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by 'Dr. Christopher'

   Article updated Jan. 22, 2014

According the Center for Disease Control (CDC)
   and their "mainstream media minions" (like CBS),
this year has already seen a big increase in the
  death of children from flu, as you can see

 Maybe it's a bad year for the flu, or perhaps the
new flu vaccine is doing more harm than good.

After the holidays is the time of year when a lot of us get colds and flu-like symptoms.
The common belief is that it's some 'bug' going around, but typically it's the body’s attempt to cleanse itself of an overgrowth of harmful microbes: fungus, bacteria and viruses. That overgrowth can be caused by an excess of rich foods, alcohol, poor food combining, and emotional stress that affects the guts (solar plexus).

Yes, there are viruses exchanged at social gatherings, but there are far more of them that have taken up residence in one's own body. 

 Are you aware that you have 10 x’s more ‘microbiota’
then your trillions of cells that host them?

 Is it true that your immune system strengthens the
  health of good microbiota that kills off ‘bad bugs'…
and that a strong immune system will periodically
kill off microbiota parasites with the natural result
    of flu-like symptoms when your body cleans house?

Would you agree that your cellular terrain thrives
     when you optimize immunity against the ‘bad guys’?

    Consider the influence of your microbiota on health,
  and realize what you can do to optimize immunity.

Is it the Flu?  Or are you Cleansing?

There is a lot of mainstream "BS" (Belief System) about the flu that is just plain wrong.
By transcending the prevailing 'BS', you can better prevent or treat what is commonly called 'the flu'. That begins with understanding of your 'microbiota' and immune system.

It helps to view your body as a ‘super organism’ composed of a vast array of symbiotic microorganisms – your ‘microbiota’. Proper immune system balance of these microbes is essential for optimal physical and psychological health.

An imbalanced biological terrain causes
both physical and mental illness.

The immune system is what creates “homeostasis” (balance) in your whole body.
Your ‘endocrine system’ (seven glands) secretes hormones that regulate your immune system. Those seven physical glands correspond to the seven energy centers called the ‘chakras’, the bioenergetics of your immune system.

Quantum medicine recognizes the bioenergetic cause behind physical disease, but the deeply entrenched paradigm of drug-based medicine only regards the chemistry of disease, not the energetics of health. That’s why you rarely hear medical doctors emphasize the healing benefits of love, joy and a positive outlook on life.

Negative thoughts and depressed feelings
naturally afflict the immune system.

Obviously, sickness can cause negativity just as negativity causes sickness. It’s a vicious cycle when the ‘virtuous cycle’ of immunity-building disciplines is ignored.

About 80% of your immune system is related to the microbes in your gut. In a healthy gut, good microbes process and utilize dietary nutrients. Bad gut bacteria creates a 'toxic gut' with toxins passing through colon membranes, circulating to all cells, and assaulting the immune system. That’s when fungus, bacteria and viruses thrive in your intracellular terrain.

The body is like a plant that grows out of the ‘dirt’ in your colon. When you have a shortage of good microbes in your gut, bad microbes take over. Supplementing with superior soil-based organisms like Prescript-Assist helps. It has both probiotics and 'prebiotics' that good gut microbes love. That's how a healthy immune system naturally strengthens with a good gut feeling.

Healthy 'gut soil' produces a healthy body
just as healthy organic gardening creates
  a nutrient rich environment whereby plants
thrive just as we thrive when we eat them.

What is call ‘the flu’ is typically the body’s way of telling us that it is trying to clean house, bringing the biological terrain of the body into balance by killing-off parasitic overgrowth of bad microbes.

When the immune system kicks in with a kill-off of ‘bugs’ in the system, it can clog the lymphatic system which eliminates wastes, sometimes resulting in a 'cleansing crisis' ranging from body odor, cold sores or a runny nose and fevers to vomiting and diarrhea. That’s why good lymphatic exercise like walking, jogging or swimming is so important for optimal health.

Common sense would say that suppressing a cleansing crisis with drugs has the side-effect of making the gut and biological terrain more toxic, compounding the cause and core problem even though suppressing the aggravating symptoms of ‘dis-ease’.

All toxic drugs trade off long term health for short term relief.

After decades utilizing natural immune-building supplements like SPX UltraFood in my holistic health centers, the supreme irony I’ve seen over and over is that clients sometimes give up on building their immune system because, when strong enough, it begins dumping toxins with flu-like symptoms.

Systemic healing requires a purging of systemic wastes on a regular basis, but with a strong immune system, you don’t get sick as much, and you recover much quicker.

This is one of the great miracles of life, how a healthy immune system self-corrects imbalances in the body which has an amazing ability to then adapt to any stressor thrown at it.

The Twilight of Sick ‘Health Care’ and the 2014 Future of Medicine

As a pioneer in the field of quantum medicine, I’m well aware that 'energy medicine' will make drug-based medicine obsolete. Having worked with early quantum medicine technologies for the analysis and treatment of all disease, I know how they identify specific ‘bugs' with specific frequencies that can be zapped to free the body from disease-causing pathogens while optimizing the function of healthy microbes.

As you probably know, the economics and politics of health care are far more complex than the biologically correct science for global holistic healing of billions of Netizens yearning for health assurance policies with Universal Self Care. But shift happens:)

If we are to own our own lives in the Internet Age, informed choice will liberate and leverage knowledge power to know better and do better.

The Flu Won’t Have a Chance!

~ ‘Dr. Christopher, Director
    UltraMedics Services

"We're so engaged in doing things to achieve purposes of
  outer value that we forget that the inner value, the rapture
that is associated with being alive, is what it's all about."

~ Joseph Campbell

Holistic Heart-Mind-Body Healing Factoid:

Heart coherence creates the optimal frequency for 'love heals all'
 just as
Pollen Extract is the precursor of a strong immune system.

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