Birth of New Earth Series

“Open Systems” (Freedom):
Interactive with input & feedback
“Closed Systems” (Tyranny):
Non-interactive programming
with no feedback ‘choice’

Resolution of this conflict is now the
'New American Revolution', globally.

TeLeComm Processes for Global Interdependence

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Feb 3, 2018 / Heartcom Network


 The crisis was explained previously in
Global Ascent from Chaos to Order’.

  Before that – HERE - I explained how
  Internet technology has decentralized
    knowledge power which is neutralizing
       fake news deceptions of the Deep State.

  In response to this global power shift,
 witness government power struggles
corporatocracy cabal of Big Oil,
    Big Pharma, Big Tech, Big Media, and
    the Big War intent of “Big Bank” (Fed)
   to close down freedom as we know it
    so the cabal can still milk the masses.

 You're either with the cabal, and for
a closed co-dependent system,
or you're against the cabal, and for
an open interdependent system.

Related Gandhi quote:
“It is man’s social nature that distinguishes him from the
brute creation.  If it is his privilege to be independent,
it is equally his duty to be interdependent. Only an
arrogant man will claim to be independent of
everyone else and be self contained.”

Where it’s going, in brief:

Tyranny is on the way out, but it’s not over yet folks. The birth of New Earth will sooner or later look back at the tribulations of this time as the darkness before the dawn of the Quantum Aquarian Age.

Closed Systems BAD – the Vicious Circle
(tyranny as anti-sovereignty)
Open Systems GOOD – the Virtuous Circle
(freedom as pro-sovereignty)

This is the success formula for global reset. Open is good. Closed is bad. Whether applied to technology standards, business strategies or philosophies of life, it’s the winning concept for individuals, for nations, for social networks and for global community in the years ahead.

Open systems make closed systems obsolete.

Big Oil will be eclipsed by clean free-energy tech, ending the poisoning of our air, water and food with toxic petrochemical pollutants.

Big Pharma will see a similar fate as quantum energy medicine matures with the energies-of-health paradigm that supersedes the old chemistry-of-disease paradigm that pushes toxic drugs for disease treatment.

Big Tech (AI / Surveillance Industry) has lost the moral high ground with heartless technocracy which has blatantly hi-jacked social networks with data mining that identifies social activists and AI algorithms that ‘disappear’ them with ‘digital assassination’. That nefarious policy is a classic ‘closed system’ – no accountability – and leads to a vicious circle that spirals downward. Nations turn in on themselves. The world fragments into isolated blocs. This strengthens traditionalists and leads to a rigidity of thought. This stagnates the economy and leads to poverty. This leads to conflicts and increasing intolerance which brings about an even more closed society and fragmented world.

Big Media (MSM) has become the marketing arm of Big Oil, Big Pharma, Big Tech and Big War closed systems. This Deep State media matrix has lost the trust of global Netizens, a majority of which get their news from independent sources on the Internet. The emerging next phase of the computer/Internet revolution – Global TeLeComm – provides an open-system model for core institutions of TeLeCommunity (government), TeLeConscience (education), TeLeCare (health care) and TeLeCommerce (economy)… all open with TLC of a cyberEthics nature – a heart coherent source nature – like a moral compass.

As the world adopts the open model, the virtuous circle opens up with an interactive interface that empowers response ability with upgrade of Five Core Net Freedoms.

  • Open societies turn outward and strive to integrate into the world and universe-at-large.

  • This openness to change and exposure to new ideas leads to innovation and progress with general enlightenment.

  • This cultures the currency of social conscience with rising affluence for more people and a decrease in poverty.

  • This leads to growing tolerance and appreciation of diversity which brings us to a more open society for the Family of Mankind, all life on Earth, and beyond.

US’ as United Sovereigns of Earth

That’s where it’s going – New Earth – in the larger scheme of global economic reset. That requires a ‘TLC’ (spiritual) reset above all. And a psychological reset – the mind and heart of G.O.D.~. Plus the blessing, sealing, wholeness and healing that comes from the holy spirit of TLC- in action… at the heart of Global TeLeComm.

“Spiritual Reset Above All”

Spiritual adepts understand that there are indeed spiritual beings who operate in this dense octave of incarnation by inspiring us with ‘mindfulness’ of an enlightened ascending nature. Call them angels of love or angles of G.O.D. consciousness or ascended masters, they have always inspired conscious evolution on Earth with their messages through ‘Messengers’ who are clairaudient or clairvoyant, hearing or seeing beyond the 3D veil.

There’s nothing ‘extra’ about ‘Effective Sensory Perception’ (ESP) when you have it, and those who have a mercurial mind will appreciate the ‘Spiritual Reset’ in this new video released yesterday:

 Divine Thought – Mercurial Mindfulness

Feb 2, 2018 /
“Stillness is the sacred space where
mercurial mindfulness manifests.”
Hermes Trismegistus, famed Mercury, speaks on the
Adeptship of Divine Thought via spiritual author
 and teacher, David Christopher Lewis.

