2021 Aquarian Spring Prelude Series

 Preventing Children Casualties in This War

By Christopher Rudy / Nov 6, 2021

Food for thought for the truly thoughtful

The FDA has authorized the Pfizer vaccine for children ages 5-11.

According to the Informed Consent Action Network (ICAN), that authorization is "illegal and unethical because there is no COVID-19 emergency as relates to children Ages 5-11, the clinical trials are inadequate, the harms exceed the risks, and Pfizer failed to properly document the serious injury to a child in its clinical trial."

Nov 9, 2021 / TheHighwire.com
13 min video - Dispicable at a level of insanity.

As you probably know, our Congress critters granted Big Pharma immunity from prosecution for vaccine harm. So Pfizer has been calling the shots with impunity. And the FDA is a revolving door between Big Pharma execs and FDA officers.

That used to be understood as big business collusion with big government, or 'fascism'. These days it is Deep State business as usual.

As a naturopath who developed four holistic health centers over 42 years, I'm also a long-time vaccine researcher with a multi-media compilation on the subject at heartcom.org/VaccineInfo.htm. So I'm well aware that the public has been lied to about vaccines all their lives.

As the bombardiers in WWII knew well, "You know you're over the target when you get a lot of flak."

What I'm targeting with 'truth-bombs' in this article is the 'Big Lie' that is so BIG and so bold and so often told that people believe it.

Hitler was infamous for this Big Lie tactic. The whole nation went along with war mania until it was bombed to shambles.

It's a different war now, but a parallel path of mass psychosis - how an entire population becomes mentally ill - devastating public health and the global economy.

Follow the money and you find numerous billionaire disease profiteers with an agenda of vaccine passports, digital identity, transhumanism, and technocratic takeover of the world.

Nationwide we've seen front line medical workers risk their lives working with Covid, but now being told they will be fired if they don't take the jab. Same with first responders, firemen, military, government workers and large corporations. And it's not just America.

For a virus that is 99.85% recoverable? That's 99.997% for children. So what's the push to shoot everyone up with vaccines?

What about the long-term natural immunity that comes from recovery? The Amish let their whole region get 'infected' - as they would with chickenpox - with full recovery and 0% covid deaths since then; herd immunity. 

Ever wonder why our government has never published a study comparing the health of vaccinated versus unvaccinated children?  Yes, those studies have been done. Of course, the pharmacidal media does not want you to see them.

Has the new normal become 'national emergency'? Have we seen medical martial law hobble our freedoms of speech, assembly and religious worship? 

Nazi Germany also sacrificed core freedoms for national security. If you spoke up, you were not just vilified and censored. You either went to the front lines as cannon fodder or to factories to manufacture weapons. As those front lines expanded into Russia, Europe and Africa, Jews were scapegoated to work in the factories, as in the movie Schindler's List.

Those who win wars are the ones who sanitize history with their version of events. Few history books document how IBM ran the train schedules to the concentration camps. Or how Ford built plants to manufacture Hitler's tanks. Or how Rockefeller supplied Hitler with oil throughout the war.

Rockefeller merged his drug/chemical cartel with the German IG Farben drug-chemical cartel right before WWII. Hitler's top officers came out of IG Farben. Their plan was to consolidate Europe under a drug/chemical cartel monopoly.

Now you know why the Rockefeller Foundation bought out history textbook publishers... to control the narrative.

In 2001, the summer before 9-11, I was Communications Director for Dr. Leonard Horowitz who wrote the best seller, AIDS, EBOLA and EMERGING VIRUSES. From Horowitz I learned about Operation Paperclip, and how after WWII, half of Hitler's 'flight capital' (gold) went to Merck Pharmaceutical for rise of the 3rd Reich. Guess how they funded it?

Merck developed the polio vaccines that had cancer retroviruses, as documented on the website above. Cancer rates exploded in the seven decades following. It went from relatively rare to one in three getting it now.

Cancer has been Big Pharma's major profit center. Six of the 'Big Ten' most profitable Wall Street companies are Big Pharma - the biggest lobby 'bribing' Congress by far.

Now the push is vaccines. And Big Pharma sees huge profit from drug treatment for all the emerging diseases; big demand for their Big Media promoted cures.

