2018 Global Upgrade Series

On the Path of the Highest Truth

Sequel to
 On The Path of God and Country

    In a time of false flags, fake news and
psychological warfare between the
    Deep State of one-way programming
     and a High State of interactive truth…
    there’s nothing more valuable than a
      clear vision – Net Reality – shaped by
    the ‘whole truth’ (highest truth) with
    an independent, interactive Internet.

   What that looks like with upgrade of
5 Core Internet Freedoms
with Web Heartware
will make it so!



Know what love is.

~ Forest Gump [best scene HERE]


   The higher the concept of HeartwareTM,
   the greater the application of -in-action
  and greater the results as the ‘abundant life’
with shift to an economics of abundance.

is the Key – Spiritual Geometry
Universal Law Language framing '5D'
(Prime Directive for Unity-in-Diversity)

 Global humanity is awakening with a new common sense
 of ourselves as a whole – a whole system – that together
represents our awakening to the evolutionary path as an
Alliance’ of all of ‘US’ – the United Sovereigns of Earth.

Keep in mind the signs of the times
 as a High State of integrates
 while the Deep State disintegrates.


The Alliance Champions the High State

 The greatest fear of the pathological Deep State
is that people would wise up to the
High State
 with fearless faith in the
Power of Love at heart
to claim the victory of virtue, valor and ‘smart’.

 The vision of, by & for a new system is the key.
As the High State integrates we’ll have liberty.
 Heaven knows the
Source of all that IS REAL,
  and how
gathering the tribes is the new deal.

What that looks like – a global rEVOLUTION
is the best of all worlds, a universal solution.
We get what we ask for in the larger scheme
 of soul vision for victory via high self esteem.

Note these two quotes by Buckminster Fuller.

I studied wth Bucky at the University of Pennsylvania in 1974, lecturing at his month-long World Game Studies Workshop – full story HERE. And I’ve carried on Bucky’s pioneering works with whole systems design science while developing the Model over the last 44 years.

Now it’s time for 'show and tell'...
what is.

Hear the May 1st show on Self Discovery Radio:
The Global Holistic Healing Blueprint
Interview by producer/host Sara Troy

See also this MAY DAY article HERE
regarding systemic global reset.
(Note the timeline from a year ago.)

Over the last 11 years as the producer/host of the BBS Radio Show, Cosmic , I’ve interviewed a lot of guests ranging from relationship experts and film producers to singers, musicians and whistleblowers in the Secret Space Program.

Foster Gamble of the Thrive Movement came on the show long before they had 81 million viewers of their THRIVE MOVIE in 27 languages. Lynn McTaggart, author of The Intention Experiment, shared breakthroughs in quantum reality. Robert David Steele, author of the Public Intelligence Blog, explained how Zionists control the Deep State.

Frequent guests over the years include quantum science genius Dan Winter and David Christopher Lewis, Messenger of the Ascended Masters.

These shows are all archived at Cosmic as free podcasts – like historical time capsules on the cusp of the Quantum Age of Aquarian Freedom-in-. And quite honestly, the greatest beneficiary has been my own spherical consciousness of what Cosmic truly is; enlightened self interest for self discovery and self-correcting self-elevation of an evolutionary ascent (salvation) nature.

Cosmic IS what Conscious Ascent DOES.

Realize (real eyes) the historical context:

We live at a time of systemic global transformation that was known anciently in Egyptian, Hindu, Mayan and Sumerian calendars as the ‘end of time’… as we have known it. Just think how in the last 100 years, most of the world has gone from the same ancient horse-and-buggy speed of communication to Space Age technologies like smart phones that have more computing power than the mainframe computers which put a man on the moon.

 Think about that – how far we’ve come,
  and the positive megatrends before us.

  The computer/Internet revolution is now
 maturing with Web 3.0 Heartware, and
will integrate prior high tech advances
with hardware, software and netware.

The ancient Mayan calendar and Hindu Kali Yuga calendar were both started about the same time over 5000 years ago, and both predict a rebirth of our planet around the time of December 21st, 2012.

Obviously that wasn’t the end of the world, but there’s a time lag for cosmic cycles to manifest physically… just as the peak heat of summer usually lags summer solstice by a month or two.

But just as it sounded crazy to talk about the Internet BEFORE the Internet went mainstream, many global Netizens won’t see or benefit from the next wave of the computer/Internet revolution until AFTER Web 3.0 Heartware goes mainstream. Some will. Some won't.

