Healing the Health Care System
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Robin Williams - What He Died To Tell Us
by 'Dr. Christopher'

At the highest spiritual level, Robin Williams' movies brought humorous healing joy to perhaps billions of people worldwide. His zany enthusiasm for life inspired the world with extraordinary comedic brilliance. He uplifted our spirits:)
At a high mental level, we can all learn something from his passing. That's the intent of this tribute to a major unsung contribution of Robin Williams; the power to heal through positive
energy in motion, as he exemplified in Patch Adams (full video link).
If you watch Patch Adams in one window of your computer while reading this article in another window (during slow parts), Robin's
energy in motion can inspire you to a vision for healing the health care system.

At the physical level, we'll see healing of the backwards disease care system when holistic healing standards with Universal Self Care are conceived, believed and achieved in our new global social networks.
That begins with a more enlightened understanding of breakthrough healing modalities for virtually all disease from colds and cancer to Ebola.
We all have cancer cells in our bodies, but our immune system keeps them in check. Whack the immune system and cancer cells naturally proliferate. But strengthen the immune system with natural healing modalities and cancer cells stop proliferating.
Build health holistically and cancer retreats in the body.  That which prevents disease at therapeutic levels will naturally cure disease.  Natural healing modalities are based on this premise.

Are you aware that the biological terrain of the body is host to 10 times more microbiota then your trillions of cells that host them? Current state-of-the-arts microscopic surveys of blood and biopsies show that a sick body can host up to 100 times the fungus, bacteria and viruses as you have body cells.  That's pretty amazing when you think about it.
Unnatural healing modalities are pathological; a sick way to look at sickness. That sick mindset (paradigm) wages war on the fungal, bacterial and viral 'bugs' in the body, utilizing poison -- toxic mutagenic drugs -- to kill the "bad guys" (bugs). The collateral damage aka 'side-effect' is the systemic poisoning of the entire biological terrain of the body. Enlightened biological science is well aware that this form of 'warfare' weakens the immune system and profits only Big Pharma.
Holistic healing -- spiritually, mentally-emotionally, and physically -- builds the immune system to keep the parasitic infestation of fungus, bacteria and viruses in check. 
Spiritually, quantum medicine has revealed that the energy of joy and the holy spirit of compassion is an actual frequency; 528 Hz, i.e. 3 octaves of B flat below C (audio), as corresponds to violet in the color spectrum. This frequency causes parasites in the body to hibernate, going dormant and not reproducing until they die off - a short lifespan of days or weeks.
This explains the 'spontaneous healing' of people with cancer, like Norman Cousins, who did only 'laugh therapy', watching reruns of 'You're on Candid Camera'.  Others have had such 'miracles' with near-death 'born again' experiences that reboot the bioenergetics of the body with a positive-loving outlook on life.

I'm sure that Robin Williams movies had a healing effect on millions if not billions of viewers.  You can't be happy and depressed at the same time. Likewise, you can't be enlightened and loving at the same time you are stupidly unloving. And common sense would say that you can't have a healthy "disease care system" (called health care), in which a pound of treatment is worth 16 times more than an ounce of prevention. 
Mentally, the power of expectation and anticipation for healing -- which approximates the spiritual power of faith -- has an effect that is even greater than the biochemical effect of drugs. This placebo effect can even heal a person with a sugar pill or drug that has no proven health benefit or even negative side effects. Shaman and 'witch doctors' have utilized this power of belief for millennia.
For example, there was a study done where doctors gave amphetamines to patients, telling them the pills were barbiturates, and everybody experienced their bodies slowing down. Then, they did the same experiment, but this time, the doctors gave barbiturates to the patients and told them they were amphetamines. Then everybody, without exception, experienced acceleration in their physiology.
It just shows how much our beliefs are the drugs. If you believe in drugs for whatever ails you - the cult of modern medicine - then you may get temporary benefit from the drug 'sacrament' of the 'high priests of medicine'... at least until the accumulative toxic side-effects compound toxicity in your biological terrain with a more serious chronic disease like cancer down the road.  

Quantum medicine recognizes the bioenergetic cause behind physical disease, but the deeply entrenched paradigm of drug-based medicine only regards the chemistry of disease, not the energetics of health. That’s why you rarely hear medical doctors emphasize the healing benefits of love, joy and a positive outlook on life.

Negative thoughts and depressed feelings 
naturally afflict the immune system.

Mental beliefs cannot be separated from one's emotional state.  If someone takes a mind-altering drug, whether prescribed or illegal, and then believes they are losing their mind, it often becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. Anxiety attacks and depression may thus become more common with negative emotions in your body that create a downward spiral of 'dis-ease' -
negative energy in motion - that attracts negative thoughts, feelings and behavior. The 'Law of Attraction' works both ways.
Many people have cured mental illness and cancer with a very conscientious approach to diet, lifestyle and a positive mental attitude. Mental health has the discernment to know what's good for you or not.  Much mental dis-ease, such as severe depression and unthinking subservience to drug-pushers is caused by biochemical imbalances.

For example, did Robin Williams commit suicide because of his addiction to Red Bull?  It is laced with the FDA-approved neuro-toxin Phenylalanine - Aspartame - Sweet Poison. Or was it the psyche meds prescribed in Rehab that drove Robin to suicide?
At a deeper ultramolecular (quantum reality) level, everything we know as the physical body is actually the energetics of fields within quantum fields. Royal Raymond Rife discovered almost 100 years ago that harmful fungus, bacteria and viruses can be targeted with specific frequencies that rupture the membranes of those different pathogens.

                                See: 100 Years of Suppressed Healing
                          One out of 3 Americans are getting cancer now
                          with 20,000 dying from cancer daily... for profit
                          that typically factors $1.3 million in expenses.
Quantum healing has been suppressed by Big Pharma cartels for 100 years... just as Tesla's 'free energy technology' has been suppressed by Big Oil for 100 years...
just as the privately owned 'FED' has suppressed Constitutional-authorized currency for 100 years. The Robber Barons didn't disappear. They just co-opted government from behind the scenes; the best government that the corporatocracy can buy.
Since corporate media is embedded with Big Pharma commercials, you won't hear them explaining how frequency devices could zap cancer viruses or Ebola viruses like certain frequencies shatter a wine glass.

That 'inconvenient truth' regarding ultramolecular energy healing would shatter the status quo medical paradigm of the 'chemistry of disease'.  The cause BEHIND the biochemical 'cause' of disease is the quantum reality of bioenergetics; the energy of health rather than the chemistry of disease.
The economics and politics behind the prevailing disease treatment monopoly called 'health care' in America is far more complex than the science of disease prevention and non-toxic, non-invasive treatment of disease. The medical-industrial complex is much bigger than the military-industrial complex with far more casualties. Hundreds of thousands of Americans die from prescription drug prescriptions yearly in America, not to mention the deaths from aspartame or chemo for cancer treatment.
If America survives the pathological health care system that literally makes a killing on the creation and treatment of disease, future generations will look back on this 'Dark Age' and consider it psychopathic the way corporate profits trumped common sense modalities like Universal Self Care for global public health.
So keep the faith in your miraculous power to heal spiritually, mentally and physically. And be on guard regarding the pathological paradigm paralysis of people who project their negative "
BS" (Belief Systems) onto you.  Their "SIN" (Stuck In Negativity) doesn't have to be your own:)

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