They won't have to wait long. The censored, deplatformed and blacklisted independent media is reporting that hospitals are jammed with people seriously ill and dying from the Covid vaccine. This is precisely what experts - censored by CNN, NPR, MSNBC, New York Times, and social media - predicted this last year.

All the news from Big Media is reporting just the opposite, saying it is the unvaccinated causing the problem. That's why it was independent media who first called the propaganda press 'FAKE NEWS'. And the prestitutes have been projecting it back every since.

Italy's "From Covid" Death Count
Drastically Reduced By Over 97 Percent
Nov 8, 2021 / Technocracy.news
 Global Technocrat shills who pumped death-rate
hysteria to media, along with dystopian policies,
 have been exposed in Italy. Worldwide, it is now
  likely that over 90 percent of the deaths were     
 "with COVID" and not "from COVID." This could
  go down in history as the biggest con ever seen.
And with the most deadly consequences.

This is why the Deep State is doubling down - going for full-spectrum dominance of online media, and funding the dominant 'Fact Checker' websites that many gullible 'smartphone' users rely on.

When the dominant media calls right 'wrong',
evil 'good', you know we're in trouble.

The parallels to Hitler's Germany are apparent. Big Media is the bullhorn for Big Pharma and the 'Covid Death Cult' (CDC). Fear of death - panic porn - once again drives the narrative. The Big Lie is now that the new experimental mRNA injections are "safe and effective". But there's no hiding official data that the new 'gene therapy' jabs are killing or ruining the lives of millions of people worldwide.

The 1947 Nuremberg Code was ratified after WWII to stop coercive medical experiments on people without well-informed consent.

Now we have government policies that
    are coercing people to take experimental
     injections without well-informed consent.

All while National Propaganda Radio (NPR) tells us that these vaccines are "not experimental"... even though the live experiment with adults has proven a disaster with VAERS reported vaccine injuries, including sudden death, cardovascular catastrophe, destroyed immune systems, horrific neurological injuries and infertility. 

NPR failed to mention that the adverse events reported in Pfizer's pivotal phase III trial showed too much harm and inadequate data to be called "safe and effective" (ICAN quote at top).

History repeats if we don't learn from it.

Is it true that Hitler had a eugenics program for eliminating 'undesirables'? Are you aware that it was modeled after Rockefeller's pioneering work with eugenics? And have you witnessed the recent Climate Summit where power elite potentates were unanimous in claiming that overpopulation is an "existential threat to humanity"?

So why do you think they are pushing vaccines relentlessly worldwide? Are we just marching lock-step into another holocaust?

I'm like the canary in a coal mine. Toxic fumes - in response to truth-bomb articles like this - are to condemn and silence the messenger. Shades of Nazi Germany.

There's no healing the sick 'disease care' system - called 'health care' - until we come out of denial of what is seriously wrong with treatment protocols that are more profitable for the medical-industrial complex than the military-industrial complex ever was.

It's more about money and power for a relative few rather than loving health care for 'we the people'.

To Know the Enemy, Follow the Money
Nov 4, 2001 / ForbiddenKnowledgeTV.net
A brilliant 4 minute summary of who owns the world.

Many readers of this article are well aware that inexpensive and proven Covid remedies like Ivermectin can keep people out of hospitals. But AMA doctors can lose their medical license if they don't adhere to expensive hospital protocols for vax side-effects called 'Covid'.

For example, respiratory problems are prescribed toxic Remdesivir with '26.9% mortality' (NIH), and mechanical ventilators with '50-97% mortality' (NIH).

So according to the National Institute of Health (NIH) - run by serial liar 'Dr. Mengele' (Fauci) - these combined deadly NIH protocols for treatment are a one-two punch, killing a high percentage of patients - chalked up to 'Covid' - and incentivized with big bonuses from the 2 trillion dollar CARES Act for each death-by-Covid postmortem.

But they've been getting away with highly toxic chemo protocols for cancer, and most people seem happy with that, so nothing to see here!

Just food for thought for the truly thoughtful.

PS: For those interested in the Aquarian future of
       holistic healing, see Global TeLeCare, and a
        3 hour show on quantum healing 'Med Beds';
      deploying secret space program technology
         for healing much of the plague now emerging.