And more from the 'light side'... 

Spoofy News... Have a Good Laugh!

Three Trumps. Which One Is Real?
Mini-Me?  Big Me?  Super Me?

Mini-Me - my 'base':
Me love the rabble and rabble-rousing with the rabble. Twitter is what twitter does. Rabble roustabouts want a rowdy leader. Him is me. I'll promise things they want, or at least tell them what they want to hear. Things are important to my base. Money is good for things. We depend on things. A chicken in every pot. Security in physical things. No biggie.

Big Me - as 'middle class':
I'm a people person. How much popularity could a people person personify if that person had hair like Woody Woodpecker? If you got it, flaunt it. Look at my wife. My friend Howard Stern says she's really hot. This fires up the glamor cult like my Miss Universe reality show that I owned and hosted. I know what's hot. Red-blooded American males love the half-naked women I paraded in front of them. They never forgot. Real men know what's hot, and it wasn't Hillary. Corrupt Hillary. Really bad. She's going to jail with a lot of Deep State pedophiles. We gotta have good people running things. People are more important than things. My middle class understands that. Security comes from people you can trust. Trust the Big Me.

Super Me - as 'elite class':
I've always been a legend in my own mind. The world is my stage. Reality TV is who I am. Last week I addressed the power elite at Davos. And my State of the Union to the world was my best Reality TV show yet. Really big. HUGE. Big ideas are more important than things or personalities. Super Me gets that, but power elite peer pressure - not so much. That's a super challenge. So think bigger than BIG. Think HUGE. Think ELITE. Americans are Dreamers too! Don't burst our bubble or no more trickle down. Security comes from BIG IDEAS like win-win. When the public wins, the elite win. The State of the Union is strong when the people are strong. BIG IDEAS convey strength, like international cooperation with the golden rule. He who has that gold makes the rules. That's how the gold standard rules. There's no security without purity. Good trade with win/win BIG IDEAS. Trust the Super Me.


Western societies are now drowning in debt, have socially destabilizing wealth disparities, and have shrinking, aging populations. This is why the West needs to fundamentally reform its governmental, social, and economic architecture. The alternative to a reboot, including a jubilee and one-off asset redistribution, will be a steady decay that will end in widespread collapse of current structures.  ~ Benjamin Fulford, article HERE.

THE DEEP STATE (Military Industrial Complex)

Jan 26, 2018 / TheRealNews

The Trump administration is moving towards war with Russian and China. In December, President Donald Trump released a new national security strategy, which reveals that the top priority for U.S. national security is not countering "terrorism," but rather countering the influence of competing foreign states, namely China and Russia.

Defense Secretary James Mattis said openly, "Great power competition, not terrorism, is now the primary focus of U.S. national security."

After blowing up the Middle East, there has long been skepticism of the notion that the "war on terror" was about stopping terror in the first place.

But the Trump administration's new national security strategy stands out as one of the most frank admissions yet that U.S. foreign policy is principally about undermining foreign states that challenge U.S. economic and political interests, not about stopping extremist groups that threaten civilians.

This is abandonment of Trump's former pretense of non-interventionism.

It's also classic Sun Tzu 'Art of War' tactics; when you are strong you act week, but when you are week, you act strong.

As President Kennedy famously said in the face of the Deep State military-intelligence industrial complex, "Mankind must put an end to war before war puts an end to mankind". It’s now well known that the Deep State assassinated JFK. He wanted peace, not war.

Trump is challenging the Deep State media cabal, and like the FISA Memo drama, the cherished Deep State mantra that ‘Russia stole the election’ is disintegrating. That ship has sailed. Russia is not the enemy.

The Deep State 'swamp' is the enemy. Call them neocons or ZioNazis or the corporatocracy cabal. Either the 99.99% of humanity has dominion over that swamp, or most assuredly the cabal psychopaths will rule over us.

Trump is neck-deep in the swamp. There are war-gators, bankster snakes, and bureaucracy leeches all around him. One way or the other, something very different has to happen soon.

The gold standard for international cooperation, coming from America, could shine for the world as a beacon of global enlightenment, servant leadership, and prosperity for all.

Consider how Global TeLeComm could do that, initiating the next phase of the global computer/Internet revolution with TLC at the heart of it. More , less war.

Is it true that the language of light represents the language of consciousness at the heart of Global TeLeComm?

Are you aware that this universal interface for mass-to-mass interaction could culture social conscience in our global social networks?

Would you agree that the virtue of "unity in diversity" (E Pluribus Unum) is a timely 'BIG IDEA' that sparked the American Revolution and has found its time again?

Keep the Faith, See the Good,
and Make it So!

Full Spectrum

Open systems for a global golden age.

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