Those who ‘get it’ will ‘give it’,
networking for the Net worth
  of for a gold standard.

is the Emerging Aquarian Blueprint
(winning from the beginning)

 Knowing the Virtue in the Power of Love
(the power to heal insanity)

Culturing REAL Intelligence with a heart
(nothing artificial about it)

Networking for the Net worth of
(high ‘touch’ high tech)
Unity in Diversity ~ the Prime Directive
(golden rule/law/language)


In the following video, Dr. Bruce H. Lipton has a humorous message about the very important global issue of unity in our diversity. Jedi Bruce explains the forces of magnetism and the nature of quantum physics. Light vs. Dark is explained from a standpoint of holism, a concept that is emerging at the time we need it most. Feel the force, balance your heart and mind, and become enlightened to the ways of the new paradigm!

Jedi Master Bruce Lipton:
Balancing The Force - Star Wars,
Polarity and Holism

April 27, 2018 / Bruce Lipton

Excerpt: Planet Earth is experiencing an evolutionary upheaval whose outcome is predicated on civilization’s ability to divest from the notion of opposing polarities and create a unified global community based on harmony. Humanity is currently experiencing an evolution parallel to the one physicists experienced in 1925 as they transitioned from a Newtonian universe comprised of the dual realms of matter and energy to the singularity of an energy-based quantum universe.

Related article:
The Secret Meaning of the Tree of
The Knowledge of Good and Evil

May 3, 2018 / In5D.com

Media, Medicine and Marketing
as the Deep State disintegrates
and the High State integrates:

MEDIA – Decentralization via the Internet
All problems are communication problems;
to come into unity for REAL community.
This is the intention of Web 3.0 Heartware.

MEDICINE – Online Universal Self Care
Global holistic healing is now emerging.
  Watch this video to see where it’s going.
  This is the intention of Global TeLeCare.

MARKETS – Currency of Conscience
The ‘Next Economy’ is also emerging.
See how blockchains eliminate usury.
  This is the intention of
   with bits for currency valuation.


Focus Attention with Pure Intention:
"The thought manifests as the word;
The word manifests as the deed;
The deed develops into habit;
And habit hardens into character.
So watch the thought and its ways with care,
And let it spring from love,
Born out of concern for all beings.
As the shadow follows the body,
As we think, so we become."
~ Gautama Buddha

  retention for Conscious Ascension:
(with light language color codes)

  In the larger scheme of space-time relativity,
    we're all accountable for conscious selectivity.
     Relations of relevance and ultimate reverence
     will thin the veil or by default mean severance.

    Bless with your heart, all that you conceive.
  Better than good
Conscience will relieve.
   Your soul will know better, not just believe.
     The Blessing is what 
Conscience achieves.
 Praying, and working for what is the best.
Forgiving past failings and all of the rest.
Laughing at poor judgment in good jest.
  Hatching blessings like a bird on its nest.

   So nurture your blessings with pure intention.
 Blessed are those who thus focus 
   Co-creating the vision for  
   Evolution matures with conscious 
I Am Presence IS God-Love dimension.

   Heaven blesses far more than 'simple' aptitude.
  The leaven for living bread is a healthy 
 The attitude that blesses is the spirit of gratitude.
  is for giving, unveiling higher altitude.
Grace is the consequence, a sincere BE attitude.

         There’s rhyme and reason to worth-ship's valuation.
        It’s actually quite simple, enlightened consecration.
       The vow for wholEness leads to synchronization.
This is the middle way path to Self actualization.
      Take heart in good conscience for 5D realization.

         May the Great Spirit bless you with this affirmation.
         May you affirm this spirit in your heart's 
 May the thoughts of your mind provide confirmation.
       May actions that follow know great 
           And may your body, mind and spirit find 
~ From ‘Evolutionary Ascension

The 5th Dimension is Unity Comprehension

May 4, 2018 / The Hearts Center Community

Consciousness is evolving within us as a
 natural order of universal harmonics with
a greater awareness of Cosmic
 condensed into form and frequency with
 minds and hearts united to optimize the
holy spirit as Unity's -in-action.

So Keep the Faith, See the Good
and Make it So!

Full Spectrum

Bonuses for Initiates:

May 3, 2017 / Universe Inside You

  These 12 Laws for Self Mastery include The Law of Divine Oneness,
The Law of Vibration, The Law of Action, Law of Correspondence,
Law of Cause & Effect, Law of Compensation, Law of Attraction,
The Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy, Law of Relativity,
 The Law of Polarity, The Law of Rhythm, and The Law of Gender.

5D -in-action

Bonus: Free bits for a limited time

 The falling dollar, rising cryptocurrencies,
 and why bits will skyrocket when
TeLeComm goes mainstream.

 The Founders Program for Global TeLeComm
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  Heartware development -

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To Your Health!
~ ‘Dr. Christopher

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