark Ages ‘BC”
 (Before Computers); cars & airplanes immobilized.

If that gets your full attention, you may be
 wondering what else the controlled media
is not reporting about the weather chaos.

   My intent is not to be melodramatic with fear porn
 but to make a point. Pole shift is increasing with
  more ‘wobble’ in the Earth axis which is gyrating
   the jet stream and thus causing massive swirling
    of snow blizzards in the far north plus hurricanes.

Intuit Elders Are Warning the World and
NASA that
“The Earth Has Shifted”

The Inuits are indigenous people that inhabit the arctic regions of Alaska, Canada and Greenland. Throughout history, the lives of the Intuit have been dependent on being able to correctly forecast the weather. Virtually no one in corporate media is reporting what is self-evident to these Eskimos – that Earth’s wobble has been increasing.

Common sense would say that the increase in Earth’s wobble is the real cause behind extreme weather, earthquakes and other Earth changes. As I’ve reported over the years, the cosmic cause of the increasing wobble is also unspeakable – like 9-11 truth. Global warming from CO2 emissions is just the bogus ‘cover story’ – a mass psy-ops diversion with fake news touting politically correct junk science… as if the public couldn’t find the truth of this massive scam on the Internet! That 'busted' ship has sailed.

The truth of in-our-face Earth changes is considered by the media elite as too ‘terrible’ for the masses who are unprepared. This creates insecurity unless you believe religiously that you will be ‘raptured’ up and away out of harms way when the end time comes. Others believe they will be beamed up into Federation Starships and taken to safe havens until returning after Earth stabilizes. And some believe nothing – an open-minded wait and see attitude – praying for the best while preparing the best one can.

Just be aware that corporate news is suffering ratings failures because of the Internet where independent news does more truth-telling. Even independent media is reluctant to tell people what we do NOT want to hear, even if our lives may depend on it.

So search for yourself if you want to know how a major pole shift could bring massive crustal displacement of the Earth's surface, category 5 hurricane winds worldwide, volcanoes erupting everywhere, and other unthinkable stuff that is NEVER forewarned in corporate media... for 'national security' reasons of course.

When it happens, THEN it is 'news'.

  Meanwhile, Earth is in travail…
    and the geopolitical chaos we see is just a
     mirror of quantum shift in the
Source Field
       as is morphing the physical matrix of matter
       and the shift from 3D to 5D consciousness.

Skip to the bottom for the good news
on global stabilization processes

The 2017 Big Shift of the Ages is in Process

 “The tectonic plate shifts in the world’s power structure
 now taking place are so huge that humanity
may be liberated this autumn.”
~ Excerpt from the article following

Preface note from Christopher:
I do not recommend you read this recent article by
former Forbes Eastern journalist Benjamin Fulford
UNLESS you're familiar with his courageous work
exposing power struggles over global economics
- his reporting on the
global economic reset that
will ideally bring ‘
hemispheric balance’ within
the ‘
global mind’ and all of ‘US’ together as
Sovereigns of Earth.

To better understand where Ben is off the mark,
read the new article by leading Constitutional
scholar, Judge Ann Von Reitz…

Following is Ben's response to the Judge.

Sept 20, 2017 /

Here's the article at issue:
Ben Fulford: Donald Trump to go on
November ‘begathon’ to Asia
September 18, 2017 /

 As the matrix is further decommissioned,
the power elite fight dangerous and dirty
   in their bid to maintain Deep State control.

US President Donald Trump is scheduled to go to Asia in November, officially to attend an APEC meeting but in reality to go on a ‘begathon’, multiple sources agree. The begathon is aimed at getting money to keep the bankrupt US corporate government going beyond the December extension it was given by its mostly Asian creditors. – Continued HERE:

We're at the turning point folks.
Keep the Faith, See the Good
and Make it So!

As featured in two videos at ‘Ascension Wins’,
Lynne McTaggart is the author of THE FIELD,

Lynne is also architect of The Intention Experiments, a series of web-based experiments inviting thousands of her worldwide readers to test the power of thoughts to heal the world.
Lynne has run numerous Peace Intention Experiments around the world - all with positive effects - but this time, she's targeting America, in hopes of lowering violence and helping to end the country's polarized society.
These webcasts will be broadcast around the world, and best of all, they're FREE for anyone to participate in. You'll be joining tens of thousands of like-minded souls from around the world taking part in a LIVE Intention Experiment, and a team of prestigious scientists will monitor the effects.

But the most amazing part of all is the likely effect on you.
In the many Intention Experiments that Lynne has conducted, she's discovered that group intention has a
mirror effect.
It creates a powerful altered state that can bring about major transformations in the lives of the participants. As her book THE POWER OF EIGHT reveals, she's recorded thousands of these effects: physical healings, healed relationships - healed lives.

See the videos on 'The Power of Eight'
at: Ascension Wins


Saint Germain on the ascension process;
being prepared for the big shift WITHIN.

With photonic light of galactic alignment surging at this time,
the 'veil' is thinning and hosts of heaven are closer than ever
for those who have clairaudient 'ears' to hear their message.

September 17, 2017 /

All ways ... Always,

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