The New Math and Educating the Heart

by Christopher Rudy
Host of Cosmic LOVE

Sept, 3, 2014

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Across America, kids are going back to school. Young adults are going to college. And many mature adults are learning the 'New Math' that they never got in formal education.
The 'New Math' is the deeper universal language of mathematics at the heart of the old math.  This is the language of nature's organizing principles and processes, the fractal geometry that weaves the fabric of quantum reality and the universal tie that bonds with cohesive heart coherence, the golden ratio mathematical algorithm of one's heart rhythm when in the frequency of compassion, joy, holy spirit, etc.
To the extent that this 'New Math' frequency is cultured frequently, holistic healing of heart, mind & body naturally follows. That's how love heals all.
Educating the heart thus becomes an extension of the 'New Math', just as clothes are an extension of the skin and computers are an extension of the brain.  Smart without heart is like a left brain without the right brain.


    That's why understanding heart coherence is as important as
 understanding balance between polar opposite brain functions
     of the left and right
hemispheres of the brain.

All the 'bipolar dis-ease' we hear about is, at root, caused by imbalance between the hemispheres in the brain. In the same way, the healing crisis in global civilization is a 'bipolar disconnect' between Western "left-brain dominance" (emphasizing reason and logic) and Eastern hemisphere "right brain dominance" (emphasizing feeling and intuition). The strength of either, in "excess" (without balance), is a weakness that causes dis-ease.

So you can see why educating the heart with the 'New Math' is the next phase of the global computer/Internet rEVOLUTION.  The integration of hardware, software and netware with heartware is the balancing of the love of power with the power of love in the 'Global Mind'.
The accelerated conscious evolution of the Family of Man in our new global village naturally follows the balancing of hemispheres, East and West, as follows the balancing of left brain mental congruence with right brain heart coherence. This is the function of interactive mass-to-mass TeLeComm for TeLeComm-unity (E-governance), TeLeConscience (E-learning), TeLeCare (E-health) and TeLeCommerce (E-commerce).
This personal and planetary hemispheric balancing act goes mainstream with heartware cyber
Ethics at the heart of quantum computing, utilizing the cultural DNA of LOVE for self-regulating social conscience in our new global interactive social networks.
Smart with a heart; 'New Math' with 'The Love Revolution' (video).
                                       What a concept!
                                         ~ Christopher

PS: Dr. Kathy Forti, author of FRACTALS OF GOD, has an astounding story behind her discovery of mathematics of the universe as applies to quantum healing in the body. I'll be interviewing Kathy on Cosmic LOVE this weekend. See her website and click the 'videos tab' for a synopsis of the quantum science of healing... with math!  ~CR

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