The Parable of the Reluctant Prophet

Let’s imagine that’s you; what would you do if you knew...

    There was once a reluctant prophet who knew that civilization
was on the verge of self-destruction if things didn’t change. 
 Few wanted to hear that message nor change their habit of
going along with corrupt self-serving social institutions that
had become self-destructive of the public-service purpose
for which they were created.

But the reluctant prophet told them anyway
with her worst fears coming upon her.

“We’ve had it with all this Earth changes crap”, the people said.
“We don’t want to hear any more about change unless
 it's change we want, change we can believe in.”

But the reluctant prophet didn't give up, even when the
 public was duped and betrayed by political propaganda
that told them what they wanted to hear:
"Change we can believe in".

She went back to her connection with Higher Power,
Wisdom & Love. In communion with Source via her
Conscience, she then revealed how all our
abundant gifts, talents and resources could fulfill
the abundant life as a self-fulfilling prophecy.

So she asked the people three questions:

“Is it true that there is abundant knowledge power available
to make the kind of change we all really want?
   “Are you aware how
wisdom is conscientious in pursuing
the abundant life changes we all want to see?
“Would you agree that
love for our children and their future
  compels abundant
love for the life we all want now?”


The prophet in this story is each one's soul,
   one's feminine side as nurtures wholEness;
the hero with a thousand healing faces for
   speaking to our multi-dimensional humanity.

"YOU must be the change you want to see in the world."
~ Mahatma (Great Soul) Gandhi

The rest of the story is YOUR story.
You want change? 

You have the power to 'get it', knowing the Source of power.
Intention focuses attention. Would thou be made whole?

Wisdom pays attention with pure intention whereby
attention pays with discernment.

Love is the heart of Higher Power with the
Holy Spirit of LOVE-in-action.

The Most Powerful Love in the World

Make it so!


~ The MetaPhysician